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Adobe Spark Free Trial: Length, What’s Included and How To Extend

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Any person looking to share a story online should consider exploring an Adobe Spark free trial.

Adobe Spark encompasses a variety of easy-to-use features that allow you to tell any story you want through videos and pictures.

Limitless professional designs are at your fingertips throughout their convenient free trial.

Adobe Spark is perfect for students studying graphic design, for people interested in designing a blog, and for many other creative ventures with amazing capabilities. Read on to learn more.

Is Adobe Spark Free or Paid?

Adobe Spark has two separate plans available for users.

There is a free plan, which has a limited amount of features, and then their premium plan that offers the Adobe Spark platform along with more options with access to Premiere Rush, a video-editing application, and Photoshop Express, a condensed photoshop app that can be used on the go.

Does Adobe Spark have a free trial?

Adobe does have a free trial. With this free trial, users have access to the original Adobe Spark platform.

Adobe Spark is notably known as a website builder, so users can create a one-page website with the design software.

Included are templates for collages, presentations, slideshows, social media posts, and more.

How long is the Adobe Spark Free Trial?

The Adobe Spark Free Trial, with access to just the Adobe Spark Platform is technically as long as you want.

If a user ever decides to try the Premium Adobe Spark access plan, they’ll have free access for the first 30-days.

Does Adobe Spark Require a Credit Card to Activate the Free trial?

Adobe Spark does not require a credit card to activate the free trial, especially if a user is sticking with just the Adobe Spark Platform.

If a user decides to try out the Premium Adobe Spark access plan, then they will be asked to supply a credit card.

How much is Adobe Spark after the Free Trial?

With the free plan, users never have to pay for Adobe Spark.

If a user decides to level up to the Premium plan and keeps it past 30 days, then the Adobe Spark premium plan is $9.99 a month with access to both Premiere Rush and Photoshop Express.

What comes with the Adobe Spark Free Trial?

There are a few different accessories that accompany an Adobe Spark Free Trial.

These accessories can help users put together the most basic to more elaborate designs- what’s nice is that the capabilities make it so that sometimes users end up only needing the free design.

Sometimes their imagination takes flight and they realize how worth the full-premium plan is. 

Features You Can Test with a Free Trial

The following features are available when using a free plan of Adobe Spark, and when trying out the Premium trial.

1. Template Library

The enviable template library has enough templates to guide and inspire users.

While users can always create their own, the library houses outline for social media posts, flyers, logos, etc so even if a user doesn’t use the exact template, they still walk away with ideas for how to create theirs.

2. Integrate your Photos

Another great feature is the ability to upload your photos into the software to use in your designs.

While stock photos are available, users can download their photos and have the ability to edit them right in the same Adobe Spark platform.

3. Transportable Software

For the Premium trial, users gain access to both Premiere Rush and Photoshop Express.

While these apps are handy-dandy on their own since they give the ability to record and edit videos and photos, they are also mobile!

Users can download the apps onto their mobile devices and edit away wherever they are.

Then they can save and upload it to the website, or wherever else it needs to go later on.

4. 101 in Style

While Adobe Spark’s free trial is excellent at having accessible features for users at all skill levels, they also come to the rescue if users don’t know the look they should go for.

It’s one thing to know how to edit a photo and to want to create a website page, but it might be an entirely different thing to know how to successfully do it in style.

The Adobe Spark free trial has pre-made bundles to show users the font types and sizes to use, the colors that go together, and everything to make a cohesive and effective presentation.

5. Ability to Collaborate

Being able to collaborate and work on a piece with multiple users is a great advantage of the Adobe Spark Free trial and makes it favorable for college students working on group projects.

Adobe Spark Free Trial Limitations

While there are plenty of incredible advantages, there are some limitations.

One is that you can only create one-page websites.

Is Adobe Spark Customer Support included with Free Trials?

Adobe Spark Customer support is included with the free trial.

How to Claim An Adobe Spark Free Trial

You can claim an Adobe Spark free trial by going online to the Adobe website.

There will be a button that says “Start now for free”

How Do I Get the Most From my Adobe Spark Free Trial?

There are a few different things users can do to get the most out of their trial.

Knowing what you want to do with the software is one helpful way to set yourself up for success- you can explore the different tools purposefully so you can accomplish what you need to before the time is up.

How can I make my Adobe Spark Free Trial Longer?

If your Adobe Spark free trial ends and you don’t opt to cancel before charging, you can request a refund within 14 days after being charged.

By receiving this refund, the free trial is technically expanded by 14 days.

Does Adobe Spark automatically charge users after the free trial ends?

Adobe Spark will charge users after the free trial ends; following the trial’s end, the payment plan will move into a monthly-premium plan at $9.99 a month.

Can You Cancel Adobe Spark After the Free Trial?

You can cancel Adobe Spark after the free trial at any time.

You can avoid being charged altogether by canceling before the time is up, but if you decide too late or forget to, you can cancel up to 14 days after charging for a refund.

How to Remove Card details from Adobe Spark

Card details from Adobe Spark cannot be removed, unfortunately.

They can be changed and updated, but once a card is attached to an account, it cannot be deleted.

While the Adobe company is secure, some users may be uncomfortable with their information being saved.

The best option would be for a user to cancel that card and open up a new one so that the card information on Adobe would no longer be accurate in the case of a security breach.

Is Adobe Spark Worth Paying for?

Adobe Spark has many attractive abilities for web designers, no matter how skilled.

Website designing becomes convenient and accessible anywhere and everywhere.

What to Expect from an Adobe Spark Subscription

An Adobe Spark subscription grants access to creating your new content on the go through the mobile apps Premiere Rush and Photoshop Express.

All your photos and videos can be recorded and taken in one place, easily edited with the available capabilities and tools.

Have access to over 20,000 different design templates for social media, website pages, presentations, and more. Overall, a subscription will help in avoiding bad bed design. 

What is a Free Alternative to Adobe Spark?

While Adobe Spark is a great subscription to have, nothing beats free!

A free alternative to Adobe Spark is Visme.

 Visme holds many of the same capabilities as Adobe Spark but is completely free.

Visme is ideal for users who may only need to use it for a short time, like college students in a class, or for anyone who would rather skip a monthly subscription.

Other Ways to Save on Adobe Spark Pricing

Users can also get a

Adobe Spark Promo Codes

Adobe Spark Promo Codes can help provide varying coupons and discounts on their programs.

These promo codes vary.

Adobe Spark Discounts

Adobe Spark has a few different discounts and deals every month.

Adobe Spark discounts vary monthly.   

Adobe Spark Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials

Adobe Spark has discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this upcoming November; users can expect to get up to 40% off a plan if they purchase on either of these days.

Is there an Adobe Spark Student plan?

There is an Adobe Spark Student plan that users will have access to for the duration of their education.

For eligibility, students and faculty members must be able to provide documents to prove they are students and work at an accredited university.

Other Free Trials to Check Out

If you like Adobe Spark but want to try out some other services, here are some free trials to check out:

1. Canva Free Trial Overview

The Canva free trial allows users to peruse design templates and colors for cards, posters, social media posts, presentations, logos, and more.

There are endless features available, making it very easy for users to create a cohesive design with little to no experience.

Users can collaborate with others, making Canva an easy option for students to do group projects together.

2. Figma Free Trial Overview

The Figma free trial is another design application ideal for groups working on the same project from different locations.

Figma updates regularly so every group member will have the most recent project version on their screen.

They can also leave comments on certain elements which makes it easier for everyone to be on the same page for the group project.

3. Instapage Free Trial Overview

The Instapage free trial is a free application that works best for businesses working on creating advertisements.

Several free features accompany the free trial, but a few are the ability to collaborate and a fast page speed.

One unique feature is that users can create personalized ads special to each consumer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about Adobe Spark.

What is better, Canva or Adobe Spark?

Canva and Adobe Spark each have unique strengths, making one better than the other depending on the user’s goals.

Canva is better well-suited for graphics, whereas Adobe is better for users wanting to create web pages and record and edit videos.

Is Adobe Spark free for education and teachers?

Adobe Spark is technically free for education and teachers!

Adobe Spark is available for students K-12, their teachers, and students and professors at the higher college level.

Any student or faculty member will need to provide credentials through a physical document (transcript, acceptance letter, hiring ID) as proof that they are affiliated with a school and are a student or faculty member.

Wrapping Up

Adobe Spark Free Trial is a great internet app for designers of all skill levels.

Whether just trying it out or only needing it for a limited amount of time, this application is convenient for all sorts of projects.

Adobe Spark is great for students in design courses, as they can experiment in an easy-to-learn setup and learn without spending money.

They can later upgrade if they wish, but the free plan allows them grounds to build a successful foundation of how to design different things for different audiences.

Alternatively, Visme is another free application with more or less of the same capabilities as Adobe Spark if users want to try that one out instead or alongside to compare which user experience is more attractive.

For any internet user with an end goal of professional design, Adobe Spark is an incredible application.

Easy to use, it helps users of all skill sets become equipped with the skills they want quicker.

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