Or beans?

Nope; not 2 lessons I was thinking of. But 2 choices I face now. I am hungry. I crave beans. But I am also tired. I crave a nap. Can I eat and sleep? No. Dangerous. Maybe sleep then eat? Possibly. Or eat then sleep. I shall figure it out.

Imagine sitting here at 1:43 PM on Monday with these pressing questions in mind; nap or beans? Sounds freeing, fun and relaxing, right? I designed my life of travel, fun, freedom and ease by taking 2 lessons with me. Writing and publishing nearly 800 guest posts on Blogging Tips further solidified each lesson in mind.

What are the lessons?

Be generous with others.

Be generous with yourself.

Be Generous with Others

I could have mailed it in after publishing one guest post here, years ago. Sure I could have. This would have been an easy, quick decision. Write and publish one post. Move on. See how said post yielded traffic or profits. But taking the single post route would have been me being stingy, holding back, and being heavily attached to outcomes.

Blogging struggles ensue if you are not generous because you lose exposure if you are not generous. You become a nobody, from nowhere, non-existent, because you rarely help people for free to boost your exposure.

I wrote and published 792 posts here after this post goes live. 792 pieces of Ryan Biddulph content on Blogging Tips float around the internet. Plus I’ve thousands of posts and other guesties circulating. Do you wonder why I appear to be everywhere? It’s because….I AM everywhere! I am everywhere because I am generous with folks. I give freely of my time and talents. I increase my exposure. I score tons of blog traffic. People buy my course. All because I am generous with people, helping folks through my blog, guest posts and videos.

Be Generous with Yourself

Ah yes; the final blogging frontier.

You notice how freely and easily I promote myself through these guest posts. I am generous with myself. No shyness. No shame or fear or resistance or embarrassment.

Being generous with myself helps me make money through these posts. What a simple process. Help others. Help yourself.

But many bloggers feel uncomfortable self-promoting and making money. Many bloggers choose not to be generous with themselves as a firm and definite decision. Imagine if I never promoted myself over these 800 guest posts? Imagine profits lost? Imagine blogging income lost? Crazy, right?

Being generous with self involves getting clear on receiving money. Plus you need to see and feel yourself succeeding to gain the confidence and clarity of a genuine self promoter.

I observed top bloggers who generate steady income. Each seems to be comfortable and clear on promoting their wares.

Help People Help Yourself

I am no mindless servant. I love helping people but also help myself in the process to be a prospering, full time blogger. No sense helping people freely if you deny yourself profits and struggle mightily, right?

Keep giving, keep promoting yourself, and be open to receiving.

Know that success is yours, now. Count your blogging wins. Focus on positive developments around your blogging campaign.

Where your energy goes, grows. Move your attention to blogging wins to energize yourself for your blogging journey.

If you feel generous and see your blogging success you just keep giving. Evidence of me “keeping giving” is nearly 800 guest posts here and thousands of posts online.

Be generous with others.

Be generous with yourself.