What do I write today?

I have run out of ideas. I don’t know what to write now. How do I help my readers? How do I get some inspiration?

Blogging burnout is quite common. Six to nine months of active blogging will really burn you out. Blogging isn’t about writing only. There are other endless activities and some day or the other, you’re going to think: “ohhh god! what do I write today”.

It’s a common phenomenon.

Are you in a similar situation? Are you out of blogging ideas?

Are you out of blogging ideas?

5 Ways to Get Blogging Ideas

Heed these words.

1) Write a Review

Whenever I am out of blogging ideas, I pick up a product and write a review. There are excellent blogging tools in the market and if you want to give some added value to blog readers, review any of them. Add your affiliate link and you can earn from it too!

2) Create an Outline

Creating an outline is like adding a border to a painting. Whenever you can spare some time, take a notepad and round up some topics. Add points to the topics too. You will find ideas flowing freely without the pressure of writing it.

Now, when you hit the wall and feel a lack of blogging ideas, open this notepad and pick a topic. Don’t think. Just pick up the points and write.

3) Do Interviews

Open a section on the blog where you interview people making a positive contribution to the blogging community. All you have to do is contact them, send in a questionnaire and publish the interview. Do this once or twice a week. This way you will lessen pressure on yourself to write and concentrate on ideating meaty posts.

4) Do Joint Posts

Sometimes writing in group is more fun than writing alone. I am sure you are friends with many bloggers. Invite them over, brainstorm together on various blogging ideas and write on them together. This way you get to incorporate a lot of different opinions and the end result is a solid, information-oriented and actionable post worthy of social media hype. You can do these three or four times every month.

5) Read Authority Sites

Round up 10-15 authority sites in your blog niche and become their subscribers. New posts are delivered to your inbox as and when they are published. Read them. You will definitely get a lot of ideas.

It’s perfectly normal to run out of blogging ideas. Just strategize different ways to keep the blog going.