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The 12 Best Tech Blogs to Stay Informed about Technology News, Products, and Culture

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The world of technology is vast.

Every second, it seems, we see a new product release, research breakthrough, or other development that will change the way we live, work, and play.

Keeping up with this deluge of information is the challenge, as anyone who works in tech knows.

Luckily, there are a host of blogs out there to help you stay informed about tech news, which products are worth buying, and how technology affects our society.

The world of tech bloggers, however, is as extensive as technology itself, making it difficult to know whom you should read and follow.

To help you cut through the confusion, we’ve put together this list of the best technology blogs on the internet.

Whether you’re searching tech information related to your work, trying to decide which phone you should buy, or looking for inspiration to start your own tech blog, you’ll find it on one of the sites below.


The 12 Best Tech Blogs: CNET
If you want a great place for tech news coverage, tutorials, and product reviews, CNET is your go-to.

The site reports on a vast array of topics, giving you the latest news in everything from tech culture to cybersecurity.

They also have an entire section of their site devoted to smart home tech, making it a valuable resource if you want to set up a smart home or tweak your current setup.

And they can offer you guidance when buying a car, helping you find the right mix of fuel-efficiency, safety, and performance.

In addition to written blog content, CNET also has podcasts and videos about tech topics ranging from Microsoft to Apple and smartphones to wearables.

2. TechCrunch

The 12 Best Tech Blogs: TechCrunch
Looking for a blog that focuses on a variety of technology industry news, ranging from social media to apps to the hottest new tech startups?

Then you’ll love TechCrunch. As you can see from some of the headlines in the image above, TechCrunch focuses especially on the business side of tech, including IPOs to watch and notable tech company acquisitions or mergers.

The site also has a clean layout that makes it a pleasure to read.

3. ZDNetThe 12 Best Tech Blogs: ZDNet

If you’re a business tech professional who wants to stay updated on the latest trends, issues, and events in IT, then ZDNet is a site you should follow.

The site does cover mainstream topics such as reviews of phones and PCs, but it focuses mainly on more technical issues (such as how to upgrade to the latest build of Ubuntu, for instance).

Think of it as CNET’s nerdier cousin (their similarity isn’t a coincidence, as both are subsidiaries of CBS Interactive).

4. MIT Technology Review

The 12 Best Tech Blogs: MIT Technology Review
MIT Technology Review” is the world’s longest-running tech magazine, with its first issue published in 1899.

On their site, they cover topics such as the business and political impact of technology, sustainable energy, and AI.

Given that it’s also a print magazine, the editorial standards for “MIT Technology Review” tend to be higher than for other sites that are publishing exclusively online at the pace of the news cycle.

Therefore, it’s a source to turn to when you want longer, deeper examinations of how technology is shaping the present and future.

On the other hand, it’s not the best place for tech reviews or tutorials.

5. Gizmodo

The 12 Best Tech Blogs: Gizmodo
Gizmodo is a site that covers design, technology, science, and science fiction.

In a notable difference from some other tech websites, it also covers politics.

It’s a site worth visiting if you want a break from the industry-focused tech reporting of other sites (though you’ll find a healthy dose of that type of content if you want it).

6. Engadget

The 12 Best Tech Blogs: Engadget
Engadget is a blog that features content related to gadgets, consumer electronics, gaming, and entertainment.

You’ll find detailed product reviews, as well as buyer’s guides to phones, laptops, headphones, home theater, and gaming systems.

In addition to the English-language version, the site is also available in Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

7. Wired

The 12 Best Tech Blogs: Wired
Wired is a tech site with articles on business, culture, science, security, transportation, and gear, as well as the ideas shaping the future.

News is certainly the focus above all else, along with plenty of cultural commentary and analysis.

The articles tend to be casual and accessible, making it a good site to read if you just want to stay updated in the broad strokes of tech without getting into the digital weeds.

8. The Next Web

The 12 Best Tech Blogs: The Next Web
Known as TNW for short, The Next Web covers tech news, internet trends, and gadget reviews.

They also put on a conference each year that explores how technology is shaping business innovation (this year’s topics included AI and blockchain tech).

As you can see from the screenshot above, the site focuses on breaking news, constantly updating its homepage feed with the latest stories.

If you like to be up to the minute on all tech developments, this is the blog you should follow.

9. The Verge

The 12 Best Tech Blogs: The Verge
The Verge is a site that covers the intersection of technology, science, art, and culture.

Indeed, tech coverage is just a small fraction of what the site discusses, though you’ll find no shortage of info on the latest trends relating to devices, apps, and the impact of digital media on politics.

The Verge also tends to be a bit slower-paced in its content than some other strictly news sites, even including a dedicated “longform” section that examines stories in greater detail than your typical listicle or clickbait news article.

10. TechSpot

The 12 Best Tech Blogs: TechSpot
If you want a tech take that’s focused on IT pros, power users, and PC gamers, you should read TechSpot.

You won’t find as much cultural commentary as some other tech blogs.

Rather, the focus is on the technology itself, as the selection of headlines above shows.

The blog isn’t afraid to get technical, either, giving you hardware buying guides, software development tutorials, and advice on how to make your PC perform at its optimum level.

11. Mashable

The 12 Best Tech Blogs: Mashable
Mashable is a technology website that also examines entertainment and culture.

In some aspects, it verges into the pop territory of sites such as BuzzFeed, including quizzes with titles like “Are You an Apple Expert? Test Your Knowledge.”

Still, the site includes interesting expositions of many tech innovations, especially in its video content.

12. SlashGear

The 12 Best Tech Blogs: SlashGear
SlashGear is a personal technology review site, covering everything from cars to wearables to the latest Apple and Android operating systems.

They have buyer’s guides to any gadget you could ever dream of purchasing, and they even have columns devoted to science and health.

If you want to be on the cutting edge of the latest tech trends, you should subscribe to this site.

Get All the Tech Info You Need

We hope this post has given you a better idea of where to go for tech information, as well as some models to follow when creating your own tech blog.

Whether you want to blog about news, culture, product reviews, or app tutorials, you’ll find an example to emulate in the blogs above.