A big part of your overall Internet marketing strategy will inherently have to do with trying to build up those backlinks. The greater number of high quality backlinks that you can get directed at your blog, website or landing page, the more likely that you’ll be able to rank for your target keyword search terms.

With GrowPosition, you are provided with the opportunity to buy a wide range of different advertisements on a number of different websites. These ads can then provide “link juice” back to your website, helping you improve your search engine optimization and hopefully ascend the ranks in the search engines for your keywords.

Buying Permanent and Temporary Links

There are thousands of “quality websites” as part of the GrowPosition network, giving you a fair bit of choice as where you want to buy and place your ads.

GrowPosition offers both temporary and permanent links. The temporary links are renewed on a monthly basis, just as you may already see with other networks like Text Link Ads. The permanent links are posted on the same kinds of sites, but you are only charged a one-time fee and the link will stay there for the life of the website.

But what if you want more than just a simple text link somewhere and you want to put it in a more optimized context? As an advertiser with GrowPosition, you can also choose to pay for posts, articles or post links. The site owner will write according to your requirements for a post, whereas the site owner “cannot make any changes to your requirements without your prior consent” with an article. A post link is a smaller ad unit wherein a short paragraph with your link is appended to a post on the site; it is not the full blog post on its own.

Shopping for Ad Placements

Signing up for an account is instantaneous with no need to wait for approval or confirmation. Then, you can dive right in to the main dashboard and start looking for where you want to place your ads. This starts with setting up a project and then looking to buy ads for that project.

There are many filters available in the left sidebar. You can search by particular ad type, category, PageRank range, maximum price, maximum external links, minimum indexed pages and so on. For each of the ad opportunities as part of the GrowPosition network, you can get a lot of the basic information about the site like the domain creation date, website language, Alexa rank and so on, as well as the price.

Even if you don’t choose to buy an ad from that publisher right away by clicking on the “add to cart” button, you can alternatively click on the “add to hotlist” button so you can revisit it later.

Monetizing Your Sites with GrowPosition

What if you are on the other side of the coin and you’d like to make money by selling ads on your own website or blog? You can do that as a publisher with GrowPosition.

You simply add your site to your publisher account and then proceed to fill out the details for each site that you would like to monetize. At its most basic level, you define the prices for the different kinds of ad opportunities, as well as defining the maximum number of links for different circumstances and providing a site description of no more than 150 characters. You finalize the registration by installing the WordPress plugin and entering the provided security key. The ads can be sold and posted automatically.

According to the FAQ, GrowPosition takes a modest 15% commission on the sale of all links made through the system and you can request your PayPal payout once you reach a minimum balance of $50. Payments take 7 to 14 days. You can alternatively request a wire transfer, Webmoney, or EPESE.

Growing Your Position on the Web

Yes, there are some inherent risks to buying links and it’s possible that Google will be able to detect what you are doing. That said, when it comes to these kinds of ad networks, GrowPosition appears to be one of the easier ones to use and they provide a good variety of options as both an advertiser and as a publisher. It’s easy to manage multiple websites and multiple projects, and you can keep everything organized in an aesthetically-pleasing web-based interface.