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5+ Best Blog Writing Services: Services, Pricing & More

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So you’ve been growing your blog for a while and think it’s finally time to reduce your input.

In other words, you’ve reached the point where you want the whole operation to be hands-off.

Currently considering your options, you learn that you can either outsource the writing on a freelance marketplace, subscribe to an AI writing tool, or hire a blog writing service.

If you’re leaning toward finding a good blog writing service, you might want to know the best ones available.

Well, you’ve come to the right place! This article will review the best blog writing services in 2022!

The 5 Best Blog Writing Services in 2022 (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Panda Copy – Best Overall
  2. ContentWish – Best Value
  3. Content Cucumber – Best for Small Businesses
  4. SEOButler – Best for On-Page SEO
  5. Writer Access – Best for Multimedia Content
  6. Text Brokers
  7. Scripted
  8. Fiverr
  9. Upwork
  10. JasperAI
  11. CopyAI

Blog Writing Services Vs. AI Writing Tools and Freelance Marketplaces

Before we jump into the best blog writing services, we need to distinguish them from AI writing tools and freelance marketplaces.

The key difference between the three options is how hands-off you can be in the blog writing process.

For example, while AI writing tools can help you construct blog articles, you’ll need to find keywords and format the content for SEO.

Moreover, since the AI’s output can be hit-or-miss, you’ll need to fact-check and edit each blog post yourself.

Of course, AI writing tools offer benefits, but being hands-off isn’t one of them.

Meanwhile, online marketplaces where freelance blog writers can offer their writing services (like Fiverr and Upwork) are excellent for hiring freelance writers, but settling on a professional you’re comfortable with may take time.

Also, when you hire a qualified writer, you’ll still have to proofread, find royalty-free images, etc., before posting content to your blog.

On the other hand, most blog writing services take the work off your hands by offering wholly managed services.

For example, some agencies handle every part of the content creation process, from blog writing while adhering to word count to finding SEO keywords to rank on search engines and everything in between.

So if you don’t want to interact with a blog post until you’ve been sent a finalized draft, then a blog writing service is the way to go.

The 5 Best Blog Writing Services in 2022

The blog writing services that follow are among the best options you can hire for your content marketing needs.

Let’s learn what these blogging services offer:

1. Panda Copy – Best Overall

pandacopy homepage screenshot 1

Panda Copy is currently the best blog writing service available.

You can get as much content as you need for your WordPress site for a flat monthly fee.

So whether you’re looking for blog and social media posts, advertising and web page copy, press releases, or other written content, the service’s ghost blog writers will deliver.

Moreover, this blogging service is known to produce high-quality content.

And on the off chance that you request revisions, you get an unlimited number for as long as your subscription term lasts (until the end of the month).

Best of all, Panda Copy won’t charge you an extra fee for the revisions.

It’s also one of the few blogging services that offer copywriting.

Panda Copy offers two packages at the time of writing: an essential needs one for $499 per month and a professional package that costs $949 per month.

You get a quick turnaround on your requests and the option to choose who’ll work on your blog from their pool of talented writers.

Unfortunately, Panda Copy doesn’t offer keyword research as part of its service.


  • Quick 24 to 48-hour turnaround
  • Provides the option to choose a dedicated blog writer for quality control
  • Provides copywriting services
  • Unlimited revisions available


  • Doesn’t provide services for keyword research
  • The website’s UI/UX hurts the sign-up process

Panda Copy is the unbeatable choice for comprehensive content writing services.

2. ContentWish – Best Value

contentwish homepage screenshot 1

ContentWish is one of the most affordable blog writing services available.

This full-service writing agency makes our list for offering the best value.

To better understand how much value this agency offers, its competitors typically charge 50% more for the same service.

Meanwhile, ContentWish delivers for less without sacrificing quality.

Moreover, this US-based agency specializes in long-form content, producing blog posts and articles within a quick turnaround time.

For example, you can get 10,000 words in as little as eight days, thanks to the agency’s worldwide hiring policy that lets its content team work asynchronously.

And it offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

Although ContentWish doesn’t offer copywriting services or write product descriptions, it offers WordPress uploads and image add-ons for a fee.

Also, the agency’s focus on long-form content means it uses industry-standard SEO tools like SurferSEO.

So if you want content that ranks on search engine results pages (SERPs), this is the agency for the job.


  • Affordable and professional service
  • Offers SurferSEO-optimized blog posts
  • Provides managed blog writing services
  • Offers a 100% money-back guarantee


  • You don’t get to choose the freelance writers who’ll work on your content
  • Doesn’t provide product descriptions or copywriting services

ContentWish is a fantastic and affordable alternative to higher-priced content writing agencies.

3. Content Cucumber – Best for Small Businesses

contentcucumber homepage screenshot 1

Content Cucumber is an excellent blogging service for small businesses that want native English speakers to work on their content marketing projects.

This managed service predominantly hires US-based writers, who you get a good degree of access to when you sign up for this service.

In addition to being paired with a dedicated writer, Content Cucumber’s staff writers discuss revisions with you and suggest topics for your blog.

Moreover, the agency’s writers finalize articles quickly, aiming to deliver them within 1-2 business days (dependent on word count).

You can choose between three monthly subscriptions: the “Fun Size” package, the “On-Demand” package, and the “Hands Off” package.

Most of the packages include some extras like stock images, but the “Hands Off” one lives up to its name by creating blog posts that adhere to a custom content calendar.

The downside to this service is it doesn’t offer SEO services.

Also, you’ll need to find keywords yourself.


  • Predominantly hires US-based writers
  • Allows multi-user account access for teams
  • Excellent writing quality
  • Includes stock images as part of content writing service


  • You’ll have to provide SEO recommendations yourself
  • You’ll need to do keyword research

Small businesses that buy blog writing services from Content Cucumber will benefit from its team of US writers.

4. SEOButler – Best for On-Page SEO

seobutler homepage screenshot 1

Agencies that offer blog writing services with a focus on on-page SEO are few and far between.

Therefore, the fact that SEOButler offers SEO services as part of its package earns it a position on our list as one of the best blog writing services available.

This agency specializes in affiliate content, writing articles, and other content with search engine rankings in mind.

In addition, SEOButler offers other services related to guest posts, link building, and citations.

Moreover, most of its writers are either based in the UK or US, meaning you can expect some of the best writers to deliver high-quality and error-free content.

And its services aren’t limited to blogs, as it also offers e-Commerce SEO services.

SEOButler provides discounts for blog content requests that exceed 5000 words.

Unfortunately, this service has a long six-day turnaround time, so adjust your expectations if you want to stick to a posting schedule.

And you can’t choose the writer who’ll work on your content.


  • Excellent at on-page SEO
  • Multiple edits and rewrites available as part of its package
  • The use of SEO products comes standard with its writing services
  • Affiliate marketing specialists


  • Long turnaround time
  • No option for choosing writers

A focus on SEO makes SEOButler indispensable for your content strategy.

5. Writer Access – Best for Multimedia Content

screenshot of the writeraccess homepage

Writer Access is a platform where you can hire blog writers, copywriters, legal writers, journalists, and more.

However, it makes our list as being the best place to hire writers if your content strategy involves different types of multimedia content like video, charts, and infographics.

Besides writers, you can also hire content managers and strategists, translators, copy editors, photographers, videographers, animators, and more, meaning you won’t have to stray too far to find these professionals when creating content for your blog.

Additionally, Writer Access thoroughly vets these professionals, ensuring high content quality.

You can subscribe to three monthly Writer Access subscription tiers: Basic, All Basic Plus, and All Pro Plus.

Each one offers access to tools and technologies you’ll need for your blog.

For example, the basic plan comes with a Journey Mapper, SERP tracking, and Persona Builder.

The downside to this platform is it isn’t fully managed, meaning you’ll still be involved.


  • Hires writers and multimedia professionals from the same place
  • Offers specific content writing like legal writers
  • Provides access to tools necessary for SEO
  • Vetted professional writers
  • Affordable monthly subscription tiers


  • Not a fully managed service
  • Doesn’t provide the option to order single blog posts

Writer Access is the way to go if your blog needs more than words.

Alternate Options

If you’re not willing to pay a fixed monthly fee for professional blog writing services just yet, you can turn to one of the following alternatives for your content writing needs:

Text Brokers

Text Brokers is a platform that brings freelance writers and clients together.

It’s similar to most freelance marketplaces, except it specializes in written content.

As such, you can hire writers or a qualified editor who’ll be more than happy to take on your content requests/edit content.

Text Brokers is one way to go if you want direct access to writers.


screenshot of the scripted homepage

Like Text Brokers, Scripted is a platform exclusively for finding freelance writing services.

However, this marketplace also provides associated services like SEO audits for blogs, which you can use to determine your blog’s strengths and weaknesses.

The platform vets all writers, recommending the ones best suited for your project.


fiverr homepage screenshot 1 1

Fiverr is a content marketplace where you can obtain writing services that start at five dollars.

If you’re not hot on the idea of content services that are cheaper than a cup of coffee, don’t worry; you can still find an experienced writer on this platform.

However, it works best if you want shorter articles or website copy.

You can get higher content quality elsewhere for longer-form stuff.


upwork. homepage screenshot 1

Upwork is a great place to hire a professional writer to work on your blog.

You can submit a listing that describes the service you need, and writers worldwide will bid on the project.

When you choose a writer, you deposit the agreed amount and can pay per hour or by milestone.

If you need a single blog post created, this is the place to shop for writers.


Jasper is the best AI-powered content creation tool.

screenshot of the Jasper AI homepage

If you need constant content to keep your blog fresh but aren’t ready to outsource the work, you can use Jasper.

This software uses impressive technology to produce all kinds of content.

You give it information about the content you want to create, and Jasper will write it at the push of a button.


copy.ai homepage screenshot 1

CopyAI is another AI-powered writing tool that can help you create content.

It works like Jasper, creating content based on the inputs it’s given.

Examples of content you can produce with this tool include articles, YouTube video scripts, headlines, website copy, and so on.

Final Thoughts

Blog writing services are one of the best ways to take a hands-off approach to blogging.

These services let you outsource the content creation process to professionals, helping you save time better spent on the administrative aspects of your blog.

Also, they contrast with AI writers and freelance marketplaces, both of which still require a degree of input on your part.

You can’t go wrong using one of the services listed in this article, as they’re the best available.

So if you’re ready to outsource your written content, you can give one of them a try.

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