It seems like controversy follows John Chow around like a bad smell. Andy Beard today posted about another blogger who paid for a review from John Chow and then complained about the cost.

The blogger in question is Alvin Phang from Gather Success. Alvin had paid for a review of his site Atomic Blogging on John Chow (see JC’s review here). A day later he raved about the traffic he was getting from the review.

5 days later Alvin did a U-Turn and wrote a post called ‘The Most Painful US$400 I Ever Spend On A Review’.

To save myself repeating myself, here’s what I wrote in reply to Andy Beard’s post.

If you look at this post you will see that he confirmed that he did get a lot of traffic.

He seems to be annoyed that he hasn’t turned that $400 fee into a profit. John Chow’s job was to do a fair review of the site and send traffic. Whether the review was fair or not is not for me to say however he did send traffic, infact, I believe he sends a lot of traffic to all the sites he reviews.

Why do I think he didn’t make money through it? I think it’s because of his sales page. I don’t know too much about the product but I know that the atomic website is a clickbank clone and I would close any page which resembled that. It just looks like a scam (not saying it is!).

Nothing against Alvin Phang but he needs to appreciate that when you order a review you can and will get critized. I got criticism in my review but the points were valid and fair. You should take criticism like that positively and look to improve what you can. Again, all you are assured with a paid review on a high traffic blog is traffic and he did get that so I don’t think he has any reason to complain.

Bottom line, when you pay for a review on a blog you are not guaranteed anything but a fair review.

There is a good discussion going on at Andy Beard’s site. I recommend you drop by and give your view on it 🙂

Link : John Chow Slammed In Free Report