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Baking Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 25 Examples [2023]

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Blogging, in general, has drastically risen in the past few years.

The ease of updating your site with consistently new content and creating a professional-style website with limited design knowledge is highly beneficial to those looking to have an online presence.

One of the areas in which the field is growing is the form of baking blogs.

You’ll find them with a focus on kids, desserts, and much more.

In this comprehensive guide, we highlight the top attributes that come with operating a baking blog.

The Best Baking Blogs (Examples)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

What Is a Baking Blog?

When starting a blog, you typically formulate your content on a specific niche.

For some, this is arts and crafts.

Others may write about travel or parenting.

A baking blog is content surrounding the creation of baked goods by posting different recipes and techniques.

What Does a Baking Blogger Blog About?

As a baking blogger, you can focus on a more specific niche.

Individuals may write about single-serving baking content or even kid-friendly baking recipes.

The content can take various forms depending on how the blogger structures their website.

You may see a baking blogger that writes about their specific baking techniques and includes step-by-step Youtube tutorials.

Others may write about their baking experiences with their children, the things they learned throughout the process, and what they would do differently in the future.

Other baking bloggers will include a recipe and a bit of narrative about how they came across it, what creating the dessert or pastry reminds them of, or what it means to make such dishes for others.

What Is Included on a Baking Blog?

While the content may vary on a baking blog depending on the direction the owner decides to take, a few items are standard across the board.

1. Pictures

The most excellent way to provide testimony is to post photographic evidence of what you can create.

Therefore, having a significant amount of pictures throughout baking blogs is typical.

You’ll often see photos depicting the process, from combining ingredients to the end result when they emerge from the oven.

2. Narrative

For many readers, the amount of story-telling in a blog post before getting to an actual recipe can be tedious and annoying.

However, many don’t realize that it’s critical from an SEO standpoint to have verbiage outside of a simple formula.

Therefore, you are likely to see a narrative play out on the website that speaks to the purpose behind the baking experience and recipe.

3. Recipes

Even if the main focus of a baking blog isn’t on the particular recipes the author uses, you rarely come across a website devoted to baking that doesn’t include at least a few recipes.

It’s more common to see a recipe for each new blog post, but for those who want to take a unique approach, you may see fewer written out and perhaps have instruction done through a video tutorial or podcast.

4. Holiday-Specific Goods

We all know that the holidays are some of the top times throughout the year for baking.

Therefore, it’s highly probable that you will come across baking content specific to upcoming holidays when you are perusing baking blogs.

You will notice an uptick as the holidays edge near, whether it’s sugar cookies, cakes, or cultural baking recipes.

5. Product Recommendations

You’ll quickly notice that bakers operating their own baking blogs often use a set of utensils and baking supplies they swear by for each recipe.

For affiliate marketing purposes, they will often link to these products and supplies in hopes that the readers visiting their blog will click through and purchase.

Other Things That You Can Find on a Baking Blog

The items we list above aren’t the only things you’ll find on baking blogs.

There are various other features that owners can choose to include.

  • Comments: often, you will see that the blog’s authors will leave the comments section open for readers to leave feedback or ask questions to be answered by the baker.
  • Reviews: at times, you will see testimonials from those who have tried out the recipes on the baking blog on the website. This inclusion helps new visitors witness the quality of the particular blog.
  • Promotion: many owners of baking blogs will branch off and create their own products, such as cookbooks or online courses. You will often see the owners promoting these items on their blogs.
  • Mailing List: one of the best ways to receive new recipes and updates to the blog is by signing up for a mailing list. It’s widespread for you to see a pop-up or widget on the website that encourages new visitors to sign up to be part of the list.

Types of Baking Blogs

If you go to a search engine and type in the phrase “baking blogs,” you will see thousands of results that embody several subjects.

Below we list some of the most common themes among baking blogs.

  • Baking Blogs for Beginners: For those just entering the baking realm, there are often many techniques they need to learn before expanding into more complex areas. These blogs will help new bakers know what they need to do before trying more advanced recipes.
  • Baking Blogs for Kids: Finding fun tutorials and recipes for kids to learn the baking basics can be hard to come by. However, more and more baking blogs are expanding to include the basics in a kid-friendly tone.
  • Baking Blogs for Moms: For those who desire to bake for their families but are limited in time and attention to devote to the task, baking blogs for moms come in handy. These sites give tried and true recipes that moms can crank out with minimal effort.
  • Baking Blogs for Baking From Scratch: There are methods to baking where you can utilize pre-packaged items as part of the process of creating something more extensive. However, some people desire to have everything made from scratch. For that need, there are baking blogs that speak to the detail one requires for that process.
  • Baking Blogs for Desserts: When people think of baked goods, their mind often goes to desserts. However, many pastries and such aren’t part of the dessert realm. You’ll see blogs specific to desserts highlighting the sweet and savory baked goods people often search for online.

Do Baking Blogs Make Money?

There are many different types of blogs that make money, and baking blogs are no different.

A site owner can take various routes to monetize their blog, and those options are expanding by the day to include new avenues and opportunities.

How Do Baking Blogs Make Money?

When you investigate the different ways to make money with baking blogs, you will see that there is no shortage of routes you can take to earn.

Among the top opportunities for monetizing a baking blog are affiliate marketing, ad revenue, sponsored content, and product creation.

As the blog owner, you can choose from various affiliate marketing programs related to the baking niche.

Bloggers can make good money when a reader clicks on your custom link and makes a purchase.

Ad revenue and sponsored content come from other companies that pay you to advertise their products.

However, you can also create your own products to sell on your blog and earn income.

How Much Do Baking Blogs Make?

The amount of money baking blogs can make will depend on several aspects.

A high amount of blog traffic will create more sales opportunities through ad revenue and affiliate marketing.

However, having a significant following on social media can direct readers to your site and increase the view count.

Overall, the more people you drive to your content, the more money you stand the potential to make.

Products To Promote and Sell on a Baking Blog

For those who are considering creating a baking blog or already run one and are exploring paths to monetize their content, there are several types of products that you can consider promoting for passive income opportunities.

Many baking blogs include links to baking supplies like pans, stand mixers, utensils, and their favorite mixing bowls.

You may also see blog owners promote cookbooks that they develop or online courses where they teach via video and lecture the correct techniques one needs for baking.

Best Baking Blogs: 25 Examples

With the massive amount of online content, it can be challenging to narrow the selection down to a select few for a recommendation.

Below we list 25 of the best baking blogs on the internet for you to check out.

How Many Baking Blogs Are There?

As we mentioned above, if you perform an online search for baking blogs, you will be met with thousands of results from all different angles.

New blogs come online every day, many with a baking focus.

Therefore, it’s not possible to have an exact number of how many baking blogs exist online.

Baking Blogs for Beginners

For those looking to learn the fundamentals of baking, seeking out content that focuses on the beginning steps is the best route to take.

Below are some top reads for those in the market for baking learning material.

1. Cookie Rookie

a screenshot of the cookie rookie homepage

While this blog covers more than just baking, the title proves that a significant portion focuses on cookies and baking.

You will see an entire section for desserts that will lay out each specific detail to make them successfully.

If you decide to branch out, you can always explore the other food genres they cover on the blog.

2. The Vanilla Bean Blog

a screenshot of the vanilla bean blog homepage

Another viable option for beginner bakers is The Vanilla Bean Blog.

On this website, you can see an assortment of cookies and desserts written in a beginner-friendly style.

With the layout, you can go from beginner to expert and have all the fundamentals under your belt.

3. Sally’s Baking Addiction

a screenshot of the sally's  baking addiction homepage

As an example of a blog owner who has published their cookbook while teaching the basics of baking, Sally’s Baking Addiction is a top option.

You will find all varieties of baked goods on this site with easy to read directions.

This author also lays out the issues she encountered that she had to reconcile before being successful.

4. The Boy Who Bakes

a screenshot of the boy who bakes homepage

This beginner baking blog lets you see the end result through the many pictures he includes in his content.

The short and sweet narrative gives you the background you need to get started and understand the initial steps.

With the list of ingredients and detailed instructions, you will have top results in no time.

5. Joy the Baker

a screenshot of the joy the baker homepage

With her New Orleans flair, the author behind the blog Joy the Baker gives you everything you need to navigate your way through baking.

Her unique style keeps you interested and gives you the motivation to continue when you’re struggling.

What’s more, the pictures will entice you to put your best foot forward and fight for the tasty treats to come.

Baking Blogs for Kids

Children love to mimic what they see adults do in the kitchen.

Therefore, seeing their parents make their favorite cookies and cakes inspires them to do the same.

Finding blogs that speak to a kid’s style of learning and taste palette will help direct them in their new endeavors.

6. Bake for Happy Kids

a screenshot of the bake for happy kids homepage

The mother behind this blog knows the importance of creating tasty treats with a kid’s favorite ingredients.

Having three children herself, she works alongside her little ones in the kitchen to create memories and delicious baked goods.

7. Happy Home Baking

a screenshot of the happy home baking homepage

With a combination of kid-friendly baking recipes and meal options, Happy Home Baking allows children to have their hands in the creating process and come up with unique varieties for baking.

While teaching the fundamentals, kids can learn while making healthy and tasty foods.

8. Cooking With My Kids

a screenshot of the cooking with my kids homepage

With all the fun recipes and designs this blog owner has on her website, your kids will be more than happy to learn if it means engaging in the sweet treats on the site!

They won’t want to leave the kitchen between the owl cupcakes, apple cake, and cheese stars.

9. A Mummy Too

a screenshot of the mummy too homepage

If you’re looking for some seasonal items to make in the kitchen with your littles, a visit to A Mummy Too is the route to take.

You’ll find recipes specific to the time of year in fun shapes and designs.

The author even inserts some healthy ingredients in the recipe, and your kiddos won’t even know it’s good for you!

10. Eats Amazing

a screenshot of the eats amazing homepage

This baking blog provides fun options for kids that will get them excited about eating healthy foods and meals and baking fun dessert items for themselves and their families.

Between mummy pizza pies, mummy sandwich kabobs, and, if they are up for a challenge – an anti-gravity cake!

Baking Blogs for Moms

Moms have the extra challenge of finding recipes that meet the taste palettes of their youngest family members.

Many parents have found themselves in a similar position and want to share their knowledge with others who are struggling.

11. Kitchen Confidante

a screenshot of the kitchen confidante homepage

You will find a significant index of recipes on the Kitchen Confidante blog.

However, you will see an extensive collection of child-friendly baking options for moms.

You’ll also get a cultural experience as you review the recipes due to the author’s extensive travel history.

12. The Naptime Chef

a screenshot of the naptime chef homepage

The title of this blog describes everything we need to know!

The Naptime Chef understands the time restriction that moms have when it comes to following recipes.

You’ll find ample baking options on this site with simple instructions but robust taste.

13. Sugar-Free Mom

a screenshot of the sugar-free mom homepage

If you’re looking to reduce your children’s sugar intake and eat healthier overall, taking a glance at the Sugar-Free Mom blog will be a great starting place.

The author, also a mom, understands the need for healthy but tasteful recipes that you can easily create for your children.

14. Buns In My Oven

a screenshot of the buns in my oven homepage

This blog comes from a mom who believes in having a full cookie jar at all times.

Therefore, you won’t find a shortage of baking recipes on the site to add to your dessert trays.

If you want to extend your search to other meal types, the blogger has some child and mom-friendly options available for you to try in those genres as well.

15. Picky Palate

a screenshot of the picky palate homepage

What parent doesn’t resonate with the picky eating trait?

This mom understands that struggle and rises to the occasion to help other parents in the same position.

Not only does she offer a sufficient amount of baked goods, but she also provides meal options.

Baking Blogs for Baking From Scratch

General baking and baking entirely from scratch are very different techniques that require an extra level of knowledge.

The blogs we list below help you learn the best ways to bake from scratch.

16. Broma Bakery

a screenshot of the broma bakery homepage

A quick look at the pictures on the main page will let you know that you are in the right place.

This blog offers many high-quality homemade recipes, and the descriptions allow you to follow detailed instructions without stress.

17. The Perfect Loaf

a screenshot of the perfect loaf homepage

Baking bread is an art form, and doing it with the proper technique can take some work.

This blog specializes in sourdough recipes and touches on the particular skills that you need to do it correctly.

18. Wood & Spoon

a screenshot of the wood and spoon homepage

As a self-taught baker from Selma, Alabama, Kate Wood has written several cookbooks highlighting the skill needed to make baked goods from scratch.

You can view many of her recipes on her blog and try them out in the comfort of your own home.

19. Hint of Vanilla

a screenshot of the hint of vanilla homepage

This blogger understands the need for a bit of sweetness in your baked goods as well as the difference in taste that recipes made from scratch bring.

You’ll find various baking recipes on this site with ample instruction on making them aesthetically and tastefully pleasing.

20. Butter and Brioche

a screenshot of the butter and brioche homepage

The title of this blog is enough to make your mouth water.

When you have the image of a rich and buttery roll in your head, it’s hard to focus on anything else.

With the blogger’s assistance, you will be on your way to making these tasty treats in no time.

Baking Blogs for Desserts

At the end of the day, we all want to have a great dessert to finish off the activities.

Many baking blogs provide direction to achieve this feat, and we list the best of the best below.

21. Hummingbird High

screenshot of the hummingbirdhigh homepage

Suppose you want to find jaw-dropping desserts to enjoy at home or to take to a gathering, be sure to check out the Hummingbird High blog.

The extensive collection of recipes that produce high-quality desserts will have you searching for hours to find the best option, but it’s worth it in the end.

22. Brown-Eyed Baker

a screenshot of the brown-eyed baker homepage

You won’t regret visiting this blog if you’re looking for a top-notch baked dessert.

Whether it’s cookies, cake, brownies, or pastries, you will find it all and more on this site.

Having a one-stop resource for high-quality options is helpful, and this one will provide an arsenal of information.

23. My Baking Addiction

a screenshot of the my baking addiction homepage

If you want unique recipes to bring to the dessert table, visiting My Baking Addiction should be on your list of things to do online.

Not only do they have an assortment of recipes that provide detailed instruction, but you will also have vivid photos to keep you motivated to get to the end result.

24. Oh My! Sugar High

a screenshot of the oh my! sugar high homepage

For those who want to get a good old-fashioned sugar rush, this blog will provide exactly that for you.

All the tasty cookies and cakes are on display on this site, and you will spend a great deal of time checking out all the different options before settling on one.

25. Cloudy Kitchen

a screenshot of the cloudy kitchen homepage

This blog combines sweet and savory when it comes to desserts.

Not only can you find the perfect macaron recipe, but right next to it, you’ll see a homemade pretzel option.

Therefore, you can pick and choose what you are in the mood for when visiting Cloudy Kitchen.

How To Become a Baking Blogger

If you want to branch out into baking blogs, following the steps below can aid you in bringing your dream to reality.

1. Determine the Direction of the Blog

In the planning phase, deciding what direction you plan to take your blog is critical.

One of the best ways to do this is to do keyword research to uncover opportunities.

This process will help you understand the way to take your content.

2. Select a Niche

When looking at keyword research, you can put yourself in a better place to establish and select your niche.

If you are wondering how to choose the right niche, it’s essential to determine what you are interested in primarily.

However, aligning that with popular keywords can be helpful for monetization.

3. Select a Name

The next step in the process is coming up with a blog name.

You will want to develop a creative and catchy option that will reel in readers and help them be interested in your content.

Take inventory of what elements you want in your name and compare it to other top-performing blogs to see how it will rank over time.

4. ​​Select a Blogging Platform

Once you complete the steps above, you must go on to the next part of the process and research the different blogging platforms available.

Depending on your budget, there are various options that you can choose from online.

5. Register a Domain Name

You want to ensure that people can reach your blog by your exact domain name.

Therefore, take advantage of the best domain registrar to secure your blog name as your URL.

Having continuity between the two helps people to locate you online.

6. Get Web Hosting

Many don’t realize that having a blogging platform doesn’t automatically come with hosting.

While some do, the majority do not.

We suggest managed WordPress hosting, as it’s best for the easy transition between platforms.

7. Build the Blog

Now that you have the technicalities finalized and know how to start a blog, you need to take steps to build the blog.


Finding a theme that works with your niche and topic is essential for having a great user experience.

You will also want to ensure the theme you choose isn’t going to bog down the speed of your page.

In keeping with the trend, it is good to install a WordPress theme for ease of use.


There are various WordPress plugins that can work with your blogging platform.

Plugins allow you to streamline your blog and automate functions.

With all the plugins available, you can efficiently prepare your blog for the public.

Essential Pages

As you build your home on the internet, you need to decide what will be the essential pages for your blog.

These places are the prominent spaces on your webpage that hold most of the vital information.

8. Produce Content for the Blog

The part of your website that is going to propel it forward is creating content for your blog.

Without this element, you will struggle to get your page indexed in search engines, which leads to low rankings.

9. Launch the Blog Publicly

Once you have input a significant amount of content into your blog and finalized all the details with the site build, the time has come for launching a new blog.

This step allows you to broadcast your new venture to the public and get feedback and views.

10. Promote the Blog

The simple act of launching a new blog won’t automatically bring readers to your page.

To entice visitors, you must promote your material.

There are many ways to promote a blog that can boost your view count and search engine rankings.

Similar Blogging Types To Check Out

If engaging in or creating baking blogs isn’t your cup of tea, there are other similar niches you can check out.

Let these options serve as motivations for starting a blog and know that you don’t have to settle on one specific niche.

1. Recipe Blogs

The premise of baking blogs is one type of cooking.

However, recipe blogs promote a wider variety of options, including meals, drinks, and appetizers.

Instead of being restricted to one food genre, you can write about all types.

2. Vegan Blogs

The vegan lifestyle has been on the rise for many years, and the need for vegan blogs is in high demand.

These sites give new and fresh recipe ideas for those who abide by this strict diet style, which allows for a refresh of their standard meals.

3. Weight Loss Blogs

One thing is for sure, there is always a new type of diet plan that people are looking to take part in, and in turn, they look online for recipes.

Creating weight loss blogs will likely prove lucrative in the long run, with many monetization opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Figuring out the exact type of baking blog you want to start takes a lot of thought due to the nuances associated with the subject.

Below we highlight some of the top inquiries about baking blogs.

vector graphic showing an illustration of baking-related icons and elements - next to which are the words

Who is the best baker in the world in 2022?

The award of the best baker in the world for 2022 differs depending on which platform you review.

However, some top bakers recognized for their work in 2022 include Rene Frank, Jaclyn Joseph, and Warda Bouguettaya.

Do food bloggers get free food?

In some instances, food bloggers receive free food.

Whether through a sponsored post on their blog or because the chef comps their meal at a restaurant, some opportunities present themselves that allows food bloggers to get free food.

Wrapping Up

Baking blogs are some of the most popular online websites due to the imagery and learning aspect they provide to readers.

While you can take your content in many different directions, the topic remains a popular option online.

What are your favorite baking blogs that you have come across? Let us know in the comments so we can check them out!

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