If you’re a regular reader of my posts here on BloggingTips, then you know that I recently started to get into affiliate marketing. My promotional method of choice is article marketing. I’ve been doing this for years – with great success – for my own products.

An Overview of ArticleMarketer.com

A couple of weeks ago, for the first time, I signed up with an article distribution service, ArticleMarketer.com. And I have to say, I love it. It’s quick and easy to submit. And, even though I still submit to some top-rated directories manually, this service has made the process so much easier.

Following are some do’s and don’ts of using the service if you decide to go this route.

Article Word Count: Articles submitted to ArticleMarketer must be at least 400 words. Anything shorter, and it won’t be published. This is important because when I submit manually, I sometimes have articles that are shorter (usually 350-400 words). But, these won’t fly at ArticleMarketer, so just get in the habit of writing articles of at least 400 words.

No Dot Com: The body of the article cannot contain a website name, even if you write it like “BloggingTips.com” or “BloggingTips dot com.” I actually don’t like this about ArticleMarketer, because sometimes you do want to point someone out to another source.

I tend to use major news sources in the articles I write for my affiliate product, but instead of saying, “In the MSNBC.com article, XXX,” I just write “In the MSNBC article, XXX.” That way, if someone is really interested, they can at least Google the article title and find it.

No Hyperlinks or HTML: None whatsoever. This is reserved for your resource box. They give you two resource boxes, one with just the “https://” as part of the website name, and one with an active hyperlink (ie, “a href=”). They distribute them both, according to what the corresponding directory/site will accept.

In tomorrow’s post here, I’ll talk more about ArticleMarketer.com, ie, how your articles are distributed, the cost, what to watch out for when you sign up (really important) and give a few tips for writing effective articles.

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