Find Your Blogging Niche: Passion, Demand, and Earning Potential

Guest post by Barrie Davenport

Are you blogging because it’s so much fun you’re forgetting to eat or pay the bills? Or are you blogging to make piles and piles of cash?

Is it possible to do both. In fact, your chances of success as a blogger are better when you love the process while still approaching it like a business.

However, many people start blogging about a topic that interests them without initially giving any consideration to generating income or building a business from it.

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Your Blogging Influence and the Power of We

The power of blogging influence is scary. I’ve personally met people who’ve booked a holiday in Japan or even moved to Australia based on my recommendation. Shops have sold out of dresses after recommendations by Nikki Parkinson on her fashion and beauty blog Styling You.

No wonder I say the power of influence is scary and it’s easy to see how blogger influence can be abused. In fact more and more brands are tapping into our influence to enlist bloggers to sell more of their products.

Blogging and bloggers are a powerful marketing tool because our blog readers see us as friends, as trusted sources of information who can save them time and money by helping them make the right decisions fast.

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