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15+ Best Fashion Blogs For Any Type Of Fashion [Ranked]

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If you’d like to get your fashion game on, then you’ll need some fashion inspiration.

This is why you can never go wrong with fashion blogs—they always provide some of the latest fashion trends and style inspiration.

From everyday outfits to style advice and even shopping tips, bloggers know precisely what you need and will deliver.

Here, we provide a round-up of some of the best fashion blogs you should consult for the hottest trends in the industry.

As you know, fashion isn’t limited to one gender, so you’ll find the leading online platforms for both women’s and men’s fashion.

Best Fashion Blogs for Women

There are several fashion blogs for women on the internet, but check out our favorite picks and see what they have to offer.

There are several fashion blogs for women on the internet, but check out our favorite picks and see what they have to offer.

1. Girl With Curves – Best for Body Positivity

screenshot of the girlwithcurves homepage

Girl With Curves is a great blog to visit if you’re all for body positivity.

Tanesha Awasthi started this personal style blog in 2011 to provide fashion tips for curvy and plus-size women.

It’s now known for empowering women worldwide to look beautiful regardless of their appearance.

As a top-rated curvy fashionista, Tanesha’s award-winning blog focuses on style tips, fashion trends, and beauty advice while also dropping helpful tips for parenting and well-rounded life.

2. The Curvy Fashionista – Body Positivity Alternative

sreenshot of the curvy fashionista homepage

Another blog in the body positivity movement, the Curvy Fashionista reveals all you need to know about independent designers, events, and fashion beauty for plus-size women.

On top of that, the Curvy Fashionista also tackles issues in the tech industry, helping women gain adequate knowledge in the field.

So if you’d like to develop your fashion sense and tech skills simultaneously, this is where you should be.

3. Atlantic-Pacific – The Ultimate Personal Style Blog

screenshot of the the-atlantic-pacific homepage

After gaining several years of experience in the fashion industry, Blair Eadie created Atlantic-Pacific, a personal fashion blog, to keep fashion lovers updated on the latest trends.

Eadie is a vibrant blogger; you can see that vibrance play out in the several eye-catching images on Atlantic-Pacific.

You can also find different outfit ideas on her blog, including where to get them.

And we love how Eadie is committed to answering questions from her followers and fans, regularly posting them on her website as FAQs.

4. College Fashion – Best for College Students

sreenshot of the college fashion homepage

Even students need fashion and beauty tips, which is exactly what College Fashion offers.

With several beauty experts contributing to the blog, it has various fashion options for different occasions (from everyday style to outfits for parties and other fun activities)

Written by students for students, College Fashion keeps your pocket in mind.

It posts the latest fashion discounts to help you know the right time to make purchases.

That way, you won’t have to break the bank to look fabulous.

5. We Wore What – Best for Street Style

sreenshot of the we wore what homepage

We Wore What started as a street fashion blog in 2010 when Danielle Bernstein was still a college student in New York City.

Soon, Danielle became a fashion influencer, even creating her clothing line in the process.

Although We Wore What is now recognized as a top online store in New York, it’s still one of the best fashion blogs you can find.

Trendsetting fashion lovers will also love this blog!

6. The Fashion Guitar – Best for Motherhood and Maternity

sreenshot of the fashion guitar homepage

Charlotte Groeneveld-Van Haren worked with different fashion blogs before finally creating her own website, The Fashion Guitar.

As the creative director, Charlotte’s blog focuses on her own style.

The full-time New York blogger also dedicated a part of her website to her motherhood and maternity style, so women in that category can check that out for inspiration.

More so, you’ll find other fascinating categories in this blog, such as Fashion Week, Brand Collaborations, Editorial Shoots, etc.

We can assure you that there’s more than enough intriguing content on this fashion blog.

7. Eniswardrobe – Petite Fashionistas Option

sreenshot of the eniswardrobe homepage

As a petite blogger and top-notch stylist in the UK, Eni has created a leading online platform for small fashion lovers.

Eniswardrobe is well known for providing everyday style ideas with a minimalist wardrobe, so you don’t have to go out of your way to become a fashion diva.

Eni’s style ideas include bold prints, colorful attires, and clothing pieces suitable for women with small stature.

With stunning visuals to boot, Eni makes it easy for anyone to recreate her style.

8. My Fash Diary – Most Widely Recognized

screenshot of the myfashdiary homepage

My Fash Diary is one of the most widely recognized blogs in the fashion world and among top social media platforms and magazines such as Marie Claire.

Tala Samman, the founder, has declared My Fash Diary as her personal style diary, so this blog focuses on her favorite fashion styles, including the beauty trends of cities she has visited.

The blog’s highlights are statement dresses, fun getups, and fashion pieces for parties.

While My Fash Diary’s main theme is “all things fashion,” it also gives advice on food, music, and travel.

9. The Daileigh – Best for All Age Groups

screenshot of the Daileigh homepage

Ashleigh Hutchinson created the Daileigh fashion blog with every age group in mind.

To her, age is just a number, so anyone—old and young—can look great.

This fashion blogger gives beauty tips to women, including what they need to own a capsule wardrobe.

In this blog, you’ll find creative ways to rock your outfits and feel more confident in whatever you wear.

It’d also interest you that Ashleigh has released e-books and holds webinars, all to help women enhance their fashion sense.

10. Hello Fashion – Most Fashion-Forward Blog

screenshot of the hello fashionblog homepage

Created by Christine Andrew in 2011, Hello Fashion has become a space for the blogger to share everything she knows about fashion and beauty.

At the moment, Christine is considered a fashion-forward female with several successes in the fashion industry—one of the reasons you should trust her blog.

She also has her own line of fashion attires, ILY Couture.

Although Hello Fashion is a fashion blog, it also caters to everything about beauty, lifestyle, travel, and family.

11. Who What Wear – Most Versatile

sreenshot of the who what wear homepage

There’s no shortage of tips on Who What Wear.

From the greatest celebrity styles to runway trends, fashion news, fashion shows, beauty products, and home decor, WWW is the blog you need to follow for anything related to fashion and beauty.

Established by Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power over a decade ago, Who What Wear is a professional blog with many beauty experts as contributors.

So no matter your taste, there’s always something for you on this website.

You’ll also find shopping ideas for both luxury fashion and high street fashion there, another proof that this is one versatile blog.

12. In the Frow – Most Professional

sreenshot of the in the frow homepage

Victoria Magrath knows her onions as a fashion and beauty expert, so there’s no reason her blog shouldn’t make it to this list.

Unlike other fashion bloggers, Victoria has a Ph.D. in Fashion Marketing, so you can be sure that you’re getting nothing less than professional advice from her.

As a style influencer, she has also represented several brands and received numerous awards for her amazing contribution to the fashion world.

You can find a lot of style inspiration on her YouTube channel and Instagram page.

Victoria’s fashion style is distinct, featuring sharp tailoring, blazers, and high-end designers like Louis Vuitton.

13. The Fashion Advocate – Best for Sustainable Fashion

sreenshot of the fashion advocate homepage

Several fast fashion brands are popping up, which is becoming a source of concern to environmentalists.

To deal with this, Claire Goldsworthy, armed with several years of experience in the fashion industry, started her blog, The Fashion Advocate.

This blog is dedicated to enlightening people on sustainable fashion ideas and helping them view fashion as something more than just wearing the latest designs.

One of the things Claire has achieved with this blog is to get fashion enthusiasts to consider their environment when choosing a certain brand.

In effect, Claire’s online shop features brands that meet certain requirements.

Best Fashion Blogs for Men

Although many fashion blogs cater to women’s fashion, men aren’t left out of the equation.

There are several blogs committed to helping men perfect their fashion game, and you’ll find some of them below.

1. One Dapper Street – Best for Great Visuals

screenshot of the onedapperstreet homepage

One Dapper Street is a fashion blog that has helped men change how they view fashion as something for women only.

The site was founded by Marcel Floruss, a former German model who loves fashion and thought it’d be nice to share that passion with the world.

After studying fashion in New York, Marcel definitely has all it takes to provide fashion tips to men.

Top that off with his love for shopping and photography, and you have a fashion expert with some of the best visual articles you can ever find.

The blog offers everyday fashion tips for the everyday man, including street style and dapper fashion.

2. Guy Overboard – Body Positivity Blog for Men

Here’s another plus-size fashion blog aimed at spreading body positivity.

Run by a fashion blogger who doubles as a UX/UI designer, Riccardo Onorato, Guy Overboard is a lifestyle blog that helps plus-size men discover their fashion prowess.

In this blog, you’ll find fashion trends, beauty reviews, and shopping tips for men of different sizes and shapes, as well as tips on how to build capsule wardrobes, wear oversized blazers, and many more.

Riccardo also understands how challenging it can be for plus-size men to find brands with their sizes, so he does his best to feature all-inclusive men’s fashion labels.

3. Gentleman’s Gazette – Best for the Classic Gentleman

sreenshot of the gentleman's gazette homepage

As the name implies, Gentleman’s Gazette is precisely what you need to portray the image of a classic gentleman.

As an online magazine, Gentleman’s Gazette entertains its audience with fascinating pictures and articles that’ll no doubt spur you to adopt the best fashion ideas out there.

You’ll also find how-to style guides and men’s accessories reviews that’ll undoubtedly help you build the perfect wardrobe without a fuss.

The icing on the cake is that Gentleman’s Gazette has a community for you to discuss and share fashion ideas with other men.

4. What My Boyfriend Wore – Best for the Everyday Man

screenshot of the whatmyboyfriendwore homepage

Sergio Ines, the creator of What My Boyfriend Wore, describes the blog as “the fashion diary with a difference,” and we can’t help but agree.

With the everyday man in view, What My Boyfriend Wore supplies regular tips on lifestyle and fashion, such as interesting ways to style a T-shirt, and how to match your shoes with your belts.

You’ll also love that Sergio posts pictures of himself in dapper outfits for fashion inspiration, and we must admit, this makes his blog more relatable.

5. Permanent Style – Best for Luxury Fashion

sreenshot of the permanent style homepage

Permanent Style is the perfect blog for men who are into luxury fashion and bespoke designs.

What started as a hobby has finally ended up as an authority in the fashion niche, and we have Simon Crompton to thank for that.

With up-to-date fashion ideas and styles, you can be certain that you’re not missing anything.

We also need to mention that Simon is a professional journalist, so he adds an editorial touch to all content posted on his blog, making it a go-to website if you fancy professionalism and attention to detail.

6. The Modest Man – Best for Short Men

sreenshot of the modest man homepage

Fashion isn’t limited to tall people; this is what The Modest Man tries to preach.

With inspiring fashion tips for short men, this blog helps men in this category find the perfect outfit for their stature.

From clothing accessories to styling tips and more, you can find all you need to look good and feel confident, no matter your height.

Interestingly, Brock McGoff, the blog owner, is 5’6″, so he understands the struggles of men his height and proffers solutions accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Difference Between Fashion Bloggers and Fashion Influencers?

Fashion bloggers are people who document fashion ideas on a website that they own.

On the other hand, fashion influencers don’t need blogs; they’re famous personalities on social media with the power to influence people’s opinions by posting fashion content and making recommendations.

Is Fashion Blogging Still Relevant?

Yes, it is!

According to statistics, about 77% of the Internet population read blogs, and that’s a lot.

Although other information trends have popped up over the years, blogging remains one of the best ways to reach your target audience.

Who’s the Highest-Paid Fashion Blogger?

Currently, Chiara Ferragni is the highest-paid fashion blogger, earning an average of $250,000 per month.

Chiarra is the proud owner of Blonde Salad, an online magazine and store for all things beauty and fashion.

Bottom Line

Fashion blogs are great for several reasons.

With them, you can go from being a fashion novice to an expert in no time.

In fact, after a while, you can also create your own fashion blog and become an authority in the niche.

We hope this list will help you get started on your fashion journey!

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