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The Best Adsense Alternatives To Consider Implementing

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Google AdSense is a great blog monetization strategy to generate revenue.

However, it’s not the only option available.

In this article, we will explore six different AdSense alternatives that you may want to consider implementing on your website.

Each of these options has unique benefits and works differently from the AdSense program.

Be sure to read through them all before making a decision.

Best Adsense Alternatives To Consider Implementing In 2023 (Overview)

An overview of favorite Adsense alternatives from our comprehensive list below.. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Media.net: Our Pick
  2. Monumetric: Runner-Up
  3. BuySellAds: Also Great
  4. Propeller Ads
  5. Sovrn
  6. Skimlinks

Our Pick
  • Full-service ad platform and management that has been shown to produce consistent results
  • Top-tier support and helpful replies. Get answers quickly, efficiently, and easily when problems occur
Runner Up
  • Access to advanced ad code, premium inventory, and custom ad strategies that offer RMP increases
  • Higher RMP Guarantee - switch from another ad management company and hit 20% higher RMPs, otherwise AdThrive pays the difference
Also Great
  • Advanced features like automated ad optimization, fraud prevention, and a self-serve platform
  • Huge assortment of ad types, including push notifications, onclick ads, in-page push, and interstitials

What Is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a program that allows website owners to place Google ads on their websites.

Google provides the ads on behalf of advertisers, which is entered into every page on the website on which you’d like ads to appear.

The content of your website, along with each user’s Internet history, triggers which Google ad to display.

How Does Google AdSense Work?

Google AdSense works by displaying a targeted ad or ad unit on websites.

When a user visits a website with AdSense implemented, Google will serve up an ad that’s relevant to the content on the page.

For example, if you create a blog about hiking, Google may serve an ad for hiking gear.

Ads may also appear based on each website visitor’s Internet traffic.

If your website focuses on knitting, your visitor may see an ad for shoes.

Google will show a non-related ad like this when it notices your site visitor just left, for example, an Amazon page selling shoes.

The advertiser pays Google for each click on the ad, and in return, Google then pays the website owner a portion of that amount.

To be clear, each time a user clicks on one of the ads, you’ll make money online from the Google AdSense program.

Is Google Adsense the Best?

No, Adsense is not the best way to monetize your website.

There are several other options you should consider.

The Best Google AdSense Alternatives For 2023

Now that you know a little bit more about Google AdSense, let’s take a look at the best Google AdSense alternative options.

The following are six of the best AdSense alternatives to consider for your website.

1. Media.net

Why We Suggest This

Like AdSense, Media.net works with a wide range of advertisers. This fact means you get plenty of opportunities to earn from ad revenue on your website.

  • Best For: Businesses that want to generate revenue from ads
media.net homepage screenshot 1

Media.net, a subsidiary of Yahoo and Bing, is a popular AdSense alternative.

How It Works

Like AdSense, Media.net works with a wide range of advertisers.

This fact means you get plenty of opportunities to earn from ad revenue on your website.

One of the benefits of using Media.net is that they offer a higher payout than AdSense.

The company also offers a wide range of ad types, including text, display, and video ads.

Key Features

  • Contextual ads
  • Display ads
  • Native ads

Contextual ads on Media.net filter a website visitor’s user intent using search keywords.

The result is a personalized ad experience for your site visitors.

For you, it results in higher ad revenue.

Advertisers will pay more when they know your users will see highly-targeted ad content.

Display ads: Media.net offers a wide range of targeted display ad possibilities.

Native ads: You can customize these ads to look exactly like your regular blog posts.

Differences From AdSense

The biggest difference between Media.net and AdSense is the payout.

Media.net offers a higher payout than AdSense.

Another difference is that Media.net offers a wider range of ad types.


Media.net pays approximately five dollars for every 1,000 impressions.

This amount represents a top dollar payout in the ad industry.

2. Monumetric

Why We Suggest This

Monumetric is excellent because it provides high-quality advertisers, customizable ads, and real-time reporting.

  • Best For: Online businesses that want to earn more revenue from ads
monumetric homepage screenshot 1

Monumetric is another great alternative to Google AdSense.

The company works with a network of high-quality advertisers.

Founded by publishers like you, the company understands the struggles publishers go through when maximizing ad revenue.

How It Works

Monumetric uses a similar system to AdSense.

The company matches your website content with targeted ads.

The result is higher ad revenue for you and a more personalized user experience for your site visitors.

The company works with you to make sure you’re choosing the best layouts and technologies that match your website.

Monumetric focuses on helping website owners earn more ad revenue without spending more time laying out the ads.

Key Features

  • High-quality advertisers
  • Ads are fully customizable
  • Real-time reporting

High-quality advertisers: Monumetric only works with high-quality advertisers.

This fact means you’ll earn more money per click.

Ads are fully customizable: You can customize the ads to match the look and feel of your website.

Real-time reporting: Monumetric offers real-time reporting so you can track your ad performance and earnings.

Differences From AdSense

The biggest difference between Monumetric and AdSense is the focus on high-quality advertisers.

Monumetric only works with advertisers that will pay you more per click.

Another difference is that Monumetric offers real-time reporting.


Monumetric pays monthly.

The company offers a minimum payment of $50.

3. BuySellAds

Why We Suggest This

BuySellAds will work closely with you to uncover untapped opportunities for generating additional ad revenue. Its goal is to help you to find the most relevant advertisers that your website visitors love to engage with.

  • Best For: Businesses with websites
buysellads homepage screenshot 1

BuySellAds, another popular AdSense alternative, offers access to more than 100 publishers.

How It Works

The company matches website owners with advertisers in four main categories.

These include developers, crypto enthusiasts, technology, and women’s lifestyles.

You can choose between native ads, podcast ads, content ads, email ads, and display ads.

BuySellAds will work with you closely to uncover untapped opportunities for generating additional ad revenue.

Its goal is to help you to find the most relevant advertisers that your website visitors love to engage with.

Key Features

  • Private marketplace
  • Self-serve ad platform
  • Header bidding management
  • Ad-block recovery

Private marketplace: BuySellAds offers a private marketplace.

You’ll have access to more premium advertisers.

Self-serve ad platform: You get plug-and-play advertising technology.

The feature helps you compete with larger ad platforms.

Header bidding management: BuySellAds connects you with advertisers who compete for ad impressions on your blog.

Competition like this helps to maximize ad revenue possibilities.  

Ad-block recovery: The company will help you to recoup some of your lost ad revenue due to ad blocking technology.

It does this by replacing blocked ads with native ad placements.

Differences From AdSense

The biggest difference between BuySellAds and AdSense is the focus on a private marketplace.

With BuySellAds, you’ll have access to more premium advertisers.

Another difference is the self-serve ad platform.


BuySellAds takes a 25% commission on each ad placement.

If you get an advertiser to pay $200 for a 30-day placement, you’ll get $150 after the BuySellAds commission comes out.

4. Propeller Ads

Why We Suggest This

Propeller Ads is great because it focuses on recognizing ad revenue opportunities to increase your earnings over time.

  • Best For: Social media marketers, SEO masters, domainers, and website owners
propellerads homepage screenshot 1

Propeller Ads is an AdSense alternative that works with a wide range of ad types.

How It Works

The ad network works with social media marketers, SEO masters, domainers, and website owners.

Using a variety of ad types, Propeller Ads focuses on recognizing ad revenue opportunities to increase your earnings over time.

You can place a revolutionary ad type that Propeller calls push notifications.

These native subscriptions help you earn revenue even after a user leaves your website.

The Popunder ads are one of the company’s top-performing ad options.

Called Onclick Ads, they appear as full-tab ads in a new browser window.

Other options for placing ads on your website include the following.

  • Smart Links: These work on expired domains, toolbars, or to monetize 404 traffic.
  • Interstitials: Propeller Ads displays these as fast-loading ads shown before or after certain blog pages.
  • In-page push: SImilar to the push notification ad, these ads show as website banners.

Key Features

  • AdSense compatible
  • Adblock Bypass
  • Clean ads

AdSense compatible: Propeller Ads offers an ad format that won’t violate terms at Google Adsense.

Adblock Bypass: The company has technology that helps to bypass ad blockers.

Clean ads: Propeller Ads monitors ads 24/7 to ensure you don’t suffer from malware or viruses.

Differences From AdSense  

The push notifications represent a key differentiator when compared to Google AdSense.


You can receive your payment using PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, WebMoney, e-payments, or via wire transfer.

You’ll receive your payout every Thursday with a five-dollar minimum.

5. Sovrn

Why We Suggest This

Sovrn is an excellent choice because it works with a wide range of ad types, including display ads, video ads, and sponsored content.

  • Best For: Businesses that want ad revenue from the website as well as from email marketing
sovrn homepage screenshot 1

Sovrn is an AdSense alternative that helps website owners to monetize their blogs using one simple JavaScript installation.

How It Works  

After you install the Sovrn JavaScript tag, the company will analyze your website.

It will then serve contextually relevant ads on your blog pages.

The ad network works with a wide range of ad types, including display ads, video ads, and sponsored content.

You can also use an Amazon native shopping ad.

You can also choose to have Sovrn manage your header bidding.

The company will work with you to increase your ad revenue by adding a header JavaScript code.

Then, you can maximize your earning potential by running an ad auction.

Sovrn loads in the resulting ads and you get paid for your traffic.

The ad network uses a highly-competitive ad inventory to help ensure that you get the highest bids on each ad placement.

Key Features

  • Preferred partner of Google Adsense
  • //Connect
  • Email monetization
  • Mobile data monetization

Preferred partner of Google Adsense: Sovrn has a preferred partnership with Google AdSense.

It’s 100% compatible with the Amazon Transparent Ad Marketplace and with Google’s Open Bidding.

//Connect is Sovrn’s single JavaScript installation.

Install it on your website and never experience page latency.

You’ll have access to three main products that Sovrn powers through //Connect.

  1. //Signal: Helps to maximize each visitor’s value.
  2. //Consent: Gains legal consent from each website reader.
  3. //Commerce: A “coming soon” feature. It will power additional eCommerce earnings.

Using //Connect, you can easily disable, pause, and enable ads.

You’ll do this via one easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Email monetization: Sovrn provides the ability to earn revenue from your email marketing efforts.

The company says it’s like getting paid twice for the same visitor.

You can earn when they visit your site and even after you’ve captured them as an email subscriber.

Mobile data monetization: Sovrn will help you to monetize your site’s mobile data traffic.

It includes earning power via location data and in-app data.

Differences From AdSense  

The ability to earn from your email marketing efforts represents one key difference when comparing the ad platform to AdSense.


Sovrn uses a “net-90” basis for payouts.

If you earn ad revenue in February, for instance, you’ll get the payout in May.

6. Skimlinks

Why We Suggest This

Skimlinks uses its technology to ensure that you earn a commission on any product from the websites you send your visitors to.

  • Best For: Those who want to earn through affiliate marketing
screenshot of the skimlinks homepage

Skimlinks is an affiliate marketing solution that helps website owners to monetize their traffic.

How It Works

Skimlinks uses affiliate links instead of traditional ad placements.

When a reader clicks on one of these links, you’ll earn a commission on any purchases they make.

The company has a network of over 48,000 merchants that you can choose to work with.

You’ll need to install a JavaScript tag on your website to get started.

The company will then automatically turn your product links into affiliate links.

If you run a technology website, for example, you might love a certain pair of headphones.

You can write an article called, “The Best 10 Headphones.”

You’ll then place your affiliate links to each product you review on the blog post.

Skimlinks then uses its technology to ensure that you earn a commission on any product from the websites you send your visitors to.

It’s a unique way to monetize each affiliate link you place on your website.

You can also monetize the links you place on social media, in videos, and inside your email marketing messages.

Key Features

  • Analytics
  • Access to over 48,000 affiliate programs
  • Automation

Analytics: Using Skimlinks, you can consolidate all your affiliate revenue into one dashboard.

It’s a helpful feature if you’re offering dozens or hundreds of affiliate offers across your entire website.

Access to over 48,000 affiliate programs: Skimlinks works with over 50 affiliate networks.

The networks include Rakuten and CJ.com.

You’ll benefit from the ability of Skimlinks to negotiate higher affiliate commissions for its publishers.

Automation: You can invest more time creating content while Skimlinks automatically converts your eCommerce links into new affiliate links.

Differences From AdSense    

The main difference is that Skimlinks uses affiliate links instead of ads.


Skimlinks takes a 25% commission.

You’ll earn 75% on each sale generated through your Skimlinks partnership.

The company pays via PayPal or direct deposit for publishers in the United States and the United Kingdom.

You can only use PayPal if you’re located outside these two areas.

Which Type of Website Is Best for AdSense?

Any type of website can work well when opening a Google AdSense account.

However, some websites perform better than others.

In general, websites with high-quality content and a lot of traffic tend to do well with AdSense.

If you have a website that’s dedicated to a specific topic, you may also see success with AdSense.

Three types of websites that do best when using Google AdSense include the following.


Blogs typically get updated regularly with new content.

The regular updates give Google more opportunities to show ads on your site.

Running a successful blog allows you to generate sizable monthly traffic numbers.

For example, Brandon Gaille gets over five million monthly visitors to his BrandonGaille.com website.

That level of traffic earns him six figures monthly in ad revenue.


Forums are another type of website that works well with AdSense.

These sites usually have a lot of users engaged in discussions.

As a result, there are often more pageviews, which can lead to more ad clicks and revenue.

You don’t need to create your own content on a forum.

Unlike a blog, you can let your passionate forum users create the content for you.

Take a look at catforum.com.

With over 55,000 members, it gets conversations going between cat owners for the forum owner.

The owners embed Google AdSense ads across all the forum posts.

They benefit by earning money each time one of their forum users clicks on an ad.

Online Tools or Services

If you have a free online tool or service, consider generating ad revenue through Google AdSense.

These types of websites usually have a lot of content and get a lot of traffic.

ILovePDF.com is a free tool that allows users to convert a PDF file to a Word document, for example, for free.

The website generates more than 100 million monthly views offering this free service.

Users can also compress PDFs, or convert PDF files to Powerpoint, Excel, or JPG files.

The website’s owners use Google AdSense to generate revenue.

Each time one of its users clicks on the ad, the website generates ad revenue.

Why Use AdSense?

Google AdSense is a popular way to monetize websites because it’s easy to set up and use.

In most cases, you simply add a few lines of code to your website.

Google will then take care of the rest.

Another reason AdSense is popular is that it doesn’t require much maintenance.

Once you’ve added the code to your website, you can pretty much forget about it.

Google will handle all of the ads and payments for you.

Here are four additional reasons to use AdSense.

Earn Money From Ads

The most obvious reason to use AdSense is to earn money from ads.

Many strategies exist when placing ads on your website or blog.

You can use ads near your header, at the bottom of articles, or inside the content column of your blog posts.

Other areas to try ads include the left or right sidebar.

Including a Google search box gives you another area to embed ads into your website.

When done correctly, AdSense can be a great way to generate ad revenue from your website.

Customization and Control

Google AdSense gives you a lot of control over the ads displayed on your website.

For example, you can choose the size, format, and color of the ads.

Using these control functions lets you match your ads to your brand colors.

Doing this keeps the ads from distracting from your main content options.

As mentioned above, you can also decide where on your website the ads will appear.


Google provides excellent support for AdSense.

If you ever have any questions or run into any problems, you can contact Google for help.

Extra Tools

Google AdSense also comes with a few extra features and tools.

You can use the AdSense Auto ads feature to automatically place ads on your website.

Or, use the AdSense For Search feature to add a search box to your website.

Other AdSense tools include the following.

  • WordPress Site Kit plugin: Use it to integrate AdSense, Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Google Search Console.
  • Google Publisher Toolbar: Use this Chrome extension to see up-to-date ad information via overlays on your site.
  • Ad Review Center: Use this tool to gain better control over which ads to accept or block on your website.
  • AdSense UI Experiments: You can run A/B test experiments to see which ads will perform best on your website or blog.

Use these extra features to make it easier to generate revenue from your website.

Does AdSense Cost Anything?

No, AdSense is free to use.

You can sign up for an account and start using AdSense on your website without spending any money.

From there, sit back and wait for Google’s ad reports to show you how much your website earns from the program.

How Much You Can Make With AdSense?

The amount of money you can make with AdSense depends on a few factors.

First, the type of website you have will play a role in how much money you can earn.

Websites that get a lot of traffic and have high-quality content tend to generate more revenue.

Second, the location of your visitors will also affect your earnings.

If you have a lot of visitors from countries like the United States or the United Kingdom, you’ll likely earn more money than if you had visitors from other countries.

Finally, the type of ads displayed on your website can also affect your earnings.

For example, ads for high-priced items tend to generate more revenue than ads for low-priced items.

Average Earning Potential  

With that said, the average AdSense publisher earns between $0.25 and $0.50 per click.

So, if you get a lot of traffic and have high-quality content, you could potentially earn a decent amount of money from AdSense.

Of course, some publishers make a lot more than $0.50 per click.

And, some make a lot less.

It all depends on the factors we just discussed.

Is Adsense Still Profitable in 2023?

The short answer is yes.

Adsense is still a popular way to monetize websites.

It’s still possible to earn money on your blog from the program.

The key is getting your website into the higher levels of traffic generation numbers.

A website getting 1,000 monthly views will make nearly nothing with AdSense.

If your website generates 100,000+ monthly views, you can earn a substantial amount of AdSense revenue.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a way to use ad monetization methods on your website, non-AdSense ad revenue sites might be your answer.

Research each of the six Google AdSense alternatives we’ve provided.

Then, use the one that fits your needs best.

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