Atlantic Hosting Review: Shared Hosting with Cloud Technology

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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Atlantic Hosting Review

Cloud hosting is known as the future of web hosting. Using clusters of cloud servers, it is now possible to offer reliable web hosting services for less. is one of the first to offer cloud hosting services at an affordable price, which is why we are going to take a look at some of the features this company is offering as part of its shared hosting service in this review. If you are looking for reliable shared hosting services, this review is certainly for you.

Atlantic Cloud Hosting Review

The basic cloud hosting solution from Atlantic costs a modest $9.49 per month after discounts and special offers. There is no annual contract, so you have complete freedom to cancel the web hosting service at any time should you are not happy with the features and services you get from Atlantic; this is certainly a huge plus for those who don’t want to commit to a yearly web hosting plan just to be able to get maximum discounts. The shared hosting service is further supported by ultra-fast 40 gigabits cloud , 4x Quad Rate Infiniband speed and the latest RDMA technology for optimum performance.

The most affordable service plan allows you to use 256 MB of RAM and the full capability of a 2.4 GHz Xeon processor. You also get 10 GB of storage space and 10 Mbps internet backbone for maximum performance. With this combination, you can host any type of website or web application you like without a problem. Bear in mind that the cloud hosting package doesn’t include monthly data transfer. Incoming data transfer is free, but you will have to pay $0.11 per GB for any outgoing data transfer; this means you are required to pay more if your website attracts more visitors or is accessed more.

If Windows hosting is what you need, you will have to settle for the more expensive Small hosting plan with an upgraded RAM of 1024 MB and 80 GB of storage space. You also get 30 Mbps internet backbone to utilize, server performance is greatly enhanced with more RAM and better internet backbone, so the deal is still very attractive. The plan costs $36.50 per month, or a more affordable $24.82 per month if you choose to stick to Linux as the operating system to use.

More Atlantic Hosting Offers

Atlantic cloud hosting comes with a number of features to benefit from as well. Every hosting plan comes with a dedicated IP address and nightly data backup. The later allows you to rest assured knowing that redundant backups are created automatically every night, should your website is down, you can always restore from the automatically created backup without a problem.

Atlantic also uses hourly billing instead of the usual monthly billing. You only need to pay for what you use; if your website is not accessed by anyone at night, for example, you can save up to $0.54 per hour depending on the service plan you are using. This is also a huge plus if you want to keep the cost of hosting your websites or web applications at minimum.

Atlantic is offering a free $15 trial credit for you to use, which is why you can now try the cloud hosting services from this company for free. Bear in mind that the $15 credit could last an entire month if you choose to use the most basic plan from this company, this trial offer is indeed very attractive to use, especially since you will be able to use all the features and test your website performance to its fullest.

Our Thoughts

Atlantic cloud hosting solutions are very appealing and highly affordable, but they may not be suitable for everyone. If you want a more straightforward shared hosting solution, for example, you would be better off settling for other top web hosting companies such as FatCow. FatCow in particular offers unlimited storage space and monthly data transfer for as little as $3.15 per month; this is a very appealing offer that no other web hosting company can match.

In terms of features and reliability, both hosting alternatives are more or less equal. FatCow also uses clusters of servers for maximum redundancy, which is why your websites will still be accessible even when one or more servers are down. Customer support from both companies are highly reliable; it would be easy to complete tasks or deal with issues effectively with technical support officers standing by 24/7.

Pick the right web hosting solution according to your needs and personal preferences and enjoy the most benefits. Those who plan to host multiple websites and blogs or store a small number of files may not be able to benefit from the full potential of cloud hosting, which is why FatCow is still the better option in this case.

Atlantic Hosting Review: Why Choose Atlantic Hosting?

Atlantic Hosting is specializing in cloud hosting solutions, offering a wide range of cloud hosting options from the affordable shared hosting to dedicated cloud servers for customers. Regardless of your hosting needs, there is a cloud hosting solution you can use from Atlantic Hosting. In this Atlantic Hosting review, however, we are going to focus more on the shared cloud hosting solutions available from this company. Advertised as being highly affordable, Atlantic cloud hosting features a number of benefits that make the available packages highly appealing.

Atlantic Cloud Hosting Solutions

The first thing you will notice when reviewing cloud hosting solutions from Atlantic is the unique pricing strategy employed by this company. Instead of settling for long-term contracts, you are actually paying for the hosting services by the hour. The basic cloud hosting solution, for example, costs a mere $0.013 per hour or $9.49 per month. The monthly pricing is based on the estimated 730 hours server operation; if your website is active 24/7, you can expect to pay no more than the monthly pricing advertised on Atlantic Hosting’s website.

Aside from the unique pricing strategy, you also get a wide range of features from the cloud hosting solutions. The basic plan includes 256 MB of dedicated RAM – burstable to more than twice that size when necessary – and 10 GB of storage space. There is no unlimited hosting plan from Atlantic Hosting, but the offered disk space is more than spacious enough for multiple sites and resource-intensive web applications. A dedicated IP address is also included as part of the cloud hosting service packages.

The monthly data transfer usage will cost you more. Although all inbound connections are free, you are required to pay an additional $0.11 per GB for outbound connections. This means requests and uploads don’t cost you extra while responses and downloads are charged based on the amount of data transferred. This type of pricing may prove to be highly beneficial to use if your website relies more on uploads, but it can also make the cloud hosting solution far more expensive when you are using it to power websites with heavy traffic and a lot of downloads.

Atlantic Cloud Features

It is also interesting to see other features offered by Atlantic as part of its services. Each cloud hosting service is powered by a minimum of one 2.4 GHz Xeon; you don’t have to doubt the server performance at all, making it possible to run even the heaviest web applications and get great performance in return. The amount of dedicated RAM will play an important part in determining the overall server performance, so be sure to choose the right cloud hosting service plan according to your needs.

Automated nightly backup and advanced security features are also part of the cloud hosting solutions. You can expect all files stored on Atlantic cloud servers to be 100% safe and well-protected with these extra features in place. Even when the server is down, you can still restore backups from the cloud backup servers and other sources offered by Atlantic Hosting. hosting is a web hosting company you can trust when you need to comply with security standards and other regulations. If you are hosting a digital medical record keeping system, for example, you can have the hosting account adjusted to meet HIPAA regulations and standards; alternatively, you can opt for the dedicated cloud hosting solutions from Atlantic and gain more freedom in adjusting the server configuration to meet the standards.

Shared Hosting Plans Compared!

In terms of pricing, Atlantic Hosting review we just completed suggested that the cloud hosting services are not the most affordable on the market. You can still use coupons and special offers to make the shared hosting plans far more affordable, but it is difficult to complete with other top web hosting companies that offer valuable services for much less; FatCow’s unlimited hosting plan now costs as little as $3.15 per month, making it one of the most affordable on the market.

Atlantic cloud hosting solutions are available for select users with specific needs. If cloud hosting is what you really need and high server performance is a must, then Atlantic Hosting may just be the solution provider that suits you perfectly. Simply browse through the available service plans and opt for the one that suits you best. Be sure to consider every cost element carefully before deciding to sign up for an account. You can also benefit from the $15 free credit special offer; the free credit can be used to try Atlantic hosting services for free.

Those who are looking for a more straightforward shared hosting service, however, will find FatCow to be much more appealing. Aside from being highly reliable, FatCow is also much more affordable and offers a lot more features and bonuses for your money.

Atlantic Coupons: Making Cloud Hosting More Affordable

Cloud hosting doesn’t always have to be expensive, especially now that you have Atlantic coupons – with large discounts and great special offers – waiting to be utilized. Atlantic is famous for offering some of the best cloud hosting solutions on the market, which is why the best Atlantic coupons are worth using nonetheless. Before you talk about the available special offers from Atlantic, we are going to review some of the cloud hosting solutions available from this company.

Atlantic Cloud Hosting Offers

The cloud hosting offers we find particularly interesting are the shared hosting offers from Atlantic. The available service packages allow you to enjoy the benefits of cloud hosting at an affordable rate thanks to its careful pricing strategy. Atlantic allows you to pay on an hourly basis, which means you only need to pay for server usage and not a fixed monthly charge. However, you can also calculate the maximum monthly charges you will have to endure by multiplying the hourly rate by 730 – 730 hours a month of full server usage.

Most valuable shared hosting solution from Atlantic offers 80 GB of storage space and 1024 MB of RAM. Since the cloud hosting is highly similar to VPS hosting – sans the root SSH access and other advanced server management features – the offer allows your website and web applications to function optimally using the available server resources. You also get a highly capable Intel 2.4 GHz Xeon processor as part of the service plan, along with 80 Mbps internet backbone and load balancing capabilities.

For these features, you only need to pay $0.034 per hour or a maximum of $24.82 per month. Windows hosting is also an option at just $0.05 an hour ($36.50 per month). Of course, you also gain access to all basic features of Atlantic cloud hosting regardless of the service plan you choose to use. You can always opt for the more affordable XX-Small cloud hosting solution at just $9.49 per month or the amazingly capable XX-Large cloud hosting service plan available at just $394.20 per month.

Bear in mind that you need to pay an additional $0.015 per hour to use cPanel for managing your websites. This is a bit of a turn-off since most webmasters are highly familiar with cPanel and the integrated features of this control panel system. Expect to pay as much as $10.95 per month in extra charges if you plan on using cPanel as the primary server management software.

Atlantic Cloud Hosting Benefits

Cloud hosting does offer a number of extra benefits compared to conventional shared hosting, which is why the available plans are substantially more expensive. Advanced security features and SSAE 16 (SOC 1) TYPE II certified servers are part of the features you can expect if you decide to use Atlantic cloud hosting solutions. You can also rest assured knowing that your web hosting account is automatically backed up thanks to the built-in backup features.

The presence of Multiple Tier-1 redundant Internet backbone connections and backup servers mean your website or web application will be accessible at all times; even when the main cloud servers are down, your website will still be running from one of the backup servers in the cluster. This is also a huge plus if you are hosting an enterprise solution or resource-intensive websites.

Special offers and Atlantic coupons will make the available cloud hosting solutions much more affordable. Discounts of up to 20% are just waiting to be claimed; be sure to enter a valid coupon code to qualify for the extra discount. You can also benefit from the free $15 credit for new users; the free credit gives you a chance to try Atlantic cloud hosting without spending any money to sign up for an account.

Atlantic Shared Hosting Solutions

It is difficult to compare Atlantic’s cloud hosting solutions with other available options from top hosting companies. Although these plans are designed to function as shared web hosting, they offer a number of extra features that not all web owners would need. If you find the extra features from Atlantic rewarding and suitable for the kind of web application you plan on running, then these cloud hosting solutions are very attractive nonetheless.

If a simple shared hosting solution is what you are looking for, however, the unlimited shared hosting plan from FatCow is still the best option to look into. Aside from unlimited disk space and monthly data transfer, you can also benefit from the special offers available from FatCow, advertising credits – of up to $250 nonetheless – and the ability to host as many websites as you like are among the extra features that make FatCow shared hosting highly rewarding. The unlimited hosting plan is also available for a mere $3.15 per month, much more affordable than even the most basic cloud hosting solution from Atlantic.

Dedicated Cloud Hosting with Atlantic Discounts

More and more web hosting companies are competing against each other for customers, which is why discounts and special offers are widely available these days. Even the best dedicated hosting plans from Atlantic can now be made affordable thanks to Atlantic discounts and other special offers. If you are looking for a good dedicated cloud hosting, Atlantic Hosting may just be the service provider to look into.

Dedicated Cloud Hosting Atlantic Offers

Atlantic allows its customers to customize every part of the dedicated hosting service package accordingly. It is not difficult at all to set up a cloud server that meets your needs and personal preferences perfectly, especially with so many options available. For starters, you can enjoy Core 2 Quad 2.5Ghz Q8300 processor and 4 GB of RAM as part of the service plan.

You can then adjust the disk space you want to add to the dedicated server. For this Atlantic review, we set the server to include two 160 GB hard drives operating in RAID 1 mode. The next task would be to select the number of dedicated IP addresses you want to have; in most cases, the basic 5 IP addresses offered by Atlantic are more than enough. Upgrades to 13 and 29 static IP addresses are also available.

Atlantic offers anything from 10 TB to 15 TB of monthly data transfer for you to choose from. For this review, we decide to keep the monthly data transfer at 10 TB as suggested by Atlantic’s basic dedicated hosting plan. The 10 TB monthly bandwidth is more than enough even for resource intensive websites and applications.

You will find Atlantic’s wide range of operating systems very appealing nonetheless. Aside from the conventional CentOS, you can also have the dedicated server equipped with Ubuntu, Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 depending on your needs and the type of application you will be running on the server. Once these details are customized accordingly, you can then see just how much you need to pay to use Atlantic cloud server solution.

Atlantic Special Offers and Extra Benefits

Similar to other top web hosting companies, Atlantic also offers discounts and bonuses to its customers. It is rather difficult to find a valid coupon code to claim or a rewarding special offer to utilize, but you should be able to reduce the cost of using Atlantic’s dedicated hosting service by using the available offers. Discounts of up to 20% are to be expected.

The dedicated cloud hosting service package we customized earlier would cost us $184 per month. Atlantic offers advanced security features and compliance with a number of security standards. Automated backup and support for custom web applications are also part of the benefits you can expect when you decide to use Atlantic cloud hosting solution.

There are a number of reasons why Atlantic Hosting offers are very attractive. For starters, the use of cloud technology means your server will be highly reliable with multiple redundancies and extra security features. You can also rest assured knowing that the server will be accessible at all times thanks to capable internet backbones and superb load balancing features.

The only downside we came across when completing our Atlantic review is its customer support. Although the customer support is always available 24/7, you may not get the technical assistance’s you need when you reach Atlantic at odd hours. Those who are living outside the United States will also find the phone support to be rather expensive to contact, while the live chat and ticket support systems are not as reliable.

The Dedicated Hosting Solution

For $184 a month, Atlantic is offering a stunning 160 GB RAID 1 storage space and 4 GB of RAM along with its Core 2 Quad 2.5Ghz Q8300 processor. This configuration is more than capable of handling even the most resource intensive web applications and websites in general. However, it is hard to neglect the fact that Atlantic cloud hosting solution is not the most affordable dedicated server option available on the market.

Fatcow, a very capable hosting company with a long list of accomplishments and satisfied customers, is also offering dedicated servers at affordable rates. For $10 less, you can utilize the full potential of Intel’s latest Intel Xeon 3360 processor as well as 2 GB of RAM; the amount of dedicated RAM provided with the service plan is less than what Atlantic is offering, but an upgrade to 4 GB of RAM is not expensive at all. You also get 2 x 250 GB hard drives operating in RAID 1, which is more than what Atlantic is offering.

Use special offers and discounts to make the Fatcow dedicated server more affordable; you can expect discounts of up to 50% when you sign up for a fatcow dedicated hosting account using the correct coupon code.

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