As a matter of fact, there are many ways to monetize your blog but I think Affiliate Marketing is on top of the list. The last time I calculated my earnings from my blog, a huge portion of it came from Affiliate Products.

I do promote and sell some of my products directly on my blog too but the earnings are just about half the income from promoting other products and earning commissions. In this post, I want us to examine some tangible reasons why as bloggers, we should focus on this money making model.

First, you need to know that doing Affiliate Marketing on your blog with a great dose of success is not easy. You have to come up with a strategy and not do like others. A lot has changed and simply pasting banners on sidebars or linking to affiliate products from within blog posts no longer generate excellent results.

You need to check out Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers, an ebook purposely written for bloggers ( in any niche) who want to generate income doing affiliate marketing on their blogs.

Top 10 reasons why Affiliate Marketing is best!

affiliate marketing1 – You don’t worry about creating any product!

┬áIf you’ve authored before, you’ll agree with me that it’s not an easy task. Whether you are writing an ebook on a topic you have expertise in, it’s still not bread and butter.

Sometimes, folks decide to hire coders, designers or writers to create their products in an industry they are completely blank about. While those you hire may be expert, you will have to spend a lot of money getting things done.

With Affiliate Marketing, you just pick a product that’s ready and start driving traffic and making the money.

2 – You don’t worry about maintenance and update!

Any product that’s created and release to the market must be maintained and updated. That’s purely the responsibility of the creator. Maintaining and/or updating requires time and some times money. As an affiliate, it is never your duty to do any of these. Once you generate a sale, the customer deals directly with the product creator, not you.

3 – No after-sales services!

Once a sale is generated, someone has to deal with delivery and customer service. Though delivery of electronic products has been heavily simplified, customer service remains a big service in any industry.

If you are promoting physical products on Amazon (or similar platforms), it’s never going to be your responsibility to answer calls from satisfied/unsatisfied customers or handle their support tickets. You drive traffic, generate sales and earn commissions. The product creator handles all the after-sales services.

4 – A wide variety of products!

One beauty with Affiliate Marketing is the fact that you can never be limited by the number of products to promote. You have a plethora of wonderful offers in every industry.

As an affiliate, your duty is to select the right products that will convert well. If you promote something and you feel it’s not working, you can stop it and move to the next. You have that freedom to chose what to promote any time.

5 – Recurring earnings – money on auto-pilot!

Affiliate marketing becomes sweeter if you promote subscription products and generate sales. Once a sale is made, you get paid over and over again.

The reason is that each time the customer is billed, you are paid your commission. The more of such products you promote, the more money you make on auto-pilot.

6 -You can hide your identity!

Some people don’t want to be seen in some industries. The adult products industries generate a lot of income and some people want to take the opportunity and make the money without leaking out their identity. They don’t want readers to know they are the owners of that blog promoting a certain XXX product.

You simply signup to any affiliate marketing platform, grab your affiliate link and use on your campaigns. No one forces you to expose your identity at all.

7 – Start today, make money today!

Once you have your blog that’s getting traffic, you can start promoting products today and within the next hour, you may be making sales. There is no time to wait!

8 – No contract, no engagement!

In Affiliate Marketing, you don’t sign any contract with the product owner. You come in when you want and you signup, cancel your account and abandon at will.

9 – Negotiate your commission!

Affiliate Marketing platforms today have features to allow managers to create special commissions for different accounts. You can contact the affiliate manager for the product you chose to promote and negotiate special commissions. That will help you to make even more money.

10 – Promotions materials done for you!

In order to do any form of business online, there is always need for professional promotions materials. In affiliate marketer, the product creator takes care of the banners, sales copy, email templates and much more! You don’t have to worry about any of these things.

You see, there are many reasons you should be doing affiliate marketing on your blog. If you want, you can start right now.

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