Due to the mistakes in terms of SEO strategies, content and backlinks, many bloggers, webmasters and online business owners experienced a hard hit by Google Pand and Penguin. You may want to get more traffic to your blog and want to get your blog status back. Then you have to make your blog loved by the Panda. There is lots of WordPress plug-ins available for WordPress users to work and fix your content.

These plugins are handy to make your blog new, unique, innovative and virgin information source that satisfies the Google Panda easily. You have to keep in mind that it is not as simple as you think to fool the Panda. You need to improve your own standards and make each post fresh to stay better than others in order to make Google eye candy.

It is true that making a Panda and Penguin recovered blog is not a simple job, it needs time, and you need to work overtime. Anyway, it is not rocket-science also. You can make it by recognizing the basic concepts and can beat Google Panda other updates. WordPress plug-ins help users overcome several issues and the best thing is that these are free of cost.

Hence, here we discuss about the top 5 best WordPress plug-ins to beat Google updates.

Admin Word Count Column

This WordPress plug-in check out word counts of every post and display it in administrator’s post manager. Google Panda often hit posts with less word count. So, it is good to make your blog post equipped with word count as 400.

Meta Robots WordPress plugin

This is one of the most renowned kinds of WordPress plugins. Meta Tags actually play an important role in on-page optimization. It comes in handy to bring in important Meta tags to your page. The best thing of this plug-in is that it lets no non-index low quality content that are associated by the search engine on that page. Poor quality content is the main target for Google Panda.

Broken Link Checker

This is another handy tool to check out all broken links that cause 404 errors. 404 errors can affect blogs pathetically and this plug-in is a fortunate thing to fix broken links.

SEO search terms tagging 2

This is one of the most powerful on-page SEO techniques that could instantly tag the search phrases, which make your page experience hits. You can recognize the keywords that are suitable to your posts. This will help your blog posts to a great extent. Anyway, you have to be careful and cautious while using this plug-in. There are chances to tag your post as over-optimization by Google Panda. Most bloggers use this plug-in to fix inside content.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Last but not the least, this is the most effective SEO plug-in that covers all the important SEO components such as titles, permalink, keywords and Meta description.

Make use of these innovative WordPress plug-ins and get your blog posted unbeaten by Google Panda and other updates.

This post was written by Sachin.