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15 of the Best Real Estate Blogs to Follow

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Real estate blogs can be a gateway to learning more about the real estate business, as well as a source of potential collaborations, inspiration, and motivation for your own blog.

If you’re looking for the best real estate blogs to read this year, you’re in the right place.\

Why Should You Read Real Estate Blogs?

If you want to start a blog, either as a standalone project or to help drive business for your successful real estate company, reading blogs can be a useful way to find your focus and purpose.

You’ll start to build an idea of where you fit into the market.

For seasoned real estate bloggers, it’s always handy to stay in touch with others and see what’s popular or profitable in your niche.

Be inspired by other bloggers and see if there are any trends or patterns you could incorporate into your content plan for the months ahead.

In this feature we take a look at 15 of the best real estate blogs to read this year, including:

  • Zillow Porchlight
  • Redfin
  • Trulia
  • Inman
  • Geek Estate

To help you find the most relevant blogs for you, we’ve split our list into two sections — blogs for consumers and blogs for real estate professionals.
15 of the Best Real Estate Blogs to Follow

What Are the Best Real Estate Blogs for Buyers and Sellers?

Our top real estate blogs for homeowners include Zillow Porchlight, Trulia, Forbes Real Estate, and Maximum Real Estate Exposure.

This collection of blogs is focused on sharing relevant, helpful information with residential buyers and home sellers who want to buy, sell, or rent their home.

These real estate blogs cover home buying and selling, remodeling, local market information, and home styling.

Zillow Porchlight

screenshot of the zillow porchlight homepage

Zillow is a leading real estate and rental marketplace, a destination for everything in the buying and selling lifecycle from finding a mortgage to remodeling.

The Zillow blog, Porchlight, is a source of inspiration, advice, and help for people who want to make a change with their home.

The blog covers topics like dream homes, unusual homes, remodeling, and how to navigate the buying process.

There’s also interactive content, like this quiz to help you find the right cabin.

Engaging, interactive content like quizzes can be a fun way to keep people on your blog, so it’s something to think about.

Forbes Real Estate

screenshot of the forbes real estate homepage

The real estate section of Forbes is a popular destination for consumer news and interesting stories from the world of real estate.

There’s a great mix of content on the Forbes Real Estate blog, from stories about amazing buildings to features on how you can remodel your home.

This article where influencers share how to design an Instagrammable kitchen is on trend, and something you could recreate for a different topic on your blog as a collaboration with other bloggers.


screenshot of the redfin homepage

Redfin is a real estate brokerage that has created a great resource for buyers and sellers through their blog.

Redfin Real-Time covers news and insights from the real estate market and trends, tips, advice, and local content from the heart of communities.

Redfin’s blog on the 10 best cities for the pumpkin spice latte is a winning example of how you can create seasonal content that appeals to your readers, and that it doesn’t have to be specifically focused on buying or selling a home.

Realest Blog

Realest Blog features content for people who are looking to buy, sell, or rent a home.

The blog is focused on residential real estate and provides tips, news, and useful information for homeowners.

Something that this blog does well is to provide helpful guides for homeowners, like this feature on how to hide your house on Google Maps.

This type of evergreen content can help you to attract readers through search engines, so consider whether you could create a guide or provide instructional content for your audience.


screenshot of the trulia homepage

Trulia is a resource for real estate listings as well as tips, information, and local insights.

The Trulia blog features stories on seasonal trends, neighborhoods, and celebrity real estate listings.

A topic that Trulia excels at is interesting local and neighborhood-specific content, like this article on Porchfest events across the country.

If you’re well connected and can tap into your local community, hyperlocal content like this can really help you reach your audience on a deeper level.

The Real Estate Book

screenshot of the real estate book homepage

The blog section of The Real Estate Book is a welcoming resource for homeowners.

It covers tips on how to remodel your home, questions to ask real estate agents, and home projects.

Fun, easy-to-read blog posts like these quick tips on how to give your front porch a facelift could become part of a weekly series as they’re quicker to write than long-form, in-depth content.


screenshot of the clever homepage

Clever is a platform that helps homeowners to save commission by listing with approved agents.

The Clever blog is home to content that covers all areas of buying and selling, as well as real estate investment and renovation.

Alongside features for homeowners, Clever also has guides on how to make the most of real estate.

This article on how to flip a house and make money is full of information and practical tips.

You could use your own experience to create similar guides for readers and share your personal journey as a way to show your expertise.

Maximum Real Estate Exposure

screenshot of the maximum real estate exposure homepage

Maximum Real Estate Exposure is the real estate blog from Bill Gassett, a top RE/MAX realtor in the Massachusetts area.

The blog has become a popular read for home buyers for its practical advice and tips on buying and selling.

Bill Gassett does a great job of helping his readers solve problems, which is a trait you could bring into your own real estate blog.

An example of this is his post on whether you should stage your home for sale or leave it empty, which explores a popular question in a thoughtful way.

What Are the Best Real Estate Blogs for Realtors and Property Professionals?

The real estate industry is lucky to have lots of excellent and informative sources of news, insights, opinions, and tips for realtors, brokers, and other industry professionals.

Our best real estate blogs for professionals include BoomTown, REAL Trends, Inman, Property Park, and Geek Estate.

These blogs feature practical tips and industry news on all areas of real estate, including marketing, technology, lead generation, business management, and investing.

In this section you’ll discover blogs that specialize in real estate market trends, real estate marketing, how to manage rental properties, and commercial real estate.

Property Spark

screenshot of the property spark homepage

Property Spark is a powerful social media and content platform for realtors, designed to handle the digital side of the business while you focus on the real estate.

The Property Spark blog is full of helpful articles for property professionals.

This real estate marketing blog covers marketing, social media, and also features interviews with realtors.

This post featuring 40 real estate accounts to follow on social media is a useful starting point to help you research your niche.


screenshot of the boom town! homepage

BoomTown is another popular product for realtors, focused on lead generation and conversion.

The blog follows this theme, with useful content around how to generate real estate leads, advertising, and marketing for real estate businesses.

As new technology becomes common in households, articles like this article on 5 ways to use Alexa for your real estate business will become more popular with realtors.

If you are an early adopter or have an understanding of how homeowners use technology, you could create guides to help others make the most of this.


screenshot of the inman homepage

Inman is one of the industry leaders in the real estate news arena, and one of the first places realtors, brokers, and investors look for information.

The blog covers topics on a range of areas like technology, marketing, and regulations.

Inman works on a subscription basis, through its service Inman Select.

This allows industry professionals to subscribe and access exclusive content, news, and an online community.

While most blogs are free to read, you could introduce a VIP element through an email newsletter or exclusive content.

This can be a great way to increase email subscribers or to create a small recurring revenue from your blog.

REAL Trends

screenshot of the real trends homepage

REAL Trends is a trusted source of news and information for the brokerage industry.

The consulting company has a blog that’s full of useful content about the housing market for brokers and real estate professionals.

The REAL Trends blog features insights into trends, like this report on whether Americans would rather renovate or buy a new home.

Not only is this useful for realtors to know, but if your audience is homeowners this information can help you to plan relevant content.


screenshot of the biggerpockets homepage

The BiggerPockets blog is said to be the leading source of articles on real estate investing, personal finance, and success.

This makes it a must-read for anyone who wants to learn more about investing or the financial side of the real estate business.

An area that BiggerPockets does well is its features and real-life stories from investors.

This article on the biggest real estate mistakes from my real estate investing career is an example of how you can combine a powerful title with valuable content for your readers.

Geek Estate

screenshot of the geek estate homepage

The Geek Estate Blog is an excellent read if you want to stay informed about technology for agents and brokers.

The blog features reviews, analysis, and opinions on key tech areas like real estate websites and software.

A popular feature on the blog is their interview series with real estate technology founders.

This is a great way to get behind the scenes on a topic that readers find interesting, which is something you could look to recreate with your own blog.


screenshot of the retipster homepage

RETipster is another popular source of information and support for real estate investors, or anyone who wants to find out more about the investing niche.

The blog aims to show people how to make money from real estate investing in a practical way.

The RETipster blog has a really useful “Start Here” page which acts as an introduction for new readers and signposts them to popular content that they should read first.

We think this can be a powerful way to connect with new readers and direct new traffic to existing posts.
15 of the Best Real Estate Blogs

Feel Inspired to Blog?

We hope that you’ve found our list of the best real estate blogs useful.

It’s always helpful to be familiar with other blogs in your niche and to stay informed of trends and news that could influence your content.

If you feel inspired to get blogging, our post on how to write a great blog post is full of practical advice on how you can improve your content before and after you publish.

We also have a guide on how to make money blogging, so you can explore how to monetize your real estate blog.

Blogging is a business that is always changing, so stay ahead of the game and subscribe to our email list for VIP tips and advice from blogging experts on how to start, grow, and monetize your blog.