If you want to grow your business really big there needs to be some kind of movement behind it. Great leaders create movements by empowering their followers to communicate. The communication of your followers will lead to more traffic and sales as the message gets out. You can’t do it alone, but if you can get enough people behind you, like great leaders of the past, you can create a landslide of traffic to your website.

The hippies of the 60’s started a movement with all that love and flower power. It’s not as popular today, but you can still find many instances of the movement that was started back then.

Martin Luther King Jr. also started a movement in human rights. He had a vision and he gave his message to the people who furthered his movement so his voice was heard by many instead of by few.

Bill Gates started a movement when he released Windows into the world.

Your movement may not be as grand as these things, but if you have a message to get out into the world, you need to start a movement with it.

Lesser movements (or movements known across the Internet) that most of you are aware of; Seth Godin and Tribes. John Assaraf, Joe Vitale and Lisa Nichols of The Secret (Law of Attraction.) Darren Rowse and Probloggger. These are all movements and these people are well known in their niche circles. They have created movements that have exploded onto the scene and helped people have better lives.

You need a powerful message or a new twist on an old message and you need to start spreading it like wildfire, a grassroots effort as many call it.

Your message to the world needs to have an impact. It needs to solve problems and be worth sharing to the world. Here’s a great article I recently read; 3 Keys to Getting Your Message Out. ┬áIt gives some great tips to help you make a difference in your business and the world of people who are looking for your solutions.

Get your message out and be heard. Make a difference in people’s lives and you will start a movement that not only grows your business but is of great benefit to your target audience. Make yourself stand out above the competition and reap the benefits, not only in growing a prosperous business but in knowing that you are influencing people’s lives.


image credit: biewoef