Adsense Alternatives: Don’t Rely On Google Adsense Alone

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If you’ve decided it’s time to monetize your blog or website, you’re probably interested to know more about the available advertisement placement options.

For many, Google AdSense is one of the first choices, but it’s not the only solution out there.

There are many reasons why you’d prefer to explore your options. Google AdSense has some specific eligibility requirements that might not work for you.

Also, the revenue share might be steep, or the lack of ad customization might not suit your needs.

That’s why, in this article, we’re giving you five AdSense alternatives to consider. is usually the first place most people look when searching for an alternative to AdSense. And there’s a good reason for that – the service is the go-to platform for contextual advertising. This means that ads on your blog will relate to the content of your blog.

AdSense belongs to Google, but is run by Bing and Yahoo, which are household names in their own right. The ads have exclusive access to any searches from the Bing and Yahoo networks.

The service has several options on how you want to display the ads, and they’re all optimized for both mobile and desktop use.

In terms of eligibility requirements, keeps their standards pretty high. Your website needs to provide high-quality content. Plus, it needs to have a clean, user-friendly, and professional-looking design.

You also need to be mindful of what your traffic source is. That’s because one of the requirements is that the majority of the traffic comes from the US, Canada, and the UK.

The minimum payout is $100, the same as AdSense, but they do offer to pay their customers via Payoneer, which is a major benefit for many users. is a top AdSense’s top competitor and a choice for many big companies such as CNN, WebMD, Reuters, Forbes, and others.


Monumetric used to be called The Blogger Network, and it’s one of the best ad partners alternatives to Ad Sense. This service differentiates itself from others by using the cost per mille (CPM) approach rather than cost per click (CPC) that most advertising platforms adhere to.

This means that if you choose Monumetric as your ad partner, you’ll get paid after every thousand clicks. That could work great for those who already have established blog traffic and could use a steady passive income.

Still, you should keep in mind that Monumetric does have a minimum traffic requirement of 10,000 views per month, which could be an automatic disqualification for some. The setup is free if you already have 80,000 views per month, but if it’s fewer than that, you’ll need to pay a $99 setup fee.

They do have excellent pay rates from the CPM, which makes them a worthy alternative to AdSense. Also, when it comes to ad unit variety, they have plenty of it. They provide inline video ads, native ads, desktop display ads, and even mobile-optimized ad units.

Another thing that Monumetric has going for them is that they provide exceptional personal support to their partners. They will take care of the ad placing and allow you more time to focus on the website content.


BuySellAds is somewhat of a unique advertising network because it serves as a direct middleman between the website owners and advertisers. And it’s not always easy to find direct advertisers for your blog, but BuySellAds does an excellent job providing this service.

Here’s how things work with BuySellAds. The service will list your website and all of the stats related to it, and the advertisers can choose to buy space on your pages.

When they make the purchase, you’ll get the chance to review the ad first and decide if you want to feature it on your website. If there’s no reaction, after 24 hours, the ad is automatically approved.

The ad network allows this control over the ads to their customers, but it’s important to strike a balance between not rejecting too many ads and accepting everything. Sticking to your niche, and avoiding spammy ads, is usually the best practice.

Once the ads are accepted, BuySellAds will automatically reflect them on your website, and all the revenue will go directly to the BuySellAds account. The trick is getting approved to become their partner. This might take more than it would with AdSense.

You’re going to need 100,000 visitors per month even to be considered. And even if you do have that kind of traffic, the content needs to be of stellar quality. Plus, the overall quality of your site will be evaluated. And even though the service is international, they only accept content written in English.


Ezoic is a popular platform that allows website owners, bloggers, and all types of publishers to monetize their content. They are a certified Google partner, which automatically means more ads on your site.

The service boasts that they can increase your revenue by 50% after implementing it on your website. They’re savvy when it comes to ad optimization, but their forte is helping you test the layout of the content and the website.

The service uses artificial machine learning to ensure it finds the right combination of ads to make you the most money. But you still retain control of your website because you can turn the Ezoic on and off as you please.

Another great feature of this service is that it’s easy-to-use because the setup is straightforward and doesn’t take very long. Ezoic is free for bloggers, but there’s one condition that they must accept.

To use Ezoic for free, you have to agree to a small Ezoic ad at the bottom of your website. If you choose to reject it, the paid plans will begin with $49 per month for blogs that have up to $1,000 monthly income.

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One of the AdSense alternatives that has been on the rise lately is the Mediavine ad network. The application process for Mediavine isn’t overly complicated, but they do have specific eligibility requirements.

Your website needs to have at least 50,000 visitors per month, so it’s not exactly a choice for those with a brand-new website. Once you send the application, Mediavine will request to review all the Google Analytics of your website and verify it.

They also insist on original, high-quality, and engaging content. Another important requirement they insist on is brand safety. This means that the ad service does its best to shield their advertisers from any content that might damage their reputation.

For that reason, they will automatically reject any applicants that have controversial or hateful content. Also, they do provide excellent customer support to the publishers and will go out of their way to assist you with any problem.

Their services are a fantastic choice for bloggers and will help them monetize their work. This is primarily because Mediavine lets you customize the ads placed on the blog. Most bloggers are hesitant about accepting advertising for fear of what they’ll end up promoting.

Mediavine allows you to disable ads on whatever page you choose, which means users will be less reluctant to work with them.

Their revenue share starts at 75% going to the publisher and 25% to the company. Overall, Mediavine is an excellent AdSense alternative for already established blogs and those with high prospects.

Choosing the Best AdSense Alternative for Your Needs

All of the services we’ve reviewed have something going for them. But there’s not a single universal best alternative for AdSense, especially if you’ve been using the Google service for a while and are looking for a change.

If your website has over 100,000 visits every month, seeking out a direct advertisement with BuySellAds might be the best choice for you. But if you’re starting with your business or blog, is one of the safest options.

When you’re looking for a powerful ad testing tool, Ezoic could be the platform that can help you draw in more advertisers because it’s a Google certified partner. Your content and the display of your website are unique, so choosing the best AdSense alternative will depend on what feels right to you.

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