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7 Best Church Websites To Use For Inspiration [+ Why They’re Effective]

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Relationships and community are at the heart of any church, and in today’s world, that means having a high-quality church website.

The best church websites engage new and current members and effectively communicate relevant information about the church mission and upcoming events.

If your church is trying to establish its internet presence or revive a stale website, you may be feeling stuck on where to start.

Fortunately, many churches have successful websites that can serve as excellent examples.

Read on to learn more about the best church websites to use for inspiration.

What Are Church Websites?

Church websites serve several functions for a church community.

A church website is what people will find when they search for your church’s name online.

Your church’s website can act as an introduction to newcomers and an information hub for current church members.

Usually, a church website will provide basic background information, such as a mission statement, the church denomination, and a brief history.

Church websites also share the church address, contact information for the pastoral office, and a service schedule.

Does a Church Need a Website?

If you want your church community to grow and thrive in a contemporary landscape, you should have a good website.

A website is the easiest way to promote your church and reach new members.

Websites are great for attracting younger church-goers who primarily use the internet to research new churches.

Furthermore, you can use a church website to share recorded sermons, written reflections, and other spiritual resources, thus making your church accessible to folks who can’t come in person.

What Makes a Great Church Website?

If you want your church website to be on par with some of the best church websites out there, here are a few factors to keep in mind.

  • Simple Design: Avoid bad website design by making your site easy to get to and stay on. A site that is too busy or takes too long to load will discourage users.
  • Easy to Navigate: Church websites should be accessible to everyone and easy to navigate, even for those with limited computer skills.  
  • A Secure Connection: Invest in a reliable website service that guarantees a secure website so you don’t have to worry about your data security.  
  • Clear Communication: Any important messages should be written clearly and posted in a readable font to gain the attention of your audience.
  • Welcoming to Visitors: A great church website will be inclusive of potential new members and provide plenty of information about the church community.
  • Kept Up-To-Date: Keep your website up-to-date with current service schedules, events, and staff information.
  • Integration With Social Media: A good church website should feature links to the church’s social media pages so that users can stay connected.
  • Mobile Friendly: Since many people use their phones to go online, choose a website design layout that works with a mobile format.

Best Church Websites: 6 Examples to Use For Inspiration

These seven churches are some of the best examples you can draw inspiration from when creating your church website.

1. NewSpring Church

newspring.church homepage screenshot 1

NewSpring Church welcomes you on its homepage with a clear mission statement of having an “everyday relationship with Jesus.”

This church website has a crisp design that features various photos and videos from the church, as well as a large, readable font.

The website also offers various virtual resources, such as a scripture-reading guide.

2. Cornerstone Church

cornerstone church homepage screenshot 1

Cornerstone Church uses a gorgeous website design that has a soothing, modern vibe.

Through the design alone, Cornerstone Church shows that it’s a relevant church for the contemporary world.

The website also has a clever “new here?” link at the top of the homepage to engage newcomers.

3. Good News Church

goodnewschurch homepage screenshot 1

Good News Church has a clean, image-based layout.

The minimalist design makes this website great for mobile use and points visitors to the key elements, such as online donations, spiritual resources, and worship times.

Plus, the website header includes the denomination (United Methodist), which is often the piece of information people look for first.

4. Passion City Church

passioncitychurch homepage screenshot 1

Passion City Church gives off an artsy aesthetic with its website, using a stylized serif font and black and white photos, as well as a video of a worship concert.

The design accurately captures the hip and youthful energy of this urban church community.

5. Menlo Church

menlo church homepage screenshot 1

Menlo Church is a great example of a church website that is up-to-date.

The featured links on the website are always relevant to the season.

For instance, during December, the homepage has links to Advent resources and Christmas events.

6. Radiant Church

radiant church homepage screenshot 1

Radiant Church does a great job of emphasizing its sermons, which are a big part of its church experience.

Links to recorded sermons are featured prominently on the homepage.

The homepage is also quite current, sharing the most recent sermons and promoting upcoming events.

Why Should You Design a Church Website?

A church website is convenient for your congregation and boosts your visibility.

If you have a well-designed church website, you can improve engagement for both new and current members.

Current members are more likely to show up for services and events they see promotions for online, while new members may feel more comfortable trying out your church in person once they’ve seen it online.

How To Create Your Own Church Website

You don’t need to be an expert in computer code to create a nice church website.

All you need is a decent website builder and basic media literacy.

What Is the Best Website Builder for Churches?

If you want a reliable and adaptable website builder, we suggest WordPress.

However, many website builders work well for church websites.

The best website builders will be affordable for your church’s budget, with an interface that’s easy for your communications team to use.

Is Squarespace Good for Churches?

Squarespace is great for church websites, especially if you have a small church that doesn’t need a website with extra features.

You can quickly set up an attractive and user-friendly website with Squarespace without much effort.

Is Wix Good for Churches?

Wix is excellent for building church websites.

Wix is quite comprehensive, with a broad selection of design templates and features.

If you want a website that includes a donation portal or live streams of sermons, check out Wix.

Is Weebly Good for Churches?

Weebly is another popular website builder that can work well for churches.

Unlike other website builders, Weebly doesn’t have templates for religious websites.

However, the existing templates can still work well, and Weebly offers donation features and other extra content options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the best church websites.

What should I look for in a church website?

Look for a church website that is welcoming and easy to navigate.

The website should be up-to-date, offer information about the church community, and provide spiritual resources.

To enhance your church website’s credibility, you may also want to look into website builders that offer .com alternatives.

How much does a Sharefaith website cost?

Sharefaith is a website builder made specifically for church websites.

Subscriptions typically start at $45 per month.

Final Thoughts

The best church websites don’t have to be ultra-complicated or expensive; some of the most notable church websites have simple designs that provide the community with accessible spiritual resources and share information with potential newcomers.

If you have any questions about the best church websites, feel free to comment below.

Although it can take a bit of effort to get started, once you have the inspiration you can build a beautiful church website that will help broaden and deepen your faith community.

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