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10 Best Wedding Website Builders in 2022

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You’re getting married! Congrats!

The big day approaches by the end of the year, and the tasks begin to pile up.

You might feel a bit overwhelmed with coordinating your wedding.

No worries.

We’ll tackle some of the best wedding website builders in this article.

These tools aim to help make your celebration memorable and less stressful.  

An Overview of Wedding Website Builders

We need to establish what wedding website builders do and how they help you plan and execute your wedding.

Keep reading to see if you would find a use for these spiffy planning tools before you walk down the aisle.

Wedding website builders are just what they sound like; they help you create a personal wedding website.

Websites offer helpful solutions for couples wanting to plan their weddings.

They provide professional and eye-catching designs.

Having a website readily available makes it easier for guests to access information.

Additionally, you can elaborate on specific details for your wedding.

Weddings can be challenging and time-consuming.

But, a website can help lower your stress.

You can enjoy time with your fiancé rather than trying to finish everything at once.

Wedding websites provide details about the venue, accommodations, and transportation.

You can list tips for those traveling from out-of-state or country.

You can customize each page with photos of your engagement and the story of how you two lovebirds met.

The ideal wedding website has various features, tools, and planning capabilities.

Our goal is to help you find one that best suits your needs.

What is a Wedding Website Builder?

A wedding website builder creates unique and personalized wedding websites.

These products help you stay organized and manage every aspect of your marriage.

Plus, you can easily share these websites with loved ones and friends.

Wedding website builders display stories, photos, and wedding details.

Some also collect, track, and manage your guest info.

Programs allow you to update family members about specifics before they arrive.

What Do You Need a Wedding Website For?

Wedding websites help you create your budget, build wedding vendor teams, track expenses, and create seating plans.

These tools also stream the ceremony live for the guests who can’t attend but want to celebrate with you.

You want to have a memorable experience for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

A website creates a central online presence where guests can find all the necessary info for your wedding.

If you rely solely on social media, like Facebook, you could have confusion or privacy issues.

Wedding website builders can save you time and money.

They’re a necessary tool for engaged couples to track organization and cost.  

Product Reviews

Now the moment we’ve all anticipated.

This section will dive into a list of the best wedding website builders in 2022.

We’ll explain the various products in this category and why they earned a spot on this list.

1. Best For Organization – The Knot

Why We Suggest This

The Knot allows you to easily create a free wedding website to keep your guests up to date.

  • Best For: Wedding website builder on a budget

First is The Knot, a free wedding website tool that customizes to fit your needs.


You can create websites that fit your style from pre-made designs on The Knot.

The various customizations allow you to add wedding information and describe your love story.

You can also create a registry. You can receive RSVPs in real-time and keep guests updated 24/7.    

Our Rating

We give four stars to The Knot.

While being a capable wedding website builder, we had to knock off a couple of points for the price range.  

Notable Features

Here are some of the top benefits of using The Knot to build your wedding website.

  • Match paper suite – From the moment you send out invitations to when guests check-in, your wedding will be cohesive and coordinated.
  • Keeps registries organized – You can share your story and live stream on The Knot.
    The website templates keep you on track throughout every part of planning.
    The Knot aims to bring your vision to life while staying on budget.
  • Share logistics – The Knot helps you gather inspiration for your wedding with plenty of tools and customizations.
    You can create a guest list, book a venue, set a date, plan events, and get guests excited for your wedding.     


What are some benefits of using The Knot?

We broke them down below.

  • Cute layout – Your website should be easy to navigate while looking good, right?
    The Knot has plenty of styles that will fit anyone’s aesthetic.   
  • Affordable – Weddings can get pricey.
    You don’t want to break the bank by investing in a super expensive website builder. You have other costs to worry about.
  • Works well on mobile – Updating on a mobile app is always a great feature when you’re on the go but need to make changes to specific listings on your website. 
  • Flexible and has unique features – The Knot allows you to create a website tailored to you.
    It’s your wedding after all. 
  • Fast – No one has the patience to wait for slow website pages.
    The Knot loads quickly so you can get back to focusing on other important stuff.  


Every product has some downsides.

Here’s what hinders The Knot from obtaining five stars.

  • Relatively expensive – Yes, we said The Knot was affordable, but that doesn’t mean cheap.
    We’ll talk more about this later, but the standard plan costs $120 per month.
    It’s up to you if you want to spend that much on a website builder. 
  • Limitations on templates – Unfortunately, you don’t have everything accessible on The Knot, depending on the plan you buy.

Is The Knot Hard to Use?

The Knot allows you to easily create a free wedding website to keep your guests up to date.

You can choose from a wide range of templates.

The Knot allows you to highlight what you need and what you don’t with little hassle and customizable features.

Pricing & Plans

What pricing options does The Knot offer?

  • Limited free account – Pretty straightforward here.
    You can use The Knot for free with limited access, like inputting contact info and photos.
  • Lite – For $50 per month, the Lite plan upgrades to include more pictures.
  • Standard – Standard is the most popular option for $120 per month.
    You get unlimited pictures, space for stories, and personal messages.  

Our Take

Overall, The Knot is a solid choice for a wedding website builder.

It gives you all the tools you need to organize your wedding.

The countless features help you and your guests before the big day.

Try out the free trial before committing.

We still have plenty of other options to review!

2. Best For Customization – Squarespace

Why We Suggest This

Squarespace undoubtedly has great options for website creation. It helps entrepreneurs achieve their marketing goals and expands their businesses.

  • Best For: Online businesses

Next, we have Squarespace, a popular website creator.

Keep reading to see what makes Squarespace stand out.


Squarespace excels in creating websites.

You can select from industry-leading templates, designer fonts, and color palettes. Squarespace makes it easy to adjust the website to fit your style and needs.

Squarespace ranks highly on the list of best wedding website builders.

The site has templates for every event and flexible design options.  

Our Rating

We give Squarespace four stars.

While Squarespace is a fantastic tool, the biggest downside is that the builder centers around marketing and business.

Squarespace helps people sell products or services.

Squarespace has campaigns for customers and appointment scheduling features.

Notable Features

Squarespace has some great plans to choose from with features that outdo competitors.

  • Free custom domain name – You can start with a free trial before building your website on Squarespace.
    You can create logos with free online tools.
    You can add text, images, videos, and contact info.
  • Hundreds of layouts – You don’t have to worry that your website will look boring and uninteresting with all the customization options.
    Choose from various colors, fonts, and photos.
  • Analytics – After organizing and launching your website, you can understand the performance with specialized analytics.


Take a look to see if you might want to use Squarespace to create your wedding website.

  • Easy to use – Being able to navigate your website without confusion is a definite perk.
    Especially when you have so many other things to do before your upcoming ceremony.
    You don’t want to spend time figuring out your website. 
  • Good customer support – Squarespace is available 24/7 for any issues you might encounter. 
  • Sophisticated template design – Every design is modern, simple, and personalized for your event.
    Squarespace asks specific questions that learn more about your goals for the website.   
  • Equipped with good content creation tools – You want your website to pack a punch.
    With Squarespace, you know that you can create a wedding website that has unique tools for the best experience. 
  • Available in IOS and Android – Accessing your website via mobile apps is always a plus.
    Knowing that Squarespace works for multiple devices gives you peace of mind that you can edit from anywhere, any time. 


Squarespace allows you to craft functional and outstanding websites, but that’s not to say they don’t have their faults.

  • No auto-save feature – Say you clicked off your website but didn’t hit the save button.
    You’ll have to start from scratch or make those changes all over again which can be frustrating and time-consuming.  
  • Poor experience with mobile apps – Even though Squarespace has mobile capabilities doesn’t mean they’re good.
    The best advice is to navigate your website and make changes via desktop access.  

Is SquarespaceHard to Use?

Squarespace allows you to host content with a registered and custom domain name.

You have various templates to create pages and organize the specifics for your upcoming celebration.

If you run into issues, their customer service is ready to help.

Pricing & Plans

How expensive is Squarespace?

  • Personal – For $16 per month, you get a custom domain, security, 30 minutes of video storage, and mobile-ready websites.
    However, the other features are limited.
  • Business – Jacking up the price to $23 per month, Business offers the same as the Personal plan, in addition to more commerce-related features.
  • Commerce – For $27 per month, Commerce has email and Instagram access.
  • Advanced Commerce – Lastly, Advanced Commerce goes for $49 per month and gives you full access to all of the goodies Squarespace offers.

Our Take

Here’s our opinion: Squarespace undoubtedly has great options for website creation.

Be mindful that they help entrepreneurs with their marketing goals and expand their businesses.

Therefore, Squarespace isn’t all about weddings. You might not have all the options you want.

But, you can try Squarespace for 14 days, free of charge, and see if you like it.

3. Best For Budget Planning – WeddingWire

Why We Suggest This

WeddingWire makes it easy to manage your guest list, receive RSVPs and plan for wedding events.

  • Best For: Couples planning their wedding with various features

WeddingWire offers website creation.

They also allow access to over 250,000 local professionals with reviews, pricing, and availability.

You can make a strong wedding team that guides you every step of the way.


WeddingWire helps you make an easily shareable website that you can send to guests and set up within minutes.

The templates are easy to use and completely customizable.

With WeddingWire, you can choose your favorite design, add your events, and create a registry.

Then you can link the completed website to your social media.

Our Rating

We give WeddingWire three stars because the platform and components are relatively average compared to the other builders.

Notable Features

What can you expect before buying WeddingWire?

  • Automatic syncing – Guest responses will coordinate with the guest list.
    In other words, you can collect their RSVPs and spend less time recommending accommodations and sharing hotel details. Instead, celebrate your engagement after launching your website.
  • Checklists – Make sure everything gets done with organized lists so you can plan your wedding efficiently and stress-free.
  • Keep budget on track – WeddingWire helps you run the numbers and to confirm you’re not spending more than you need to on certain vendors.
    Plus, you can message them directly with the vendor finder.   


Here are some of the top advantages of WeddingWire.

  • User-friendly – WeddingWire is easy to use and navigate.  
  • Helpful analytics – WeddingWire makes tracking, organizing, and communicating easier.
    You can monitor specific guests and address their needs while fulfilling your own. 
  • Convenient – This website builder is quick and simple.
    You won’t have to spend hours learning software development to create a beautiful website that encapsulates your wedding.
  • Good customer service – You can ask questions to helpful representatives.
    They’d be happy to assist you in creating your website.
    You want your website to be perfect, just like your wedding.  
  • Easy and efficient – Get stuff done in a reasonable time.
    When you have other responsibilities to tackle before you get married, having an approachable website is one less task weighing on your shoulders. 


WeddingWire has similar features to typical wedding website builders.

But what are some downsides to the platform?

  • Expensive – You don’t want to spend more than you need to on services you could find for a more reasonable price with another builder. 
  • Less audience reach – WeddingWire doesn’t have as broad of a search compared to previous websites, like The Knot.

Is WeddingWire Hard to Use?

WeddingWire is not difficult to use at all.

You have all of your wedding details in one place.

You can personalize your website with unique designs that match your style, adding photos and other information.

Finding, managing, and assigning guests is super easy.

Pricing & Plans

How much does WeddingWire cost, and is it worth it?

  • Lite – This plan is free, and you have some space for photos.
    Otherwise, it’s not that special, and you might get discouraged by the lacking features.
  • Standard – Standard goes for $40 per month, with guest management and support.
    Some tools you may still have to purchase to use.
  • Professional – Professional means you get WeddingWire direct assistance at $130 per month.
  • Featured Ad – Finally, this plan increases to $220 per month with more listings.

Our Take

WeddingWire makes it easy to manage your guest list, receive RSVPs and plan for wedding events.

Their mobile app allows you to coordinate when you balance multiple things at once.

Overall, WeddingWire makes a great pick for couples planning their wedding with various features.

4. Best For Multicultural Couples – WedSites

Why We Suggest This

WedSites is a great choice because it has a live-streaming feature for those who can’t attend the wedding.

  • Best For: Couples looking to plan their wedding without the hassle

WedSites is an Australian-based wedding website creator designed for couples looking to plan their wedding without hassle.


WedSites tracks your upcoming tasks and helps you create stunning, free websites with fully customizable design templates.

WedSites offers event management, multiple tools, timelines, and guest communication.

Our Rating

WedSites earns four stars due to its nifty features.

The complex design took off a few points.

Notable Features

Here are some benefits that WedSites offers to users.

  • Drag and drop website builder – You can make an awesome website in minutes, personalizing the templates and uploading videos, pictures, or illustrations.
  • Safe and secure – WedSites protects your data with a password, and you don’t have to worry about losing your information.
  • Tracking and communication – You can collect and organize details like emails, addresses, phone numbers, and even dietary restrictions in the manager.
    Track expenses and assign tasks to meet deadlines.
    You can create reminders and notifications.  


  • WedSites is a flexible and convenient website builder to make your wedding the best it can be.
  • Supports multiple event RSVPs – Say you want to schedule a bridal shower or bachelor party beforehand.
    WedSites makes it easy to create a few events before the main ceremony all through the same platform. 
  • Drag-and-drop feature is quick – You could spend so much time losing yourself in website creation. When other responsibilities need your attention, you want a builder that makes the process quick and easy. 
  • Printed out reports – If you’re a hard-copy type of person, WedSites gives you the option to print out guest lists for more organization.
  • Supports multicultural and bilingual couples – Thumbs-up for diversity!


  • Additional features are expensive – WedSites sounded too good to be true; the downside is you have to spend more than you’d like on add-ons. 
  • Requires guidance for beginners – Some of the features and navigations on WedSites can be difficult if you’ve never created a website before. 

Is WedSites Hard to Use?

As previously mentioned, WedSites can be challenging until you get the hang of it.

Despite that, their services allow you to promote your big day.

Your guests can share their best wishes and browse photos on the website, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Pricing & Plans

  • Lite – The free plan on WedSites offers the minimum functions but still allows you to create a wedding website.
  • Standard – For $99, this plan includes digital save-the-date reminders, wedding invitations, RSVPs, guest management, and more communication.
  • WedSites Pro – Tack on an additional $100, and you unlock all their available planning tools.
    You also get guest communication and a flawless website.      

Our Take

WedSites has great features, like live streaming your wedding for those who can’t attend.

A timeline builder and seat chart allow you to plan ahead of time.

The best part is that WedSites never puts ads on your site.

Try out their free plan and see if it works for you.

5. Best For Creativity – Appy Couple

Why We Suggest This

Appy Couple has a flat rate with no additional plans or charges for their services which is a huge plus.

  • Best For: Couples on a budget

Appy Couple combines digital invites, a website creator, and an app.

You don’t have to navigate back and forth on your computer to create a website.


Appy Couple can save dates, craft invitations, and schedule events.

With RSVPs and notifications, you know who to expect at your wedding and who you still need to invite.

You don’t need any tech skills to publish content.

You can post, view, and share on a modern platform with personalized settings.  

Our Rating

Appy Couple gets a whopping five stars for its easy fee process and countless features.

Notable Features

How does Appy Couple fare against the previous wedding website builders?

  • Photo sharing – You can post pictures and collect replies.
    Appy Couples allows you to update your website from any device.
  • Ready-to-go templates and all-in-one tools – Appy Couple creates responsive websites with personalized cover pages.
    A list manager organizes your guests’ information, and you get a ton of flexibility in the layout.
  • Interactive – Appy Couple makes a dynamic website package with expert advice and an integrated platform.
    In other words, you can tell your wedding story on a beautiful and convenient app.


Continue reading for some pros about Appy Couple.

  • The website can be kept active with no additional fees – Sure, your wedding is just a one-day event, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to look back and relive some memories. 
  • More than 300 wedding templates – Build an entire website that fits your wedding and personality.  
  • One-time fee – Pay once a year, and you’re set, or opt for monthly payments.  
  • Various page options – Craft an individualized website that embraces your past, present, and future with your husband or wife.
  • Handy features – Appy Couple has no limit on features; you can browse for continuous inspiration.


Check out the not-so-great aspects of Appy Couple.

  • Online-only dashboard – Paperless options are great for saving the planet and convenience.
    But it also means you can’t have hard copy print-outs.
  • Low customer support – Not having a reference in case you have trouble navigating is a little intimidating.
    Accidents happen, and only being able to communicate through email and not chat is a downside. Appy Couple does offer 24/7 support, though.

Is Appy Couple Hard to Use?

You get unlimited access and customizations to specific groups.

Appy Couple offers notification options, guestbooks, and a countdown until the big day.

The services eliminate the stress of using multiple sites and simplify your website creation process.

Pricing & Plans

  • $12 per month 
  • $49 per year

You save some money by opting for the yearly fee.

Appy Couple has a flat rate with no additional plans or charges to use their services which is a huge plus.

Our Take

Appy Couple has minimal downsides, and you can create a wonderful website that entirely embraces your wedding’s theme.

The cost system is the easiest we’ve seen so far, where you can change your design at any point and tap into the benefits Appy Couple offers.

6. Best For Multiple Events – Minted

Why We Suggest This

Minted has an easily accessible design where you can make in-town travel accommodations, book reservations, find hotels, and suggest other fun attractions for your guests.

  • Best For: Couples looking for a cost-effective wedding website builder

Minted is one of the best wedding website builders out there with a wide range of designs created by independent artists.


Minted has many planning and organizing options.

Minted offers over 1,400 website templates with various themes and colors to fit your special day.

You can build a premium website for free with a unique URL.

Our Rating

Minted gets five stars simply because it’s the most cost-efficient wedding website builder.

Minted has outstanding features at a forever-free cost.

Notable Features

Look at the next list for some perks of using Minted.

  • Matching stationery – Create a cohesive design with matching patterns on invitations, menus, and thank-you cards.
    You can even personalize the cards with guest names.
  • Track and manage multiple events – You can create two events with one click and invite related guests to other parties around town.
  • Structured guest list – You can address and organize envelopes with Minted.
    Collect guest details and contact info in a trackable platform.


Check out the following pros about Minted.

  • Information is easy to add – Work smarter, not harder.
    You can update information on Minted without taking too much time out of your day. 
  • Modern, attractive designs – Impress family and friends with an outstanding design from one of the many templates.
  • Intuitive – Minted works as an interactive, helpful tool that can predict what you might want to do next.
  • Cohesive themes – Building a comprehensive site is not only convenient for you to navigate but for your guests. 
  • Complementary address collection card – You can organize your guest info while coordinating a design that works well together.


What are the cons of Minted?

  • You cannot create a custom page without upgrading – Pay more to get more.
    Some people might get frustrated that they can’t access certain features without upgrading.
  • Charges to post a photo gallery – You want pictures on your wedding website; leaving pages blank would be a waste.

Is Minted Hard to Use?

Minted has an easily accessible design where you can make in-town travel accommodations, book reservations, find hotels, and suggest other fun attractions for your guests.

Minted is an all-around platform that gives you the most bang for your buck.

Pricing & Plans

  • Free standard
  • Custom URL ($15)

Minted is completely free, and you get all of the previous features like guest lists, RSVPs, multiple layouts, and mobile use.

When you pay $15, you get a custom URL.

Otherwise, have fun creating! 

Our Take

Minted is one of the best wedding website builders in 2022 due to its $0 plan, countless templates, and multi-tasking capabilities.

You’ll be more organized and better understand how your wedding will go with Minted services.

7. Best for Mobile – Joy

Why We Suggest This

Joy manages weddings of all kinds and is free to use.

  • Best For: Couples on a budget

Joy offers plenty of modern tools on a free and user-friendly website.


Joy accommodates every celebration.

You have loads of functionality with their website creator.

Another plus about Joy is that when you update your website from a dashboard, it automatically updates on the app.

You never miss a beat.

Our Rating

Joy gets three stars because while the service is free, you don’t have as much opportunity to be creative with only a few designs and templates.

Notable Features

Does Joy bring you joy?

  • Mobile – Guests have access to all the info they need about the wedding as they travel from one place to another.
    They can look at your photos, glance at upcoming schedules, get travel info, and other recommendations.
    Be mindful that you can’t update or edit sections of your website on the mobile app, and you have to log in via desktop.
  • Customizable URL – You can set up a gift registry, track multiple events, and integrate with announcement banners.
  • Request and reply to RSVP questions – You’ll be better organized while you perform planning upcoming tasks with Joy.


What’s good about Joy?

  • You can pair Joy with mobile apps – Almost every website has mobile access now.
    The mobile experience is convenient when you need to adjust something as you attend other wedding errands. 
  • Allows multiple admins – Give others the ability to make changes to the website if you’re too swamped.
  • Convenient moments timeline feature – Joy highlights photos that you took with your significant other to relive some of the best, most important moments before your marriage.
  • Wedding invitation pairing with website designs – Coordinate your wedding invitations to match your website for a nice touch that guests will appreciate. 
  • Affordable – No cost! (Unless you want to update your URL).


What’s bad about Joy?

  • Templates are limiting – Based on the other options we’ve seen, limited access is a big blow to Joy’s ranking. Regardless, Joy has a ton of features.
  • Two different layouts to choose from – Joy limits your creativity; for some people, that won’t be a problem, while others want to make unique websites. 

Is Joy Hard to Use?

Joy allows you to share broadcasts and announcements when the app is downloaded and active.

Based on the limited templates, Joy shouldn’t be too difficult to navigate and create a website that matches your wedding.

Pricing & Plans

Joy is free to use, but a custom domain is $19.99.

You can reap the rewards from the previous features and make your wedding memorable with a satisfactory end product.

Our Take

Joy manages weddings of all kinds.

That said, Joy has some downsides, such as not having as many options as the others.

Joy is free, so check it out, and you may love it.

8. Best for Privacy – Zola

Why We Suggest This

Zola is a very user-friendly wedding website builder and guests can tackle your registry while viewing your photos, and learning how you and your significant other met.

  • Best For: Couples looking for pre-planned wedding programs

Zola is easy to use and ideal for couples looking for pre-planned wedding programs.


Zola offers more than building websites.

You can get wedding advice for planning, budgeting, decor inspiration, and party suggestions.

Their websites are completely customizable, and you can choose from 250 templates.

Our Rating

Zola earns four stars. With design options and extra password security, the website builder has no harsh downsides to elicit a lower score.

Notable Features

What makes Zola one of the best wedding website builders?

  • Countless themes – You’ll find one that suits your needs with hundreds of free and unique templates.
  • Quick customization – Use the drag and drop feature to add photos, directions, and other important and helpful info.
    This makes your planning easy. Guests will appreciate the one-stop-shop for RSVPing and shopping for your registry.
  • Matching – Create an invitation design that coordinates with your website.  


The good…

  • Quick wedding website designs – You can add photos, fun stories, and other wedding details in minutes. 
  • Easy to manage the guest list – Guests can search their names and RSVP whether or not they’re coming.
    By linking to the Zola registry, they can shop, learn about your wedding, and appreciate your pictures.  
  • Free password protection – Keeping specific details private is really important.
    You don’t want your wedding and personal info out there for the internet to see.  
  • Allows for virtual wedding hosting – You can stream virtual events at no extra cost. 


The bad and the ugly…

  • Limiting if you don’t go to the Zola registry – Zola registry has thousands of top name-brand items to browse.
    But if you choose to shop elsewhere, then the website does feel like it’s lacking. 
  • No basic customization options – You can list directions, accommodations, and dress code.
    But this information is dull without a little pizzazz.  

Is Zola Hard to Use?

Zola is a very user-friendly wedding website builder.

You can customize it with recommendations for guests to consider and other fun little tidbits.

What you decide to include on your Zola site is ultimately up to you; the templates are for your reference.

Pricing & Plans

All Zola websites are free to use, but you have to pay $14.95 for a custom domain.

Our Take

Zola is one of the best one-stop-shops for all your website-creating and shopping needs. Your guests will appreciate that they can tackle your registry while viewing your photos and learning how you and your significant other met.

9. Best For Custom URLs – Riley & Grey 

Why We Suggest This

Riley & Grey allows you to describe your love story in a modernized style.

  • Best For: Couples who want to showcase their story effortlessly

Riley & Grey is for design-forward couples who want to showcase their story effortlessly.

You can manage guests with style and plan your wedding like a walk in the park.

The features are smart and stress-free.


Riley & Grey makes it easy to set up your website so you can spend time with your family and friends instead of worrying about planning your wedding.

Their services take away the headaches with flexible and unique designs that don’t require a background in HTML or graphic design.

Our Rating

Riley & Grey gets five stars because, despite its limited smaller customization options, the pricing is reasonable.

You get all-around fantastic features that will help make your wedding planning a breeze.

Notable Features

Why should you consider purchasing Riley & Grey?

  • Cohesive design – You can send multimedia wedding invitations digitally and via a mobile app.
    You could also choose luxury paper invites to match your wedding website.
  • Modern and traditional – This sounds oxymoronic, but Riley & Grey honors the wedding tradition with 21st-century approaches.
    They offer different languages and travel details for those coming from out of the country with cultural customizations.
  • Revolutionary tools – You can learn more about your guests and even have them contribute to the reception playlist to feel more involved.
    Link your registry, add accommodation info, or list some fun activities to do after the ceremony.    


Keep reading for some of the positives of Riley & Grey.

  • It comes with a custom URL – Some previous website builders required you to pay more for a custom URL. Riley & Grey comes with one after the fee.  
  • Sophisticated website design – If you want to make your guests awe, then Riley & Grey can help you create a classy website with premium features.
  • Playful RSVP section – Have fun with the way you get guests to confirm whether or not they’ll attend rather than just sending back a response.  
  • Design match wedding stationery – Riley & Grey allows you to customize your cards with your website, so all of it flows together.  
  • Listing and gathering RSVPs for different events – Avoid confusion by having people designate what event they’ll go to and kill two birds with one stone. 


  • No free option – You have to pay to use Riley & Grey.
    If you browse their website for a while and determine it works, then there’s no issue with spending some money.
  • Non-customizable fonts and backgrounds – A downside to Riley & Grey is the customization for more minor elements of your website is set in stone.   

Is Riley & Grey Hard to Use?

Riley & Grey has everything and more that you could dream of for your wedding.

From RSVP cards to ceremony programs to reception menus, you can choose as little or as much as you want.

Use their example text as inspiration, upload photos, and voila, you have a great and effective website!  

Pricing & Plans

  • $35 per month
  • $240 per year

The full year is the most popular option with the same features you get for the month-to-month plan.

However, you save some money, and you can build your website for free to start.

You can reserve a custom domain and save favorite designs for $35.

Our Take

Riley & Grey allows you to describe your love story in a modernized take on traditional methods.

You can put yourself and your guests first and worry about the finer details later.

10. Best for Notifications – eWedding

Why We Suggest This

eWedding is super easy, and you can impress your friends and family with a professional-looking website you created yourself.

  • Best For: Couples looking for a user-friendly wedding website builder

eWedding sets the new standard in wedding planning with 24/7 access and automated planning and guest management.


eWedding acts primarily as an RSVP system based on your guest list.

You can also use it as a honeymoon and cash registry, linking to where you want guests to navigate to purchase items.

You get a custom domain and email with budget and payment alerts, so you know exactly where every dollar is spent and when to meet deadlines.  

Our Rating

We give four stars to eWedding because while their services are useful, limited customer support and free themes lower the overall score.

Notable Features

What are the notable features of our final wedding website builder?

  • More than 40 ways to customize experiences – eWedding combines engagement with functionality, collecting the info you need from each guest, like addresses or song requests.
    Weddings are complex, and eWedding makes it easy to organize every detail.
  • Text notifications – Keep up to date with exact moments like a new RSVP or if one of your family members needs directions.
  • Cloud-based wedding tools – You can save money when using eWedding.
    This builder combines quality with planning.
    You have enough on your plate.
    Their automated services and advanced tools save resources and time and lower your stress.


Why should you use eWedding?

  • Offers cross-platform support – Integrating with other websites is an incentive.
    You can access all of the tools easily without bouncing back and forth. 
  • Free to begin – Get a hang of the functions before you commit to a purchase.
  • Attractive designs – Create a captivating website with the templates and tools eWedding provides in their plans.   
  • Guests can enjoy it, too – You want to navigate the website easily but more importantly, make a positive experience for your guests. 
  • Allows for creativity – The sky’s the limit when you use eWedding; you can personalize your website and make it entirely your own to fit the vibes of your wedding.  


What are some less favorable aspects of eWedding?

  • Poor customer support – If you can’t reach a representative with a question or concern, then all the benefits collapse.
  • Free themes are limited – Choosing the free plan will save you money, but you won’t have as many options as the paid plans.  

Is eWedding Hard to Use?

eWedding is super easy, and you can impress your friends and family with a professional-looking website you created yourself.

You get access to a seating chart to organize your guest arrangements.

You also can view vendor details and checklists.

Use a hashtag generator to create more customizations.  

Pricing & Plans

How expensive is eWedding?

  • Free
  • Premium ($9 per month)
  • Premium Plus ($27 per month)
  • Premium ($99 per year) 
  • Premium Plus ($297 per year) 

You get a premium builder, standard website themes, and limited notifications on the free plan.

After upgrading, you get a custom domain name, high-quality themes, additional notifications, and unlimited photos.

The premium plans have security, email forwarding, SEO, and multiple extensions.

Our Take

eWedding supports creativity and working on multiple projects at once with cross-platform support.

They have reasonable pricing and countless ways you can customize.

If you think eWedding will work for you, give it a try for free.  

Features to Look for In a Wedding Website Builder

Now, we have to consider the question: What should you look for before buying a wedding website builder?

These features are important when pursuing a website builder.

Read the following sections to learn why you should look for them before committing to a certain product.

1. Free Templates

Every website builder in this review has templates.

Templates are the base for your website and are crucial for customizing how you would like the end product to turn out.

They also add a touch of creativity if you need inspiration for your website.

2. Integrates With Other Sites

eWedding was a great example of a website that integrates well with other sites.

You can cross-reference multiple instead of wasting time navigating back and forth.

Integration makes your life easier in the long run.

3. Online Gift Registry

Have your guests shop online with a linked gift registry, like Zola.

That way, they can purchase a gift to celebrate your wedding while looking at your website and appreciating all the hard work you put into it.

4. Drag-And-Drop Editor

Drag and drop editors, like Wedsites, make the process of creating a website quick and easy.

You can go back to spending time tackling other responsibilities or enjoying yourself amongst family.  

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions regarding the best wedding website builders, you’re not alone.

Here are some common inquiries that we answered to clarify some things.

vector graphic showing an image of the best website builders - header image

When should you start a wedding website?

Create a wedding website as soon as you set a wedding date.

Publish it and make it live six to eight months before the wedding day, around the same time you send out RSVPs.

Then, guests can read more about the event and begin making necessary plans.

Is a wedding website necessary?

A wedding website acts as the heart of the event.

You can list the location and dress code.

You can link to your registry and highlight other important info.

People can leave heartfelt comments, and you can include your social media accounts.

Your website acts as a networking tool for guests and posts important notifications.

While not necessary, a wedding website is a handy tool in this modern age.

How much do wedding websites cost?

Wedding website builders have free and paid options.

You can purchase add-on features for an additional cost.

Every company has a range of rates, but you should expect to pay between $50 to $200 per year for a wedding website.

Publish it and make it live six to eight months before the wedding day, around the same time you send out RSVPs.

Then, guests can read more about the event and begin making necessary plans.

Wrapping Up

Appy Couple, Minted, and Riley & Grey were the clear winners of this product round-up.

They have features and prices that outdo the rest.

The builders incorporate online registries, free templates, and quick editors that make setting up a site easy.

WedSites and Zola were close runners-up.

Of course, you may have different perspectives.

Conduct further research to see what you think of these products.

Hopefully, you better understand the best wedding website builders and how they can help with your wedding.

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