Bloggers and affiliate marketing are a great match. But often bloggers don’t fully understand the benefits of affiliate marketing as a proven monetization method. They are either unaware of the opportunities or not sure how affiliate marketing can work for them.

In some cases, bloggers may already be using basic affiliate marketing techniques, but just not identify themselves as affiliates and not using this monetization method to its full potential. There are millions of blogs on the internet today and your goal shouldn’t just be to create content, but also plan out a monetization method that is going to work well for both yourself and your audience. More times than not, affiliate marketing works well for both sides — for instance, you are probably already writing about various products, services and web sites, so why not make some money on the side in the process?

The affiliate space is growing and bloggers can take advantage of that. According to Forrester Research, affiliate marketing is a growing strategy for earning money on the Web. The market researcher estimates that U.S. affiliate marketing spending will reach $4.1 billion for 2014, up from $1.6 in 2007.

You have a lot of different ways that you can make money online and with a blog, but in my eyes, affiliate marketing has the most upside.

Affiliate Marketing with Your Blog

And it’s critical to the growth of the affiliate industry to continue to bring in new and diverse affiliates such as content bloggers. In turn, this helps attract more merchants as it enables them to have a wider range of affiliate types to work with and promote their offers.

Bloggers are known for creating great content and developing loyal audience communities that trust them. But there is often some education needed to make bloggers aware of the great monetization opportunities, as well as, the overall benefits to their business of becoming an affiliate.

A recently released one-pager from the Performance Marketing Association, titled, “The Benefits of Performance Marketing for Bloggers,” highlights a variety of ways bloggers can leverage affiliate marketing to achieve their financial and business goals.

The PMA Brief outlines several points including:

  • How Bloggers are in Control
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Growing Internet Expertise
  • Content Ideas
  • Unique offers

The paper is free and can be downloaded here.