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AI Copywriting: How It Works & 9 Best AI Copywriting Tools

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Every business needs a clear, effective, and compelling copy.

Research suggests that promotional text is one of the primary determinants of customer interest, so if your copy is weak, your leads will lag.

As a result, AI copywriting tools have become increasingly popular.

AI copywriting allows businesses and professionals to generate quality copy without relying on others.

Use this comprehensive guide to AI copywriting to learn everything you need to know about the process and how to choose the best AI copywriting tools.

The Basics of AI Copywriting

Promotional content draws clients to businesses.

As a result, effective marketing depends heavily on the quality of the copy.

Copywriting refers to a specific type and style of writing appropriate for businesses.

Most organizations rely on copywriting for their marketing and sales content.

Although some may apply the term to other fields, this guide focuses on copywriting for business purposes, including:

  • Brand awareness and visibility
  • Persuasive promotion efforts
  • Conversions and sales
  • Communication with customers and clients.

Many businesses outsource copywriting, which makes it expensive and time-consuming.

AI copywriting refers to artificially intelligent tools that produce quality copy from information inputs.nbz

AI copywriting tools can produce many types of texts and are generally less expensive and more efficient than traditional methods.

How Does AI Copywriting Work?

Like all artificial intelligence tools, AI copywriters are software systems that learn through exposure and experience.

An AI copywriter receives “training” from a human technician or engineer and “learns” effective writing techniques and linguistic skills from this process.

In this way, AI copywriters mimic the learning behaviors of human copywriters—at a much faster and more efficient rate.

AI copywriters depend upon the quality of data inputs to generate copy—so they cannot function independently.

However, most AI copywriting systems are sophisticated enough to replicate a human-generated text’s writing style and content.

What Can AI Copywriting Software Do?

Experts define effective copywriting as text that delivers the correct information in the right way at the right time.

Good copywriting provokes a reaction from the reader, prompting them to respond accordingly.

AI copywriting tools can meet this objective across many different types of content.

Ultimately, AI is being used in marketing.

1. Write Landing Page Copy

The copy on your landing page—the first page your customers see—often determines how they will react.

For this reason, landing page copy is precious to your business.

AI copywriting tools can write compelling landing page copy that motivates your customers to subscribe, view, and purchase.

2. Write Meta Descriptions

A meta description is a text that appears under your website, page, or content title.

The purpose of a meta description is to summarize the content in such a way as to motivate the viewer to read more or click on that particular page.

Writing compelling meta-descriptions is more complicated than it sounds and requires particular expertise.

An AI copywriter can automatically generate meta descriptions to prompt your customers to click and engage.

3. Write Social Media Captions

AI copywriters can write social media captions that engage viewers and motivate them to learn more about your business or brand.

Social media captions require time and expertise to write, but you can use and train AI copywriters to generate precisely the type of content you want your social media viewers to see.

4. Write Ad Copy

Advertisements offer an opportunity to persuade customers of the value of your brand and product.

AI copywriters can generate ad copy that is relevant to your business and facilitates conversions.

Research has shown that ad copy produced by AI copywriters bolsters click rates and encourages users to engage with advertisements.

5. Write Blog Titles and Content

The title of a blog post is the first thing your customers will see when reading through your blog.

Writing a catchy and compelling blog title is extremely important for viewership.

You can use AI copywriters to generate blog titles and content, or a blog title generator, which works similarly.

6. Content Expansion and Rephrasing

If you’ve written copy before, you know it can be challenging to meet word count and phrase ideas precisely as you intend to communicate them.

AI copywriters are incredibly effective at expanding your existing content and rephrasing words, phrases, and entire sentences or paragraphs.

An AI copywriter can help you to communicate precisely what you want your customers to know.

How Good is AI Copywriting?

Although AI copywriting is an excellent tool for performing many copywriting tasks, it does have certain limitations.

Extensive studies have proven that AI copywriters can produce quality content when the input is detailed and specific.

Artificial intelligence cannot function without the support of a human person, and if your information is not strong enough, your copy will not meet your standards.

AI copywriting is extremely fast and typically cost-effective.

With this tool, you can write quality evergreen content that remains relevant to your viewers for years to come.

However, AI copywriters work best as a supplementary tool rather than a replacement for human beings.

An AI copywriter can help you envision new angles and expand your thinking on a particular subject, prompting you to write better copy.

AI Copywriting vs. Human Copywriting?

Some people harbor speculations about artificial intelligence.

Critics often claim that AI cannot perform as well as a human being or that the resulting product sounds dry and emotionless.

What Are the Differences and Similarities?

AI copywriting tools have evolved significantly since their inception, and most AI copywriting software is so sophisticated that a reader cannot distinguish between AI and human-produced copy.

With that said, AI copywriting can create rough drafts way faster than a human can.

Some AI tools can write about 10 blog intros in less than a minute.

Something not even the quickest fingers can wish for.

AI can also “think” of alternative angles and pov’s that expand upon the content.

Research maintains that AI copywriting is just as compelling as human copywriting, and most AI software systems promote engagement and sales.

Humans, on the other hand, can make for content that is way more emotional and appeals to certain feelings.

Sharing anecdotes or personal stories is something AI still struggles with.

Will AI Replace Copywriters?

Many worries that AI will replace human copywriters.

If AI software can just as quickly and efficiently produce quality copy as humans, will we need copywriters?

Extensive research on the subject maintains that AI is not a replacement for human copywriters—it works best as a supplementary tool to improve the work of marketing teams and copywriters.

AI copywriters depend upon quality inputs to produce content, and they work best as a tool to generate alternative ideas and angles for a project.

For example, copywriting for blogs requires a human writer, but an AI tool can make your blog posts far more compelling and SEO-friendly.

Ultimately, for an AI copywriter to function effectively, it needs to work with you—not instead of you.

Why Should You Consider AI Copywriting?

There are many reasons to consider implementing an AI copywriting tool for your business, organization, or personal brand.

First, an AI copywriting tool can save you time.

You can use the software to generate quick titles and meta descriptions without much effort.

Additionally, an AI copywriter can boost your imagination if you struggle to write creatively and effectively.

Consider using an AI copywriter if you:

  • Own a business or organization and require extensive amounts of copy
  • Are you just getting started in the field of marketing
  • Need new and creative ideas for your copy
  • Own a personal site
  • Want to scale your business or brand
  • Are a professional copywriter and want to save time

Best AI Copywriting Tools

Once you have decided to use an AI copywriter, it’s time to explore your options.

There are many different types of writing software in general, and AI copywriters are among the most popular.

While you have plenty of options, some AI copywriting tools are better than others.

Use the guide below to identify the best AI copywriter for your business, or use our guide to the best AI writing software to explore more in-depth AI writing options.


screenshot of the copy.ai homepage

CopyAI is an AI copywriting tool for marketing teams and agencies.

This sophisticated software allows you to generate the following:

  • Blog content and titles
  • Digital ad copy
  • Social media captions and content
  • Sales copy
  • Website copy
  • And more!

How Does it Work?

To use CopyAI, you simply sign up and watch a tutorial.

The tutorial will teach you to enter the input and output language you want, examine different functionalities like selecting by format type, and choose a template for your copy.

Once the AI has produced your copy, you can use the built-in editor to personalize it and make it more relevant to your customers.

How Much Does it Cost?

CopyAI offers two pricing plans.

The first free plan allows you to generate 2,000 words per month.

However, you can only allow one user at a time and receive only a 7-day trial of the Pro Plan.

The Pro Plan costs $49 a month and allows up to five users and over 40,000 words per month.


screenshot of the Jasper AI homepage

Jasper is an AI copywriting tool that enables quality copywriting based on extensive market research and best practices.

Jasper can write in over 25 languages and allows you to edit the content after the AI has written it.

This software is among the most popular for its comprehensive features and affordability. 

How Does it Work?

Once you have signed up, creating a copy with Jasper is easy.

First, select from up to 50 different templates for your copy.

Experts created the templates based on extensive marketing research.

Then, enter your primary ad text.

This can be as short or detailed as you wish.

Jasper then produces the content for you, and the Boss Mode Plan allows you to create documents, save them, and edit them later. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Jasper AI offers two pricing plans.

  • The Jasper Free Trial: Jasper has one of the best free trial options, allowing you to try this platform’s sophisticated tools for five days (or 10,000 words) at no cost.
  • The Starter Plan ($29/month): This plan allows you to produce up to 20,000 words per month and is best for short copywriting.
  • The Boss Mode Plan ($59/month): This plan is best for longer content and more extensive campaigns. It allows you to write up to 50,000 words per month.


a screenshot of the writesonic homepage

Writesonic is similar to Jasper in that it is an AI copywriting tool that allows you to create a short and long-form copy.

Writesonic, however, includes a long copy wizard that allows you to create articles and marketing texts over 800 words long.

It is best for businesses and marketing teams who require extensive copy and longer blog posts or articles. 

How Does it Work?

Writesonic is incredibly easy to use, and the user interface is intuitive, so anyone can quickly create excellent copy.

To use Writesonic, simply sign up and select your payment plan.

Then, select the template you need and enter keywords and primary content.

You can choose from various features and functions to filter for style and structure.

The software will generate your introduction and show several options.

The tool will create an outline and draft an article of your choice.

How Much Does it Cost?

Writesonic offers five different plans depending on your business size and needs.

  • The Free Trial: This plan is for new users and offers ten writing credits. You can use the essential tools and do not need a credit card to sign up.
  • The Basic Plan ($15/month): This plan is best for personal use and offers up to 100 credits (50,000 words).
  • The Economy Plan ($25/month): This plan is for low usage. It grants you 750 credits (up to 375,000 words).
  • The Professional Plan ($45/month): This plan is best for freelancers and entrepreneurs and offers unlimited credits.
  • The Startup Plan ($95/month): This plan is best for businesses and marketing teams, and it offers unlimited credits so you can generate as much copy as you need.

Content Bot 

a screenshot of the content bot homepage

Content Bot is a content-writing tool for marketers, founders, and copywriters.

The company has been serving customers for nearly a decade and is well-established in the market.

Contentbot is typically cheaper than similar software systems, allows you to write longer content, and enables automation to facilitate the editing process.

How Does it Work?

ContentBot has a virtual AI content assistant that guides you as you learn to use the interface.

Simply enter your article type, topic, keywords, and description, and the AI tool will generate an introduction and outline.

As you select paragraphs you like, the machine learns to generate a complete text that fits your needs.

You can also use the long-form wizard for longer texts, selecting and removing paragraphs and editing content comprehensively.

How Much Does it Cost?

ContentBot has two different pricing plans depending on your needs.

  • The Premium Plan ($29/month) grants you access to all of ContentBot’s tools and features with unlimited content.
  • The Pay as You Go Plan allows you to pay according to the number of words you write. This is a better option for those with flexible budgets.


a screenshot of the outranking homepage

Outranking is an AI copywriter that caters primarily to digital marketers and SEO-seekers.

This service is more expensive since the AI is more sophisticated and allows for more functions.

For example, all AI choices are SEO-informed so that you can select keywords based on their efficacy and prevalence.

Outranking also offers pricing packages for lifetime use and semantically related keyword suggestions, which sets this software service apart from others.

Lastly, Outranking offers a standalone application and a plug-in option so that you can use this AI copywriter with multiple third-party platforms.

How Does it Work?

Outranking is easy to use—and all about optimization.

Select document type, name, and SEO keyword to create a new document.

Enter languages and tags.

The AI then writes your title.

Based on your title selection, it writes a meta description and generates content.

You can also use the SERP analysis tool to research keywords and select your content based on the most effective and traffic-driving keywords.

How Much Does it Cost?

Outranking is more expensive than other services for its SEO-informed AI.

The pricing plans are as follows:

  • The Solo Plan ($99/month): This plan is best for a small website and allows you to produce up to 10 documents or projects.
  • The Pro Plan ($189/month): This plan is best for businesses or multiple domains and allows you to produce 20 documents monthly.
  • The Company Plan ($279/month): This plan is best for larger businesses and allows for 30 documents or projects a month and additional features.

Hypotenuse AI

a screenshot of the hypotenuse AI homepage

Hypotenuse AI is an appropriate AI copywriter for short-form texts, captions, and more.

This sophisticated software makes decisions based on SEO trends and market research and includes dozens of comprehensive features to boost quality and production.

Hypotenuse AI is ideal for marketers, eCommerce vendors, and social media influences, and the platform enables easy integration with the popular eCommerce host, Shopify.

Hypotenuse AI does not offer free trials, but the company’s prices are relatively standard compared to similar products.

How Does it Work?

Hypotenuse AI is typically faster than other similar tools.

The software has a rich text editor adaptive to social media copy and blog posts.

The platform offers a comprehensive and resourceful AI assistant that helps you to navigate its features and interface.

Follow this process to generate your copy:

  1. Choose your copy type.
  2. Import or enter select keywords.
  3. Generate your copy.

How Much Does it Cost?

Hypotenuse AI offers three pricing plans, starting at $24 a month.

Hypotenuse AI does not offer a free trial, but you can request a demo from the website before investing.

  • The Starter Plan ($29/month) offers 100 credits (up to 25,000 words) and works best for freelancers or small websites.
  • The Growth Plan ($49/month) offers 350 credits (up to 87,500 words) and is best for content teams and agencies.
  • The Enterprise Plan (varies) is best for large businesses and offers flexible terms.


screenshot of the wordtune homepage

Wordtune is a short-form AI writing tool that can help you reimagine your promotional content and social media posts.

The company’s main competitor is Grammarly, so it works best in tandem with copywriters and is not a substitute for copywriting.

This software works best for short, sentence-level edits, such as captions, meta descriptions, titles, paraphrases, and more. 

While similar products typically focus on correcting errors, the founders of Wordtune intended it as a multi-service tool for improving the overall quality of writing.

How Does it Work?

Wordtune is a plug-in for various third-party sites or an independent platform.

The platform’s user interface is easy to learn and navigate, and Wordtune has responsive customer service options for those who need additional assistance.

You can integrate Wordtune with content platforms like LinkedIn, Google Docs, Gmail, Twitter, Slack, Whatsapp, Outlook, or Facebook.

Simply select the text from within the platform and choose from several options to rewrite your text.

How Much Does it Cost?

Wordtune offers three pricing plans.

  • The Free Plan allows you to complete ten rewrites a day but does not allow you to use other features. Many users claim the free plan is not worthwhile, and since additional plans are relatively cheap, you can upgrade at little cost.
  • The Premium Plan ($9.99 a month) offers unlimited rewrites, tone shifts, expansions, and more.
  • The Premium Plan for Teams is available at various flexible prices for diverse marketing teams and organizations.


a screenshot of the copysmith homepage

Copysmith is an AI writing tool specifically for enterprise and eCommerce businesses.

The service is an independent platform and a Google Chrome extension.

It integrates easily with third-party content platforms like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Google Ads, Hootsmith, WooCommerce, Zapier, and more.

Because this tool is best for digital marketing, it offers many eCommerce-specific features to boost viewership and SEO.

How Does it Work?

The creators of Copysmith prioritized efficiency and accessibility in producing this AI copywriter—and it shows.

Copysmith has a built-in AI assistant to help you understand its many features and suggestions.

To use Copysmith, simply enter the website and enter your product description and keywords or description.

You can select from several templates, including blog ideas, content rewriter tools, and product descriptions.

The AI then generates options for you to choose from and checks each option for instances of plagiarism.

How Much Does it Cost?  

Copysmith offers a 7-day free trial during which you can try out all their tools. Additionally, Copysmith has three pricing plans:

  • The Starter Plan ($19/month): This plan is for individuals and personal websites and offers up to 40,000 words.
  • The Professional Plan ($59/month): This plan is best for small teams and businesses and offers up to 260,000 words monthly.
  • The Enterprise Plan (varies): This plan is for larger businesses and eCommerce enterprises seeking flexible features and credits.


screenshot of the rytr homepage

Rytr is an AI writing assistant that caters to individuals, businesses, and marketing teams.

Because the tool is not copywriting specific, it can require more training to create a successful copy.

Additionally, Rytr is a short-form writing assistant and is less effective for longer texts.

However, Rytr is exceptionally effective for blog ideas and outlines, brand names and descriptions, keyword generation and extraction, and more.

How Does it Work?

To use Rytr, enter your language, desired tone, use case (template), and critical points.

The AI will then generate the output, and the Rytr tutorial claims that the Rytr copy is generally more robust than other similar tools.

You can edit your content within the platform, and the editing tool allows you to add words, rewrite, paraphrase, and more.

How Much Does it Cost?

Rytr offers three pricing plans, which are cheaper than similar services.

  • The Free Plan allows you to generate up to 10,000 characters per month.
  • The Saver Plan ($9/month) allows you to write up to 100,000 characters per month.
  • The Unlimited Plan ($29/month) allows you to write unlimited characters each month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, this guide has answered your questions.

Should you have any additional reservations, consider our most frequently asked questions below.

Are AI Copywriters Any Good?

AI copywriters are surprisingly sophisticated and flexible.

They are best used with copywriters or marketing teams, but you can use them alone to write shorter and simpler texts.

Will GPT-3 Replace Writers?

GPT-3 is the newest arrival on the AI scene, and though impressive, it will likely not replace writers.

The third Generative Pre-Trained Transformer can write complex content like poems, informational articles, and stories but still requires human input.

It will likely serve programmers and writers by improving content.

Wrapping Up

AI copywriting can transform your marketing experience.

From generating new ideas to creating full-length articles and texts, an AI copywriter tool is an excellent complement to any copywriter or marketing team.

If you have questions about AI copywriting or the best copywriting tools, feel free to comment below.

Once you have found the right tool for your site or business, you are ready to get started. Happy writing!

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