17 of the Best Productivity Blogs to Help You Stay Focused

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Blogging is an amazing way to make a living doing something you love. Like any job though, there are times when it’s harder to stay motivated and focused on the work that needs doing.
If you feel that you’re not as productive or motivated as usual, there are a few things that can help.
First, take a break if you can — even if it’s to spend an hour reading or going for a walk. When you’re ready to sit back down at your desk, have a read through these productivity blogs to give you the energy you need to keep writing for your personal blog.
Here are 17 of the best productivity blogs around today. Not only are these must-reads to help with your own personal productivity, but they might inspire you to create high quality content of your own around productivity, self-help, and personal development.

17 Blogs That Will Inspire You to Be More Productive

1. Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt is a New York Times bestselling author, company founder, and leadership mentor. His blog, the MH&Co Magazine, is a brilliant resource for anyone who wants to take control and make positive decisions about their business.
We also highly recommend you check out Michael Hyatt’s podcast. Here’s a great episode which talks about the ultimate calendar management system.

2. Dumb Little Man

Dumb Little Man is a fan favorite in the self development and productivity space, with practical and insightful features on how to be happier, more successful, and healthier as an individual and as a business owner.
Want to growth hack your way to ultimate productivity? Read this article on the productivity secrets top-level CEOs would rather keep to themselves.

3. Trello

Trello’s not just an amazing way to organize your thoughts, to-do list, or content calendar. Their usefulness extends to the Trello blog, where they share how-to guides and articles that can help you become more productive.
A great example: This feature on how to tackle inbox chaos.

4. Zapier

Zapier is another tool that’s great for productivity. You can make different apps and web-based tools work together by using connections known as “zaps” to cut down on the need to manually take actions. The Zapier blog is equally useful, serving up productivity advice and tips.
If one of your main productivity issues is worrying about a lack of time, a virtual assistant (VA) could help with some of your less complex blogging tasks. Here’s Zapier’s guide on how to find and hire a virtual assistant.

5. Unclutterer

Moving onto a different kind of productivity, Unclutterer is a brilliant resource for home and office organization. If your environment is full of paperwork or clutter, it’s easy to find yourself distracted, so a clear desk can help you to stay motivated.
If you struggle to organize your space, this guide will help you understand how you process information so you can create a system that works for you.
17 of the Best Productivity Blogs to Help You Stay Focused

6. Asian Efficiency

Asian Efficiency is a popular productivity and time management blog, with a mission to help make the world a better and more efficient place. If those goals align with your own, this could be the productivity resource for you.
Our habits can have a huge impact on how motivated we are, so take some inspiration from these rituals of highly successful people and give them a try.

7. James Clear

James Clear is another fan favorite when it comes to productivity and living a better, healthier, and happier life. His blog features over 100 articles to help you stay motivated and focused on your goals.
A great place to start is this guide on how to improve your focus and concentration, which in turn makes you more productive.

8. Mindful Productivity Blog

The Mindful Productivity Blog artfully blends the theories of mindfulness and productivity, through content that helps you explore self-care and habits in life, finances, and business.
If the root of your lack of productivity is indecision and feeling overwhelmed, this guide to six easy ways to get your life in order should help you regain control.

9. Productivityist

The Productivityist blog is designed to help you find and maintain your focus, so you can concentrate on working towards your goals. The blog features articles on how to build a productive day or routine, as well as practical tips on email management and self-care.
This feature on using energy levels as contexts for different types of tasks is an insightful look at how you can structure your day and stay productive, even if you feel tired.

10. LifeDev

LifeDev is a popular productivity blog for creatives and digital nomads, with articles and essays designed to help you stay productive and achieve more. The blog is home to features on productivity, goal setting, creativity, and ideas.
For a practical guide to productivity, see this article on 10 things you can do right now to be more productive this year.

11. A Life of Productivity

A Life of Productivity is a blog with one purpose — to help you become more productive. The blog explores the concept of productivity and how you can master time, energy, and attention to find your focus and live a productive life.
Get a head start on becoming more productive now with 100 productivity hacks for time, attention, and energy.

12. Lifehack

Lifehack.org is a destination to help you become a “lifehacker” and improve all aspects of your life — including happiness, lifestyle, relationships, and work. It’s also home to a wealth of tips on productivity and how to stay focused on your goals.
If you feel like there’s a lot going on in your life, the ultimate guide to prioritizing your work and life will help you find balance and stay motivated.
17 of the Best Productivity Blogs to Help You Stay Focused and Alert

13. Productivity501

Productivity501 is a great resource for personal productivity tips and self-improvement advice. The blog features articles and essays on productivity, time management, and the future of work.
It can be tempting to jump into buying tools and equipment to make you more productive as a blogger, but this guide on the five worst productivity ideas explains that you don’t always need to.

14. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is a high profile entrepreneur and creator of a socially conscious digital empire, one that’s designed to help you reach your creative and business potential. Marie’s blog and video series, MarieTV, shares interviews and content designed to inspire and motivate.
This recent article on how to conquer indecision and follow through on goals is a great read if you find yourself unable to focus.

15. 99u

Adobe’s 99u is a hub of inspiration, motivation, and support for the creative community. With tons of features on creativity, work, and productivity, it’s a useful resource for bloggers who want to become more productive people.
One of the major causes of being unproductive is doubting ourselves. 99u’s guide on how to beat impostor syndrome is one to check out if you struggle with self-doubt and motivation.

16. MakeUseOf

MakeUseOf is an online hub that teaches people about technology and how it’s connected to our world. As part of this education, the blog has a thriving section on how to use tools and technology to save time and become more efficient.
If you do most of your blogging from a desk, this blog post on Chrome extensions that help you stay healthy features tools that remind you about posture, water intake, and exercise.

17. Zen Habits

Zen Habits is a popular blog, created by Leo Babauta, that’s dedicated to simplicity and mindfulness. He helps you introduce these practices into your personal and work life.
Procrastination really stops you from getting things done. If you struggle to focus on your blogging to-do list, this article on the two simple habits of non-procrastinators can help you create better habits.

Invest Your Time In Your Blog

We hope you’ve found this list of the best productivity blogs useful in your search to become a more focused and intentional blogger.
One of the benefits of being highly productive is that you’re more efficient, and take back time that you can then spend on other areas of your life. This might mean you can enjoy more evenings with your family, invest in your fitness, or plan days out with friends.
If you can, set aside some of your newfound extra time to develop your blog. Life as a blogger can be busy and overwhelming at times, which means we don’t always get as much time as we’d like to plan, build a strategy, or create original content.
To help you grow and monetize your blog, we’ve brought together a team of blogging experts to share their best advice with you. Sign up as a VIP subscriber today and you’ll start to receive these free tips and insights straight to your inbox, ready for you to take action faster.

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