What’s the point of advertising? You want to get the attention of your target demographic, so it’s important that your advertisement gets seen. That’s part of the problem with conventional pop-over ads on many websites around the Internet, since so many users instantly click on the little X in the corner to move on.

That’s why your Internet marketing efforts may be improved by adding Adoori to the mix. Instead of using pop-over ads that get closed right away, Adoori specializes in pop-under ads. And the platform seems to be quite cost effective for advertisers all around the world.

Premium Pop-Under Traffic

That’s the core idea behind this network. The publishers install a simple snippet of code on their respective websites, and then when visitors arrive on these sites, your chosen URL pops up underneath the current window.

Why is this useful? After the visitor is done with the current browser window, your chosen webpage is lingering there waiting to be seen. It’s up to you how you choose to use such a mechanism, since it allows for whatever URL you’d like to use. A good landing page is probably a good start.

You can see the main control panel for advertisers in the above screenshot. It is here that you can get a brief overview of all of your campaigns, including the chosen package, average CPM, total impressions, and daily budget. It is also on this page that you can view your cost and impressions for a specified time period.

Adding Money to Your Account

Part of the appeal of this advertising platform includes its ease of use. The sign up process is very, very short. You only need to supply an e-mail address, username, and password to sign up for an account. That’s a heck of a lot faster than many other ad networks.

You’ll need to add money to your account too, of course, if you want to buy any advertising. Continuing with the ease of use and autopilot-esque nature, adding money can be a recurring event (as well as a one-off payment). Funds can be added via credit card, PayPal, or wire transfer.

If you set up your campaign with a set daily budget and you set up the recurring payment so your account never runs out of funds, you can ensure that the campaign continues to run with no further input from your part.

Sure, you could use Adoori to display your primary website as a pop-under, but it makes more sense to use it for a landing page or some other form of advertising. Adoori allows for freebies, gaming, and all sorts of other industries. The restrictions are fairly minimal.

How Much Does It Cost?

It really depends on who you want to target. There is currently a summer package for premium traffic in a number of different country packages. The English-only package encompasses Australia, Canada, UK, and US, for example, and it costs $4.40 CPM.

You can target individual countries or country packages, if you want, and most of these start at around $2.00 CPM. There is also a bidding system in place if you want to ensure visibility on several “premium” sites. There are also packages, like the ones shown above, to target certain languages.

The CPM rates are very reasonable, but it is completely up to you to make sure that your pop-under campaign is an effective use of your marketing dollar.