Attorney Website Design: Making Sure You Stand Out

By: | Updated: March 25, 2021

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If your an attorney Attorney Website Design is important, it is far better to not be on the web at all rather than having a poorly designed site that only confuses instead of informs. For attorneys that are looking to create a proper website for their office, the idea of paying web designers outrageous fees is not something they want to do.

The Basics for Your Site


Naturally, you’ll need to know what you want to convey to potential clients such as the services that you provide, the qualifications of you and your staff, and plenty of contact information so that someone in need of your services can get in touch with you easily.
You’ll want to convey all that information in a clean, clear, professional manner which impresses upon the viewer that you know your business. There is an expectation that the best attorneys are ones who are the most professional, so your website should convey that impression as much as possible. However, it should also be easy to read, clear in intent and offer photos and images of the attorneys to show a more relatable side to help reach potential new clients.
Creating the best attorney website design for your needs is easy when you start with FatCow website hosting. They offer free tools that are easy to use and will help build the right type of website that reflects your professionalism and dedication to serving your clients.

Tips to Creating the Best Attorney Website Design



  • Easy to Use Content Management System (CMS): The CMS allows you to write, organize, edit and post content on your website or blog. The CMS you use should be very simple so that you can post quickly and make changes when necessary.
  • Optimize Your Site: You will need to incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques so that your website will rank highly in search engine results. Remember, most people will find your website through search engines, so SEO is vital towards your success. This means incorporating SEO techniques into the title and header tag, description, content, internal linking, images and so forth.
  • Responsive Design: This means that you want to build a website that can be viewed equally on computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. A responsive design means that it will respond to the screen size of the device where the website is being viewed. With more people on average using mobile devices, a responsive design is a very smart choice.
  • Excellent Content: This ties into SEO, but the content you put on the site needs to be well written, informative and interesting. In addition to being professional, having solid content that informs readers about your specialty such as drunk driving, contract law, personal injury and the like builds credibility with the reader.

When it comes to making the best attorney website design on a budget, FatCow website hosting and their free tools is the place to start. They offer the best in terms of building a simple, professional website that will help you establish your presence on the web.


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