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The Best Minimalism Blogs to Follow

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Life can easily get busy and we can feel overwhelmed.

Our homes can become filled with objects, clutter, and things we simply don’t need.

Enter minimalism — a movement towards life with less, simple living, and a desire to create a life with more purpose.

If you’re interested in living with less and want to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place.

These are some of the best minimalist blogs that you can read in 2021.

Becoming Minimalist

becomingminimalist homepage screenshot 1

Becoming Minimalist is one of the most well-known minimalism blogs and is one of the first blogs new minimalists stumble across at the start of their journey.

Founder Joshua Becker had a realization one day as he cleared out his garage that his excess belongings didn’t add value to his life.

He and his family embarked on a journey to intentionally own less and found freedom, energy, and more opportunities.

Becoming Minimalist features lots of creative ideas on how to declutter, tips on minimalism when you have kids, and the top ways to simplify your life.

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The Minimalists

theminimalists homepage screenshot 1

Another popular source of minimalism inspiration is The Minimalists, a blog and podcast series that provides practical advice, motivation, and steps to live a more minimalist lifestyle.

Founded by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus in 2010 after their own journey with minimalism, it has become a resource for people who want to live a simpler, more intentional life.

The Minimalists duo also created the documentary “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things,” which can be found on Netflix and other streaming sites.

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Slow Your Home

slowyourhome homepage screenshot 1

Slow Your Home is a simple living blog created by Brooke McAlary.

The blog documents Brooke’s journey towards a more simple life, including how she decluttered more than 25,000 items and rediscovered her spark and passions.

On the blog you’ll find advice and tips on how to slow down regarding relationships, family, and travel.

Brooke also hosts “The Slow Home Podcast,” a popular show on slow living and minimalism.

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The Best Minimalism Blogs to Follow in 2018


smallishblog homepage screenshot 1

Smallish is a lifestyle blog which covers minimalism, family living, faith, how to live in a small space, and budgeting.

Founder Evelyn and her family decided to make a change in their lives and downsized to a small one-bedroom apartment, and discovered a life with more joy, purpose, and peace.

Smallish features content for those who want to live with less — including how to change your perspective on “stuff,” how to downsize, and minimalist motherhood.

Miss Minimalist

missminimalist.com homepage screenshot 1

Miss Minimalist is a blog about minimalism and how to find the space and energy to dedicate to the things you love.

Founder Francine Jay believes that minimalism isn’t about emptiness, but rather it makes room to think and move clearly and explore the wonder of life.

Miss Minimalist features tips on how to live a simpler life, including minimalist wardrobe ideas and how to eat more simply.

One of the most unique elements of the blog is the weekly interviews with a real life minimalist, where you get an insight into what it’s like to live intentionally with less.

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Break the Twitch

breakthetwitch homepage screenshot 1

Break the Twitch is a popular blog all about how to minimize distractions and how to make space for more of what matters.

The blog was founded by Anthony Ongaro after a realization that his daily actions were a response, or “twitch,” related to social media rather than intentional decisions.

From there he developed a philosophy to break the twitch and now shares it through the blog and podcast.

Break the Twitch inspires readers to take action in creativity, habits, and minimalism to live more intentionally.

The blog features book recommendations, podcast episodes, and practical minimalism tips for beginners.

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The Best Minimalism Blogs to Follow

Practising Simplicity

practisingsimplicity homepage screenshot 1

Practising Simplicity is a lifestyle and parenting blog focused on mindful motherhood, simple living, and how to live with less.

The blog was created by Jodi — a writer, photographer, and yoga teacher — to document her days and share a journal of authentic family living.

Practising Simplicity features lots of stories of family life and living intentionally, including family travel, parenting, and pregnancy.

It also features practical advice for readers — like lessons learned from living with less.

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No Sidebar

nosidebar.com homepage screenshot 1

No Sidebar is a minimalism blog which helps you to design a simple life.

The blog is curated by Brian Gardner, who shares articles on how to make a change and live more simply, as well as inspiration on slow living, and how to create space for what matters.

One of the highlights of No Sidebar is their 30-day email course, created to encourage and inspire you design a simple life.

If you are a minimalism blogger, you can also submit articles to be featured on the blog.

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Tiny Ambitions

tinyambitions.com homepage screenshot 1

Tiny Ambitions is a lifestyle blog focused on minimalism, simple living, and tiny houses.

The blog was founded by Britt, a minimalist whose ultimate ambition is to own a tiny house on wheels.

It was created in 2016 as a way to stay accountable on her own journey and to share her love of simple living and tiny houses with others.

Tiny Ambitions features regular updates on minimalist living, the journey towards living in a tiny house, and deep discussions about minimalism.

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Best Minimalism Blogs to Follow in 2018

Minimalist Baker

minimalistbaker homepage screenshot 1

Minimalist Baker is a popular food blog where the recipes are simple to make and can be prepared with very little.

The blog is led by Dana, a recipe developer, food photographer, and content creator who has been blogging since 2010.

She’s also an author and has co-created courses on food photography and how to build a great food blog.

Minimalist Baker features simple recipes which fall into one or more of the following categories: plant-based, feature 10 or less ingredients, can be made with one bowl, or take less than 30 minutes to prepare.

It’s a good source of inspiration for anyone looking to extend their minimalist approach into the way they eat.

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Be More with Less

bemorewithless.com homepage screenshot 1

Be More with Less is a minimalism blog all about how to simplify your life and make room to really live.

The blog was created by Courtney Carver in 2010.

It was inspired by her intentional living journey and now she shares her experiences of how to live life on purpose and discover the joy in less.

Be More with Less features practical advice and tips on minimalist living, as well as her minimalist fashion project, and courses on how to simplify your life.

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Best Minimalism Blogs to Follow


un fancy. homepage screenshot 1

Un-Fancy is a fashion and beauty blog that helps you create a minimalist approach to fashion, accessories, and beauty.

The blog was created by Caroline out of a desire to shop less and find her style.

She experimented with a capsule wardrobe, found her confidence and style, and now uses that as a basis for her fashion and beauty choices.

Un-Fancy features practical tips on how to create a capsule wardrobe and find your style, and has a light-hearted approach to the “less is more” movement.

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The Life on Purpose Movement

ericalayne.co homepage screenshot 1

The Life on Purpose Movement is a space and community for women who want to live more intentionally.

Founded by Erica Layne, the blog inspires women to “find their why” and live a life centered around their purpose.

This approach to minimalism and simple living is especially attractive to busy parents, who are often overwhelmed with information, activities, and distractions.

The Life on Purpose Movement features practical tips on how to declutter, become a minimalist, and live simply with a family.

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