Whether your primary business is a blog or a blog is an extension of your online business, there is a need to implement certain resources that enables business management, especially when it is website dependent.

Two situations can happen with online business:

  1. Despite the presence of a Contact Form, leads taper off because few people will procrastinate filling up the form.
  2. Website / Blog looks bleak and unimpressive, putting off people from engaging further.

Either of these situations are bad for business. Losing leads means losing out on ROI.

This is the exact problem I experienced with by business website and a couple of blogs I own and manage. Certainly, it’s not possible to be everywhere all the time. This lead me to searching methods to mitigate the problem and I came across various live chat tools.

In the last 7 days, I tried out three live chat tools and this article today is about my experience with Pure Chat. On my business website, my VA was able to capture 10+ leads every day from the homepage visitors, that’s a 47% increase from the usual turnaround. Our experience showed that people coming to the website clicked on the Contact page but 80% of the time, we never received any email from them. It was a serious business problem that we were unaware of and the Pure Chat tool intervened at the right time.

What is Pure Chat?

A live chat and visitor tracking software that helps your business generate more leads. Through their integration, you can experience and engage with the live traffic in real-time, instead of waiting for prospects to take the lead via email or phone. They also have free Android and iOS apps, making customer interaction a real-time experience.


Depending on the chosen plan, Pure Chat enables storage of chat history and transcript reviews. Once a visitor is on the website, the Pure Chat reveals few informative pointers:

  • Visitor geographical source
  • Pages browsed
  • Current page

…and the software automatically matches the details with past conversations to reveal if it’s a returning lead prospects and shows past conversations (if any).

Pure Chat Features

The best features I liked were:

#1 Real-Time Visitor Tracking

Evaluating data on Google Analytics or other tools pales in comparison to real-time tracking and acting upon that data.

The Pure Chat systems allows you view visitors browsing multiple pages and send customized responses. For example, if you’re selling blog advertisement packages and the visitor is on the page, you know exactly how to start the conversation.

Or, you can use Canned Responses to visitors.

Pure Chat Canned Responses

Also, almost all the features of the Dashboard are carried to the mobile apps (Android and iOS). You don’t miss out on customer support.

#2 Engagement Reporting

You need to analyse the traction generated from the website and blog, and the customer support offered by your team. Every activity is expressed through beautiful graphs and imagery. The metrics aren’t confusing.

Engagement Live Chat

You can track the time spent on each prospect, how your team members are handling support, how much time is spent on Support and other factors. The live chat software integrates via Zapier with HubSpot, Google Analytics, ZOHO, Salesforce, MailChimp, Infusionsoft and many more. They have in-depth guides on the website to help you with these integrations.

At the end of the day, I get a concrete report of how the business is functioning on one platform. I prefer this in comparison to logging in to various tools and dashboards.  

#3 User Permissions

It’s easy to on-board the whole customer support team on the platform. As the administrator, you can add users, give users specific functions and privileges, customise their duties and be on the top of the pyramid to monitor engagement and conversations with the prospects.

Other features:

  1. Automate chat box to pop up after few seconds.
  2. Assign different members to different departments.
  3. If you don’t have a blog or website, you can host the chat box on the Pure Chat server.
  4. All conversations are secure with SSL security.
  5. Chat in multiple languages.
  6. Chat box turns into an email form whenever you’re away from the system or logged out.

Pure Chat has a free and premium model, both. It supports Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac and other web-based browsers. It is SaaS deployed, cloud hosted and with open API. All the geographies are covered.

Personally, I use the $100 per month Growth Plan that includes 10 users and 5 websites. I signed up for the free version and then upgraded. If you’re just starting out and managing everything on your own, the Starter Plan for a single user is best.


Pure Chat is an inexpensive and a worthy website lead generation ROI tool.