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By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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Backup Genie Review: Online Backup Solution for Everyone

More and more important files are stored digitally, which is why backup solutions are becoming increasingly popular. Family pictures, your music library and of course work documents need to be properly backed for maximum security. When it comes to finding the right online backup solution to use, this Backup Genie review will guide you towards the right direction for sure.

A Look at Backup Genie Review And Services

There are a number of important things to keep in mind when searching for online backup solutions. The particular solution you want to use must be able to store your files safely for future access. It is also essential that the backup creation is done automatically; this way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to backup your important files. BackupGenie understands this and integrate all the right features into their online backup solution.

You can choose from the three available service packages from BackupGenie. The most affordable plan offers 75 GB of storage space – more than enough to store 6,000 documents and 10,000 photos – for just $4.49 a month. You can always upgrade to the slightly better plan with 250 GB of storage space for just $6.95 a month. Alternatively, you can enjoy unlimited online backup solution for as little as $9.95 a month from BackupGenie.

These plans come with several common features you can use. For starters, the initial setup process and backup creation can be completed easily thanks to BackupGenie’s proprietary software. As part of this Backup Genie review, we tried setting up the automated backup creation and maintenance; the entire process takes no more than a few minutes to complete.

You can set the software to monitor a series of folders and files; the next time you make changes to any of these folders and files, BackupGenie will automatically store the new version immediately. It is also safe to say that BackupGenie is one of the easiest online backup solution to use, even when you have no prior experience in creating backup files or maintaining an extensive online backup.

BackupGenie Added Features

File sharing is the first added feature you will certainly find interesting. You can now share photos, videos and documents just by copying the files to a public folder. Alternatively, you can set which file to share individually. All you have to do to grant access to others is share the generated links through email or on your personal site.

BackupGenie also has a number of mobile apps and supporting software available for multiple platforms. You can create backups and access them from any remote terminal that uses Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OSX, iOS and Android. If your operating system is not supported, you can also use BackupGenie’s web-based file and backup management interface to access your files anytime.

BackupGenie is one of the few online backup service providers that allow real-time audio and video streaming. You don’t have to download individual files to view them; simply use the built-in player to view your files or stream them directly to your device. When the video and audio files are shared, your friends and relatives accessing the files can also use the same player to stream the files instead of having to download them manually.

Compared to other backup solutions, BackupGenie is also one of the most affordable solutions on the market. However, cloud backup alternatives such as Google Drive are offering as much as 25 GB for free; if you don’t need the extra space, the free alternatives are certainly worth considering.

Our Review

BackupGenie is a very good online backup solution to use. Everything is designed to be very straightforward and easy to use; even the proprietary software can be understood in a matter of minutes, allowing users to complete the initial backup creation and schedule automatic backups without a problem. The best part about using BackupGenie’s services is its reliability; data transfer is completed swiftly and your files will be backed up in no time.

The lack of proper bandwidth throttling may be an issue for some advanced users. The proprietary software uses a lot of bandwidth without considering bandwidth use of other applications; this means you will not be able to use the internet and expect the same performance during backup creations and file uploads. Downloads are completed just as swiftly and you can easily access your files anywhere using any supported remote terminal.

Keep in mind that BackupGenie is not designed for web hosting purposes. If shared hosting with unlimited storage space is what you are looking for, HostGator may just be the better option to look into. For backup purposes and for syncing multiple devices seamlessly, however, BackupGenie offers all the features you would need at reasonable prices. Use the 30-day money-back guarantee if you want to try BackupGenie’s services without the risk of losing your money at all.

BackupGenie Hosting Review: The Right Solution for Your Backup Needs

BackupGenie is one of the most popular online backup solution providers today. The company offers a wide range of features through its three service plans, including the ability to synchronize multiple devices seamlessly using the BackupGenie online backup solution. To help you determine if the online backup service is suitable for you, this BackupGenie hosting review will discuss some of the most useful features the company has to offer. Let’s have a look, shall we?

BackupGenie Storage Solutions

BackupGenie was never designed as a web hosting service, so you may not get the conventional hosting features you normally expect from other web hosting companies. Instead, you get a selection of three online backup service packages to choose from. The first and most basic plan offers 75 GB of storage space, more than enough to store over 10,000 pictures and 10,000 songs, at a modest $4.49 a month. Even this most basic service package includes all the features you would need to maintain a comprehensive backup of your important files.

The top-of-the-line service package, on the other hand, offers unlimited online backup space for you to use. You can backup multiple computers and store all the files you need to store securely for just $9.95 a month. For the same price, you can get unlimited hosting plan from HostGator; as mentioned earlier, BackupGenie offers a different type of service that may not be suitable for those who are looking for web hosting instead of online backup services.

Since your files are vulnerable to viruses and hard drive failures, maintaining a comprehensive backup of important files is essentially important. After completing the initial setup process, BackupGenie will automatically upload all of your files and folders – that have been flagged when setting up the backup software – and maintain subsequent backups seamlessly. Every time you make changes to these files and folders, a new backup is created automatically.

BackupGenie Backup Features and Benefits

Seamless integration with multiple platforms or operating systems is the first primary benefit to expect when you choose to use BackupGenie. You can download proprietary software for your desktop PC or laptop no matter which operating system you use. Mobile apps – compatible with both Android and iOS – are also available, allowing you to access your files directly on your smartphones. Compatibility with multiple platforms and devices allows BackupGenie to be used as a way to synchronize all of your devices easily.

BackupGenie uses 128bit SSL and 256bit AES encryption keys to protect your files; the same level of protection is used by financial institutions to safeguard their sensitive information. You can rest assured knowing that no one will be able to access your files while they are being stored on BackupGenie’s servers. BackupGenie itself is backed by Amazon S3 storage systems for maximum protection. Aside from redundancies, the servers are also automatically backed up to more remote servers for maximum security. Even when a lot of the servers are down, you can still access your important files without an issue.

No backup solution is complete without easy remote access. BackupGenie offers a web-based interface for easy access to your files. You can download the files as a backup image or access them individually when necessary. You can even share some of the files with friends or colleagues; after setting the file attribute to Public or copying them to the Public folder, you can then share links to the files or folders via email or other means of communication.

BackupGenie Hosting Services

BackupGenie is never designed to be a web hosting service or solution, which is why you will not be able to host your website using any of the company’s service package. You can upload multimedia files for further sharing thanks to BackupGenie’s audio and video player, but you would have to host your website elsewhere for maximum convenience.

Fatcow is offering an unlimited hosting service plan at the same price; using discounts and special offers, you can reduce the cost of using fatcow’s services further as well. The unlimited space can be used to store backup files, but you will not be able to synchronize multiple devices just as easily or rely on automated backup creation without the help of third-party software.

When it comes to hosting a website – or multiple websites – however, fatcow is the more reliable option. The shared hosting plan can be used to stream multimedia files, host server-side scripts and meet your entire online web hosting needs. You can benefit from the same level of security – if not better – and better overall reliability as well.

Choosing between these two alternatives is like choosing between a motorcycle and a car; you simply need to choose the right solution according to your specific needs and personal preferences. If more features and better support for web hosting are what you need more, fatcow is the much better solution.

BackupGenie Coupons-

Free Cloud Storage with BackupGenie Coupons

Looking for the right online backup solution to use? BackupGenie may just be the alternative you have been looking for. Thanks to its flexible service packages and a wide range of services, BackupGenie is now one of the best online backup service providers to go for. Thanks to BackupGenie coupons, you can also try the cloud backup solution for free!

BackupGenie Offers and Services

BackupGenie offers three main service packages that include 75 GB, 250 GB and unlimited storage space respectively. All of these service plans come with a number of general features and services you can benefit from, including the ability to maintain your online backup seamlessly. To start using BackupGenie cloud backup services, you need to sign up for an account and complete the initial setup process.

Download and install the proprietary software compatible with your operating system to get started. You can then complete the setup wizard, customizing the settings according to your specific needs and the files you want to backup in the process. The process of setting up your BackupGenie software takes no more than a few minutes to complete. Once this is done, the software will handle the initial backup creation for you.

One of the issues we came across immediately after completing the initial setup process is the lack of bandwidth throttling. The software will use all of the available internet connection to upload your files as quickly as possible; if you are on an unlimited internet plan, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

The files can then be accessed as a backup image or individually using any access terminal you like. You can download files to your mobile devices or have them available from other computers just as easily. BackupGenie’s ability to synchronize multiple devices means it can also be used to keep all of your gears up to date.

Every time you update a file or folder that has been previously backed up, the software will pick up the new version and store it online automatically. There is no need to maintain your online backup manually at all; this is a huge plus if you often work with important files and you need to keep the online backup account up to date with the latest changes.

More BackupGenie Free Features

As one of the leading online backup service providers, it is not surprising to find more features to be included as part of the service packages available from the company. Security of your files, for example, is something you don’t need to worry about. The encryption technologies used by BackupGenie will protect your files during data transmissions and while they are being stored online.

Another strong trait of Backup Genie that makes the available services more appealing is its reliability. BackupGenie uses Amazon S3 storage systems to support its services. You can expect the servers – and of course your files – to be accessible at all times. In the event of a disaster, it is also possible to restore your files from any backup servers used by the company.

Files can be accessed just as easily using the web-based interface of Backup Genie. If you need to access your files from a friend’s computer and you don’t want to install the proprietary software to be able to do that, you can simply go online and download your files using any standard web browser. The web-based user interface is just as easy to use as the proprietary software.

Claim valid BackupGenie coupons to try these features for free. The best coupons allow you to sign up for an account and try BackupGenie services for a month without paying any service charge. Paired with the 30-day money back guarantee, it is possible to try the online backup services from BackupGenie extensively before deciding to sign up for a long-term contract.

BackupGenie vs. Rivals

Compared to other online backup service providers, the solutions from BackupGenie are the most affordable and feature-packed today. You don’t have to pay extra just to be able to stream audio and video files seamlessly or share some of the files with friends and colleagues. You can also benefit from BackupGenie’s mobile apps, especially if you are an Android or iOS user. Not only will you be able to synchronize multiple computers, you can keep important files accessible from smartphones as well.

However, it is important to know that BackupGenie is never designed to be used as web hosting. Aside from its file sharing capability, there is no way you can host your websites without running into one or two issues along the way. You can spend the same amount of money to get unlimited web hosting services from Fatcow for maximum convenience; of course, the web hosting account can also be used to store backup files even without the automated backup creation and other backup-related features.

BackupGenie Discounts: Cloud Backup Made Affordable

It is more important to protect your files today than it was a few years ago, which is why online backup solutions are more popular than ever. BackupGenie discounts allow you to enjoy the best cloud backup services for less; you can expect to have all the features you would need to store and maintain online backups efficiently to be available regardless of which service package you choose to use. Before we talk about discounts and special offers, let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits offered by BackupGenie. We have used backup genie and this review of backup genie is a proven winner.

Cloud Backup Solution from BackupGenie

You can find the right BackupGenie discounts to make any of the three available plans more affordable. The basic service package, which includes 75 GB of storage space, is already very affordable at just $4.49 a month. The middle service package offers 250 GB of storage space at a slightly higher price of $6.95 a month. For maximum flexibility, the unlimited service plan is the one to go for; you get unlimited online backup space for just $9.95 a month.

Each service plan includes the same set of features that you can benefit from. For starters, initial backup creation and automatic updates are handled seamlessly by the proprietary software. The software itself is compatible with Windows and Mac OSX operating systems, making it possible for you to create backups of Windows and Apple computers. You can also synchronize multiple computers easily by using BackupGenie as an intermediary.

Since you will be storing a lot of important files on the backup servers, security is a very important aspect to consider. BackupGenie is offering a stunning 128bit SSL encryption and 256 AES encryption keys to further protect your files. A series of backups are also created to remote servers maintained separately, which is why you can always access you files even when the primary server is down.

We personally love BackupGenie’s intuitive mobile apps. There is an app for Android and iOS users; no matter which app you use, you can access your files easily from your smartphone. The app also allows you to make changes or upload new files just as easily, turning BackupGenie into a fully-featured mobile backup solution.

BackupGenie Special Offers

Now that we know more about the basic features offered by BackupGenie, it is time to take a look at some of the special offers available. BackupGenie offers a bonus service called FindMyPC. As the name suggests, the service allows you to find your lost computer, recover your files and even take a snapshot using the computer’s built-in webcam to see who have been using the computer. This bonus service is available for free to all BackupGenie users.

You can also make your favorite BackupGenie service plan much more affordable by claiming the right coupon code upon checking out or signing up for an account. Discounts of up to 20% can be found at review sites and other websites that grant access to this type of special offers. BackupGenie discounts are generally available over a short period of time only, so be sure to use the coupon code as soon as possible.

Under certain circumstances, it is even possible to get a month of using BackupGenie backup services for free. Again, all you need is a valid and correct coupon code; you should be able to claim this freebie without a problem since coupon codes are very easy to find. The free month, combined with the 30-day money back guarantee, allows you to try every aspect of the backup services before deciding to use BackupGenie as a cloud backup solution that suits you.

While giving BackupGenie a try, focus on aspects such as reliability and ease of use. Although there are so many features to benefit from, you will not be able to enjoy the best online backup services if the servers are not reliable. BackupGenie uses Amazon S3 storage systems at its core, so you can expect the storage servers to be very responsive and easy to access at the same time.

Online Backup vs. Web Hosting and File Sharing

Before you go ahead and sign up for an account, it is essential to understand that BackupGenie is never meant to be used to host websites. You can upload multimedia files or individual HTML files for easy sharing with friends and relatives, but support for advanced web hosting features such as server-side scripting are simply not available.

If you want to enjoy the best of both worlds, unlimited hosting plans – such as a very valuable one available from FatCow – may be the better options to look into. You can then install a server-side script to handle automated backup creation for you. Since you have unlimited server space at your disposal, it wouldn’t be difficult to back up every important file you have online.

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