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Beauty Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 25 Examples

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There are over 500 million blogs in the US.

You might think the market is saturated with so many bloggers and influencers, but the truth is there has never been a better time to start your site and grow a following.

Keep reading to learn about beauty blogs, what they focus on, and how you could make one.

What Is a Beauty Blog?

A beauty blog is a site that focuses on different aspects of beauty.

It might include social media links, videos, and even a podcast.

Blogs about skincare routines, fashion, and makeup tutorials can all fall under the beauty blog category.

Beauty blogs often have lifestyle tips, life advice, and similar subjects women are interested in since they are the primary target audience.

However, beauty blogs can be for everyone regardless of skin type and gender, creating several niches for beauty blogs to divide themselves.

What Does a Beauty Blogger Blog About?

Beauty is a broad topic that covers everything from fashion to dieting.

Makeup, skincare, DIY products, clothes—anything about looking your best has to do with beauty.

Naturally, that means beauty bloggers can create content that sometimes overlaps with other blog niches.

What Is Included In a Beauty Blog?

Many beauty blogs focus on specific niches, like affordable skincare, high-end fashion, or other categories that suit a particular audience.

However, most blogs have similar types of content and posts that are easily recognizable and suited for the beauty community.

1. Product Reviews

Product reviews are one of the most common types of blog content.

The reviewer uses the product and then writes or posts a video about how it worked and their thoughts and opinions on the product.

They might use reviews to feature affiliate links.

2. How-To Posts

If you understand how to do something well, like creating the perfect hair bun, getting flawlessly winged eyeliner, or the best way to turn an old T-shirt into a fashionable dress, teaching others how to do the same makes for great content.

Educational content ranks high for beauty, so you should always have a couple of these in the pipeline for your blog.

3. Tutorials

Tutorials are similar to how-to posts, except they’re more in-depth and cover more details.

They’re typically videos showcasing how to get a specific look or cover how to use products in more detail than how-to posts.

4. Beauty Hacks and Tips

Every beauty blogger has a couple of tricks up their sleeves to get the perfect look, and sharing them with others is an excellent way to generate traffic and interest for your blog.

5. Current Trends

A beauty blog needs to be on the cutting edge for its niche, which means paying attention to trends and new products in the beauty world that would interest its audience.

For example, activated charcoal was once a colossal skincare trend.

So a beauty blog could’ve taken advantage of this by creating content around activated charcoal products and how they worked compared to other cleansing agents.

Other Things You Can Find on a Beauty Blog

Beauty blogs are more than how-tos and makeup tips:

  • Logo: While you don’t need one when you start, crafting a logo and specific design for your blog can help distinguish you from others.
  • Shop: When you want a solid income without relying on third parties, releasing branded merchandise is the way to go.
  • Affiliate Products: Promoting other brands is a great way to generate income, especially if you’re just starting to monetize your blog.
  • Fashion: Fashion is a hot topic among beauty blogs, especially since it relates so closely to makeup and beauty.
  • Lifestyle: Lifestyle tips about wellness, fitness, or body positivity are also very common on beauty blogs as they go hand in hand with many of the core tenets of beauty.

Types of Beauty Blogs

Choosing what kind of audience you want to focus on is critical to your blog’s long-term success, as it will help shape the content you develop.

Consider the following types of blogs:

  • Beauty Blogs for Makeup: Blogs that center around makeup are trendy, as they provide educational content for getting particular “looks” while promoting products.
  • Beauty Blogs for Light Skin: Very light skin has its own unique skincare needs and specialized makeup. Pale skin blogs recommend specific looks that work best with lighter skin tones.
  • Beauty Blogs for Dark Skin: This blog category covers multiple skin tones, like makeup and skincare for Black, Asian, and Latin people.
  • Beauty Blogs for Over Forty: Looking your best is essential for any age, so blogs for older and more mature adults are also prevalent.
  • Beauty Blogs for Over Sixty: These blogs specialize in skincare, fashion, and beauty for older men and women.

Do Beauty Blogs Make Money?

One of the most popular motivations for starting a blog is money.

And bloggers can make good money if they’re willing to put in the time and work it takes to build a following.

Just keep in mind building a following doesn’t happen overnight, and you’re not going to be making much when you start.

You have to set up a consistent posting schedule with the proper marketing techniques to generate income.

How Do Beauty Blogs Make Money?

Beauty blogs make money through trust.

The trust they build with their followers is that you’re an expert in your field and that the products you recommend work.

So that way, when you advertise affiliate products, get sponsorships, and sell your beauty products, you’ll get the money.

You can use affiliate links that give commission on either clicks or sales, sponsorships from brands who want you to promote their products, or create your products and go into eCommerce by setting up a store.

Advertisements are also popular, but ensure they’re placed in good taste on your website to avoid driving away readers.

Lastly, several beauty blogs sell makeup courses and offer personal consultations as additional income streams.

How Much Do Beauty Blogs Make?

Some well-established beauty blogs make many thousands of dollars a month.

But you’re unlikely to make that when you first start.

Your blog’s income might be minimal to non-existent for several months.

Products To Promote and on a Beauty Blog

You have several options available if you’re considering promoting products on a beauty blog.

Of course, makeup products, fashion labels, and a variety of skincare lines are the most common.

However, you could find niche products that are also lucrative, such as developing your own skincare line or festival makeup.

These might provide a more stable income than relying on third-party sources like affiliate links or sponsorships.

Moreover, you can promote other products that overlap with the fashion and lifestyle niches, such as brands you enjoy or fitness regimes that work.

Food can be a great topic to touch on for affiliate links or to sell your own goods.

In addition, paywalled makeup courses providing more comprehensive guidance on applying and designing makeup looks could be a viable option.

Best Beauty Blogs: 25 Examples

The cream of the beauty blog crop has some things in the standard: gorgeous websites, great advice, multiple media channels, and being active on social media.

Beauty is constantly evolving, and staying relevant to your audience and promoting your content will be the lifeblood of your blog.

How Many Beauty Blogs Are There?

There are thousands, perhaps even millions, of beauty blogs.

Many sites are simply designed to be gathering points for various social media platforms.

Beauty Blogs for Makeup

Makeup beauty blogs provide makeup tips, reviews, and other advice about nailing the perfect eyeliner in one stroke or getting the right amount of blush on your brush and cheek.

They can vary even more by their specific niche and how they market their blog, but these five beauty blogs are doing it right.

1. The Beauty of It Is

screenshot of the beauty of it is homepage

The Beauty of It Is has tons of tutorials and content centered on celebrity looks and makeup applications created by celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno.

Besides educational content, Katey also posts about body positivity, a vital lesson everyone in the beauty industry takes to heart.

2. Wendy Rowe

screenshot of the wendy rowe homepage

Wendy Rowe is a beauty expert with more than a decade of experience in skincare and makeup.

She’s internationally renowned and writes tips for makeup, great brands, healthy recipes, and skincare on her blog.

Everything from ingredients that affect skincare to the best concealers and even recipes for promoting skin and body health.

3. Estee Lalonde

screenshot of the estee lalonde homepage

Estee Lalonde features in-depth reviews, suggestions for skincare, and other content centered around skin health.

She has several makeup and fashion lines and multiple affiliate links, which she uses herself.

4. The Sunday Girl

screenshot of the sunday girl homepage

The Sunday Girl is known for honest reviews about natural beauty products and whether they work.

While there is some educational content, much of the blog is centered around products and how strongly they’re recommended.

With its focus on honesty, integrity, and all things beauty, The Sunday Girl has won several awards in the beauty blogging sphere, proving their passion for beauty goes beyond any sponsorships or affiliate links.

5. The Beauty Look Book

screenshot of the beauty look book homepage

Tutorials and reviews are all front and center on The Beauty Look Book’s home page.

With a gorgeous aesthetic that ignores everything except design and beauty, this blog focuses on high-end makeup and cosmetics, reviewing them so a reader can find that perfect gift or treat.

Beauty Blogs for Light Skin

Light skin can be tricky as a lot of makeup can make a pale complexion look washed out and unhealthy.

However, these beauty blogs are passionate about turning light skin into canvases of color and ethereal beauty.

6. The Anna Edit

screenshot of the anna edit homepage

The Anna Edit is run by Anna, who loves all things fashion.

She provides plenty of personal insights about her skincare routines for her pale skin and the beauty products and makeup she enjoys using.

Her blog is an excellent example of content targeting a niche audience.

7. Katie Jane Hughes

screenshot of the katie jan hughes homepage

Katie Jane Hughes is a professional makeup artist who loves to advise about skincare and makeup looks for pale skin.

She has reviews on products, tutorials for achieving particular looks, and other great content for those with pale complexions.

8. Beauty Is Boring

screenshot of the beauty is boring homepage

Don’t let the name fool you—the author behind Beauty Is Boring loves beauty.

However, they have a particular passion for creating more “out there” looks than the ones you might find on other beauty blogs.

Bold colors, dramatic lipstick, and emphasizing eyes are all hallmarks of this blog. The portfolio includes some looks with pale skin, while darker varieties are also covered.

9. A Model Recommends

screenshot of the a model recommends homepage

Ruth Crilly, the author of A Model Recommends, has ashen skin and trouble with sunscreen: she burns without sunscreen, making her break out.

And if that’s not a pale skin problem, what is?

She’s done a whole series of posts describing the problem and how she solved it with various products.

A Model Recommends showcases the effectiveness of blending beauty with a blogger’s life experiences for an overall engaging, personalized read.

10. Lisa Eldridge

screenshot of lisa eldridge homepage

Lisa Eldridge has her line of makeup and detailed yet easy-to-follow tutorials on applying it for perfect looks.

Everything from selecting the right shade of foundation to setting sprays is covered in exquisite detail, making her blog an ideal destination for tips on getting started in the beauty blogging industry.

Beauty Blogs for Dark Skin

This type of beauty blog is increasingly in-demand as most beauty blogs and makeup brands tend to not cover the specific needs of darker complexions.

Blogs that focus on products and routines centered around skin types that aren’t widely catered to are extremely popular, helping them stand out from the crowd and build loyal, invested audiences.

11. Kaushal

screenshot of the kaushal homepage

Kaushal focuses on Asian skin with darker olive tones.

Her blog is mainly known for detailed posts and easy-to-follow makeup application tutorials and tips.

In addition, Kaushal has several categories that focus on lifestyle, food, travel, and fashion.

The blog maintains a store and an Instashop. Her blog also integrates with several other platforms, including YouTube,

12. Thandie Kay

screenshot of thandie kay homepage

Thandie Kay was founded by makeup artist Kay Montano and Hollywood actress Thandie Newton.

It includes anything someone with a darker skin tone and different hair type will typically search for.

The blog features makeup tutorials, hair styling tips, and suggestions on how to find a salon that works for you.

13. Jewel Tones Beauty

screenshot of the jewel tones beauty homepage

Jewel Tones Beauty is run by Ateh Jewel, who has more than 15 years of experience in the beauty industry.

She pours all that experience, personal and professional, into her blog.

Her content centers on giving makeup tips, textured hair, and wellness advice so that readers look and feel good.

14. Wande’s World

screenshot of the wandes world homepage

Wande, the blogger behind Wande’s World, is a driven, successful woman who strives to give inspiration to her audience through her blog.

Makeup is one of the most popular topics she writes about, and she provides honest reviews of different brands that her fans love.

The site includes everything from makeup and hairstyle tips to fashion and wellness.

15. Patricia Bright

screenshot of the patricia bright homepage

When it comes to building trust with your audience, Patricia Bright is an excellent source of inspiration for aspiring bloggers.

Patricia is always open and honest with her product reviews, particularly regarding what products work and what don’t.

Coupled with some easy tutorials and other beauty content, she is one of the web’s most successful dark-skin beauty blogs.

Beauty Blogs for Over 40

It’s no secret that skincare needs to change as you get older.

However, the aging process shouldn’t keep you from looking your best.

These beauty blogs focus on helping older men and women make adjustments to their approach to makeup, skincare, and overall style.

16. Is This Mutton?

screenshot of the is this mutton homepage

“Is this mutton?” is a British saying meant to refer to older women in a derogatory sense.

But Gail Hanlon’s blog has turned the phrase around and created an inspirational vibe.

She gives fashion, makeup, and lifestyle tips to women over 40 who want to live life in style.

17. Beauty Over 40

screenshot of the beauty over 40 homepage

Sissi Nuthman is the face behind Beauty Over 40, which includes everything from makeup and nail tips to skincare and tutorials.

She’s passionate about skincare and looking her best no matter her age, giving her a broad audience appeal.

Her blog has a little of everything to enjoy, from product reviews to looks and step-by-step how-tos.

18. Amanda Ramsay

screenshot of the amanda ramsay homepage

Amanda Ramsay is an internationally renowned makeup artist.

Her blog delivers makeup tips, beauty and skincare advice, and makeup classes.

The latter is paywalled, giving her blog an additional source of income.

19. Fab Over 40

screenshot of the fab over 40 homepage

Fab Over 40 has makeup and beauty tips for women over 40.

In addition, it includes lifestyle tips for fitness, working from home, hair, and fashion, maximizing the blog’s potential audience.

Of course, it’s no slacker when it comes to beauty, as that’s the most extensive part of the blog.

20. 40 and Holding

screenshot of the 40and holding homepage

If you’re looking for inspiration to craft a blog focused on detailed makeup analysis and actual makeup and skincare tips, check out 40 and Holding.

It doesn’t mince words or sugarcoat advice on how to look good, showcasing one approach to building a blog targeted toward this specific demographic.

Beauty Blogs for Over 60

Many beauty blogs marketed towards seniors don’t just talk about beauty but give life advice for navigating day-to-day and getting the most out of one’s golden years.

That includes looking good.

These beauty blogs illustrate just what goes into successfully engaging with this demographic.

21. Senior Style Bible

screenshot of the senior style bible homepage

Senior Style Bible was founded by Dorrie Jacobson, a former Playboy Bunny from the 1960s who is still rocking her style.

Her blog emphasizes ageless attitude, encouraging women to feel free to enjoy their life and rock their style.

Her blog provides makeup, fashion, and life advice, each adapted to an older audience.

22. Accidental Icon

screenshot of the accidental icon homepage

Lyn Slater, the woman behind Accidental Icon, loves to share fashion and lifestyle tips for women who live interesting intellectual lives.

Her outfits and attitude are varied, and her personal stories give her advice a meaningful touch.

This site is an example of a beauty blog emphasizing stories over fashion and skincare tips.

23. Sixty And Me

screenshot of the sixty and me homepage

Sixty and Me is much more than a beauty blog. It offers advice and content for all aspects of senior life, from finances to dating and relationships.

There’s even a section dedicated to easy-to-play games, like Mahjong.

However, its beauty segment is nothing to sneeze at with skincare, makeup, hair, and other beauty tips.

24. Pretty Over Fifty

screenshot of the pretty over fifty homepage

Pretty Over Fifty is a gathering place for everything related to makeup and beauty, with skincare routines, makeup that isn’t limited by specific brands or types, and budget sections for anyone who wants beauty without splurging big.

There’s a little something for everyone to love and learn from, and the site demonstrates how a blog can be a positive advocate for its readership.

25. Over 50 Feeling 40

screenshot of the over 50 feeling 40 homepage

Pamela Lutrell runs Over 50 Feeling 40 and believes the second half of life is the most fun.

She gives beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, and even writes recipes on her blog so older readers can always look and feel their best.

How To Become a Beauty Blogger

Are you wondering how to start a blog, but don’t know where to start?

There are tons of website-building tools and tutorials to help you on your journey.

1. Determine the Direction of the Blog

The first thing you should decide is what kind of blog to make.

One step to figuring out the direction you want to take is to do niche keyword research.

It will help uncover opportunities for beauty blogs you wouldn’t normally consider.

Moreover, you’ll need to factor in what kind of content you plan on incorporating into your blog.

Will it be exclusively text-focused or will you add videos, a podcast, or paywalled courses?

Likewise, will the blog be its own self-sufficient entity or a complement to your presence on social media platforms?

2. Select a Niche

If you don’t know how to choose the right niche, pick something you’re interested in and grow from there.

Ideally, you’ll also have a lot of knowledge about your chosen niche.

Having expertise can help you build a reputation as an authority.

You can always add niches later.

3. Select a Name

When creating a blog name, consider choosing one that is short and easy to remember so it can double as a domain name.

With that in mind, it’s best to avoid including numbers and hyphens in your site’s name, as these could needlessly complicate it.

4. Select a Blogging Platform

It all comes down to your needs and wants when considering what you want your blog to look like and what you want to have on it.

There are tons of different blogging platforms available, so pick one that matches your goals.

WordPress is extremely popular for blogs, but there are alternatives, like web builders that streamline the process of site creation.

5. Register a Domain Name

You’ll want to pick the best domain registrar you can to get your perfect domain.

Domain registrars are where you get your domain name.

Several hosting providers also offer domain registration in addition to housing your site.

6. Get Web Hosting

We suggest managed WordPress hosting, as it’s perfect for blogs just getting started.

Choosing managed WordPress hosting offers several benefits, such as unlimited bandwidth, backups, and the ability to scale to your needs.

Importantly, if your website goes down for whatever reason, someone will work to get it back up while ensuring your blog always has the latest security updates and patches.

7. Build the Blog

Putting together your blog is a process, but the results will be rewarding.

To start, choose a versatile theme that looks good while providing functionality.

It’s a good idea to check some of the most popular beauty blogs to see what style they opted for.

Generally, beauty blogs have a clean look compared to other niches, as the prettiness of the website does count in the eyes of prospective visitors.


You’ll want to install a WordPress theme that is easy to customize, so you can get a look that matches your vision and content.

Themes also play into your blog’s functionality.

For beauty blogs, it’s best to use a theme with a streamline appearance that isn’t overcrowded with ads, sign-up sheets, or other clutter.

Otherwise, you might distract your audience from the content.

Paid themes often have more features and customization but free versions can do in a pinch if you’re looking to start your blog on a budget.


You can choose from hundreds of free and paid WordPress plugins.

Plugins increase the functionality of your blog, allowing you to build an email list, set up an eCommerce store, or improve your SEO.

Essential Pages

The about, contact, and home pages are essential for your blog.

An about page can tell people more about yourself but also disclose that your content might have affiliate links.

It’s important to acknowledge their use to be compliant with the FTC.

8. Produce Content for the Blog

A blog is nothing without content.

You should already have plenty of ideas for beauty blogs, but a little inspiration never hurts in creating content for your blog.

You’ll want to make a schedule to ensure you upload content consistently and regularly.

9. Launch the Blog Publicly

Your next step will be to launch the blog.

When launching a new blog, you’ll need to have enough content for visitors to enjoy.

10. Promote the Blog

Finally, you’ll need to market your site to ensure you get traffic.

There are many ways to promote a blog, like social media, video platforms, and word-of-mouth.

Similar Blogging Types To Check Out

If you want a beauty blog but a little to the left, check out these other niches that may resonate with you.

1. Blogs for Women Blogs

Blogs for women have a variety of interesting topics, from subjects like fashion to prevailing political issues like laws that affect women.

There are opportunities for cooking, dieting tips, and travel.

Unsurprisingly, there is often a lot of overlap between beauty blogs and sites focused on an audience of women.

2. Mom Blogs

Mom blogs specifically focus on mothers and have topics about raising children.

These might involve fashion recommendations to more practical aspects of parenting, like getting stains out of your white couch or how to quickly throw together a meal for five people.

Mothers are busy people with a broad interest in different topics, making this niche or its content focus perfect for blogging if you have some experience.

3. Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle blogs cover a wide range of topics, from fashion to gardening to travel.

Essentially, if you’re interested in a subject that falls outside the regular scope, it’s a lifestyle blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you think beauty blogging is for you, then you should take some time to understand the niche and narrow down precisely what you want to do with your website.

We have answers to two questions in particular that often get asked.

vector graphic showing an illustration of beauty products, with the words

What Should I Post On a Beauty Blog?

You can post on topics like fashion, cosmetics, or even societal issues and preconceptions about beauty.

However, focusing on one kind of content, like reviews or tutorials, will get you noticed quickly by the audience who seeks those out.

Remember to stay within your niche, and you’ll do just fine.

Are Beauty Blogs Still a Thing?


Beauty blogs have gotten more prominent in recent years as they can be used to put different types of media together on one site.

After all, many beauty influencers rely on Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, and other types of visual media to create content for their audience.

Wrapping Up

Beauty blogs are some of the most lucrative of all the different types of blogs that make money.

However, you should only start one if you’re genuinely passionate about beauty and the topics you write about.

For some, this type of blog is a dream come true where you can write about your passion and make some money simultaneously.

For others, this can be a fun hobby where you get to share your love with others. Whichever you are, the beauty blog sphere might be fitting for you.

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