This is what our ancestors said. They were right, and their wisdom still is absolutely valid for us internet marketers today. After all we are still talking about nets… as in networks, right? Not about hookworks, right?

But still most people utterly fail to get the idea. Research shows that most internet marketers stick to the concept that running a single quality (“authority”) site is like raising a cash cow.

Which could be true in an ideal world and with an ideal niche. In other words: it hardly ever materializes that way.

Time for a reality check

Nevertheless most webmasters somehow manage to convince themselves that “sooner or later” they will not only find their ideal niche but even be able to hold and defend it against any upcoming competition.

Experience and research show how this assumption is wrong.

Just as wrong as the assumption that the mere desire to make a lot of cash online is in itself already enough to give you the ability to create pages of quality content or even find people who will.

So why not just take a look at the horizon and see that there are two main roads. A hard one plastered with the rather vain assumption that you of all people will find the cool niche and produce the glorious content that propels you to stardom, and a much smoother one in which a webmaster just wants to make money the most convenient way possible.

Cash or vanity?

So here comes the question: why not simply stick to the original idea (making a lot of money) and toss all the vanity over board that leads you to believe you are the chosen one for finding and creating perfect niches with perfect content?

Why not look at the facts that show us quite clearly that more sites  – as “network” already indicates – catering for average niches and filled with average content (aka stuff we actually can produce quite effortlessly) bring more and faster cash.

Had our forefathers gone out with gilded hooks instead of decent sized nets they would have starved. Let the same be said about Internet marketers with comparable attitude problems.

Easy solution

So here’s the deal that our forefathers would have opted for to be well fed all the time:

  • Don’t even consider running in any niche with less than 10 sites.

What you need to make money is to attract traffic. Better rankings attract more traffic. And you get better ranking with setting up a couple of EMD’s (exact match domains) for every single niche.

This rule is still totally valid even after Google’s penguin update. Penguin penalizes “over-optimization” aka “unnatural back linking” which basically just means instead of 100% back linking with exact match keywords you now go down to let’s say 20% and let the other 80% of your back links go to more varied words and phrases. And you will find yourself getter much better rankings and more traffic with less effort.

Have in mind that setting up a new domain sets you back around 10 bucks per year. To shy away from such a puny investment just is not business like. It’s plainly irrational.

The more so as there are services and software’s out there that make managing multi site networks nothing but a piece of cake. Have a look at This software makes multi-siting as simple as possible.

Now just sit down once and give it a quick consideration and calculation. What will bring more fun and more cash?

Getting a headache trying to push out ever “better” content for your “authority” site of which you deep down inside know it never will constitute a real “authority” on anything? Putting all your eggs in one single and fragile basket?

Or pump out what happens to come to mind, spreading it over ten plus domains (or even hundreds) in no time and spend the rest of your time entering more and better niches?

You’ll have to admit: it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

Discretion helps

To make it work even better still, you should register these domains under various registrars and on different dates and use their whois privacy options.

We don’t need to speculate here what Google can or wants to see and penalize under this or any further update.

Just stick to the facts: don’t leave more footprints than necessary. Don’t tell the SE’s right upfront that this is your own private and powerful network that wants to take a beating for “unnatural back linking”. Better play it safe by playing it discreet. Even better: play on This is a software decidedly developed for workflows without footprints.


This way you can easily make more money. Don’t cry about failing to win a Google Pulitzer for your ego pampered site project. Just buy yourself a Rolls instead…

This post was written by Dewi of and