Bakery Web Design: Putting your Bakery at the Top

By: | Updated: March 25, 2021

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You want your bakery web design to be one of a kind. You need to stand out among your competitors. It’s all about making your offerings look more pleasing to your customers, and web design plays a major role in the success of your bakery website.
Here are some tips to help you choose a bakery web design that is visually pleasing and user friendly.


Bakery Web Design

Keywords are highly important when writing content for your site. You want to use words that will pull up in a keyword search. This will help your page rank when a search is conducted. Your competitors will be using keywords, so it is important that you incorporate them into your bakery web design.
In addition, you will want to refer to the town, city, state, and surrounding locations. This will help people who are searching for a bakery in the area to find your shop with ease. You want to think like your customer in this case. What would you type in a Google search when wanting to find a bakery in your area? From there, use any words that are relevant.


You may hire a web designer to create your site, but you need to think about what it will cost you to maintain it. If you have no clue about the coding they used, then you may be forced to hire them to do all the maintenance on your site. This could get very costly.
There are plenty of template based website platforms that are absolutely free. They are very easy to design and maintain. This may be the best options, as you will not have to pay a maintenance fee to someone else, you can simply take care of it yourself.



You want to include photos of your past work. This will help customers get an ideal of what you can offer them. If you make specialty items, make sure to highlight them, as this will set you apart from other bakeries in the area. Your portfolio should be made up of your best work.
Ensure that you choose photos that show your skill level in all areas. You may include categories such as square cakes, round cakes, layered cakes and wedding cakes. This will help customers find what they are looking for quickly, and determine if you are the right bakery to care for their needs.

Call To Action

It is a great ideal to incorporate a call of action, which will entice your customers to place an order. You could place a call to action button in the sidebar, and label it Order Your Cake Now. You want to place the button on every page, so the customer never has to go looking for it. You could connect your call to action button to an inquiry form, which will allow you to gather all the information that you need.


FatCow Hosting

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