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Look at Best Web Hosts in 2017

After scrutinizing more than 100 different best web hosts , we have finally made our decision. We have declared to be the winner for “Best Web Hosting in 2017″. HostMonster has received the award for “Best Web Hosts” for the second consecutive year. We have added a second selection that ties Hostmonster as the best web hosts of 2017. fatcow now is a 1# selection for us as well. there pricing and there payment options stand out in the crowded web hosting market. I would check out both of them before you make any choices for your next web host.


Look at 2017 Award for Best Web Hosts

Editor’s Note:

At, we conduct our rankings and reviews according to a system of honest and ethical standards. That is more than can be said for other reviews done by other websites. We at, so firmly believe in the quality that HostMonster brings to web hosting, we have decided to host our company website on Hostmonster’s servers.

What made us decide on HostMonster? Several hundred hosting companies were tested and investigated over the past 10 years by our team of professionals in the field. has also experienced its share of ‘lemon’ hosts as have many other people.

As a result of these investigations, we have isolated about ten good hosting companies we are pleased to promote on our site. Of all these 10 companies HostMonster outshines them all. HostMonster provides adequately for your hosting needs.

An essential requirement for any business is an unlimited supply of disk space and bandwidth, for the business’ current operations and for its future growth and development. HostMonster provides an unlimited amount of bandwidth and unlimited amount of disk space.

After signing up, the company sets up your account for free, they provide unlimited domain hosting, customer support on a 24/7 basis, and many more features. Any company wants to know that they are getting good value for their money. That, however, is not always the case depending on the host you are dealing with.

HostMonster provides a number of extras with its service that other hosts will charge you for. For example, GoDaddy will charge you for the webstats, and domain transfers they provide, while these come standard in Hostmonster’s service. Of all hosts online, HostMonster will give the best value for their hosting charges.

At the present time they are offering hosting at $3.95 per month for unlimited hosting.

We at have partnered with them to provide you with a special offer of just $3.00 per month through our exclusive link. The super-fast severs and the user-friendly control panel are two of the very best features that HostMonster has to offer its hosting clients. You will also get some FREE bonuses just for becoming a client of the hosting company.

Some of the bonuses are as follows:

  • Free $50 Yahoo Advertising Credit
  • Free $50 Google AdWords Advertising Credit
  • 50 Free Website Scripts
  • Free Site Builder and Templates
  • Free Promotion for your Website

Regardless of the types of websites you are installing, whether a business, a personal, a school or organizational site, HostMonster is able to provide you with the hosting features and resources that your site requires. Our aim here is not to persuade you to sign up with HostMonster, but just to inform you of our good dealings with the host and why we have decided to nominate it for Best Web Hosts in 2017


HostMonster – Awarded 2017 Best Web Host

by Brett Helling
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