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Top 3 Reasons Your Blog Is Not Making Any Money [What to Do Instead]



blog not making money

blog not making moneyDid you know why most blogs fail?

Most people have the wrong mentality from the start. They start a blog to make money.

Starting a blog just to make money is the surefire way to become a failure.

You need to treat your blog as a business, only then, you’ll be able to invest money into it.

If you’re a beginner, here’s the one thing you can learn: it takes money to make money online. I learned this lesson the hard way.

You may ask, is it wrong to start a blog just for the money. If the only reason you’re starting a blog is to make money, then you will most likely fail.

However, if you are not interested at all in attaining at least one purely selfish goal like money, brand, recognition etc., you will also likely fail.

You need them both, that’s the paradox. If you create something great that benefits others, you deserve some selfish gain. If you enjoy the process of helping others with your blog, you will eventually start making money as a result. But if you start a blog just for money, you’re going to mess it up.

Unfortunately, 90% of the bloggers have the same mentality as stated above. That’s why they fail to build a profitable blog that makes money.

Here are few major reasons why most bloggers fail to build profitable blogs. And I’ll also show you what you can do to build a successful blog that makes money. Let’s jump into the details.

3 reasons most bloggers fail to make money blogging

Reason #1: You are creating freebie seekers

Building a blog or website that makes you money is not easy. If you want to create a successful blog that makes money, you should protect it from freebie seekers.

I know, we all create freebies such as eBooks, videos, plugins etc to attract more email subscribers. But if you keep on doing that and give away everything for free, you’re only attracting freebie seekers which is bad for your business in the long run.

Yes, you should give away a lot of stuff for free but you should also be aggressive in selling when it’s right. So don’t be shy in selling stuff to your audience.

So how to turn freebie seekers into buyers?

If you are offering freebies to attract more email subscribers, start engaging with them. The more bonding you create with your subscribers the more problems you will get to know about them.

Once you understand their problems, you can figure out ways to offer them solutions. Then you can either create your own products or promote others products that solve their problems.

Key takeaway: Learn how to engage with your freebie seekers. Don’t build an email list for the sake of just growing it. Optimize your email list to educate about the products you promote with your subscribers to turn them into buyers.

Reason #2: You are not promoting well

Most people spend majority of their time on creating content rather than promoting it. How are you supposed to increase your blog exposure if you are not getting enough people to actually read your stuff?

Spend majority of your time on promoting your blog posts rather than creating it. If you are spending 1 hour on creating a post, spend 4 hours promoting it. The more people read your content the more feedback you will get. It helps you create better content for your blog audience in the long run.

Key takeaway: Promotion is the BIGGEST factor that makes or breaks a blog’s success. If you want to build a profitable blog, learn how to reach wider audience with your content.

Reason #3: You don’t have a vision

So why every blog needs a strong vision?

Without having a clear vision, you will never know on which direction you are going. You will never be able to create the right content that serves your audience and you will never properly understand who you are targeting.

Most blogs fail because they lack of vision. Most bloggers fail to make money because they don’t blog for a long haul. They consider blogging as a get rich quick scheme and they try hard in the beginning to get more traffic. And if they don’t see any better results, they will quit. That’s how most bloggers end up quitting before even they start.

Key takeaway: Vision is what drives you to build a profitable blog in the long run. Don’t go for shortcuts to make money, instead learn how you can blog for profits that helps you make passive income for years to come.

So what you need to do instead to build a profitable blog?

Spend 80% of your time on increasing your blog exposure

To make money you need more traffic. To increase your traffic you need to create more blog posts, right? Absolutely wrong.

Creating more posts to increase your traffic is one of the dumbest mistakes most bloggers make. If creating more content is what brings you more traffic then everyone would be getting tons of traffic by now. But it’s not happening, right?

You should spend most of your time on increasing your blog exposure instead of churning out more stuff. That’s the key to building a profitable blog that makes money.

I know there are a lot of ways to make money from your blogs including Google AdSense, paid reviews, blog consulting, affiliate marketing etc. But you need to first bring right kind of audience to your blogs.

So how to increase your blog exposure? Here are few ideas that help you boost exposure to your contents.

  • Focus on building a loyal readership around your blogs. Figure out who is leaving comments on your blogs, check out their blogs and leave honest feedback.
  • Connect with the influencers in your niche. Offer them free help instead of seeking their help. Once you build strong relationships with them, they will help you in some or other way. I don’t need to say how one tweet from an influencer can bring you more traffic and subscribers.
  • Convert your blog posts into eBooks, videos, Infographics etc. If you curate top performing contents on your blog, you will be getting a lot of exposure without spending too much time on production.

Turn visitors into subscribers

I said it before and I’ll say it again. If you want to make money from blogging, build an email list. If you are not doing that, nothing can help you make passive income online.

Building and growing a successful email list is not a rocket science. Make sure you define your audience and place your optin forms in the following places to dramatically grow your subscribers.

Above the fold: You can use a hellobar or SumoMe app to show a notification bar above your logo. It actually sticks with your blog content so even if your readers scroll down to read stuff, it follows them. It’s a good way to boost your subscription rates.

About page: If someone’s reading your about page, they are already connected with you. So ask for their email by using an optin form.

Top of the sidebar: This is the most visible place on any blog. So use it to your advantage to grow your email list.

End of the blog post: If someone has made it till the end of your posts, they are likely to subscribe to your email list if they find your content useful.

Footer (if you use): Another most visible place on your blog’s design that converts really well if you are offering any free incentives to your blog readers.

Find products that solve your audience problems

The money you make online is directly proportional to the people you help.

If you solely focus on making money, you will most likely fail. But if you focus on solving your audience or customers problems through your products, you will make money no matter what. This is the one factor you should be focusing on. Always make sure to solve your readers problems through your blog products and content.

When your audience trust you and see you as you are genuinely trying to help them, they will happily give their money to buy whatever you promote.

Final thoughts about why most blogs fail to make money

Starting a blog is easy but making money from it takes a lot of efforts. If you are consistent with your blog, your efforts will never go in vain.

Blog for a long haul if you want to succeed in making money from it. I’ve been successfully making money from last 5 years from blogging because I never gave up. There are so many instances I’ve struggled to be consistent with my blogging efforts. One thing I learned from all these years is you need to stay strong when things go tough.

Making money blogging becomes easy if you clearly understand your audience needs and wants. You just need to find ways to engage with them regularly. For that, an email newsletter comes into handy.

Also focus on adding value to the blogger’s community and never stop networking with other bloggers.

If you like this post, please share it with your friends so they can benefit from it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Anil Agarwal is the guy behind Bloggers Passion blog where he blogs about blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, making money online and web hosting related topics. He also owns, a blog dedicated to web hosting solutions.

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Blog Traffic Loves Generous Service



Blog traffic absolutely loves generous service. Do you want to succeed? Help oodles of people for free through blogging and guest posting. Toss in helping bloggers by noting bloggers on your blog, by commenting genuinely on blogs and by mentioning bloggers on social media. Traffic flows your way. Because blog traffic loves generous service. The more help you offer through your eBook, course and blog, the more traffic you drive. Simple equation. Give, to get. Keep giving freely and blog traffic finds you. Hug this super simple, powerful law of life. Service prospers you. Blog traffic flows to generous bloggers.

What gives? Why do many bloggers struggle to drive blog traffic? In essence, most human beings vibe mainly from an energy of fear and loss. You and I learn to do stuff with fear being our main driver. So, blogging becomes another outlet through which to do stuff from a dominant energy of fear. Like, publish one post for the week and do no more. Because you fear not getting enough return on investment. Plus you fear wasting time. Plus you fear working hard. Plus you fear looking like a fool if people come across all of the awesome content you create and, due to your increased exposure, you become the object of intense criticism. Ouch; that would hurt, eh? Being burdened by these fears, you play small, be stingy and just publish one post every 1-2 weeks. If YOU are stingy with the Universe, the Universe BE’S stingy with you. Give. Receive. Don’t give. Don’t receive. So, withholding generous service ensures blog traffic gets withheld from you. What a simple strategy to put into action, right? But of course, what an uncomfortable strategy to put into action, too, because facing and feeling fear, never feels all that comfortable. Nobody loves this process. Me included. But ya gotta take that route to be a successful blogger.

Help as many people as possible daily through a few clear strategies. Keep publishing content to your blog. Keep guest posting. Gain immense exposure and gain skills and yep, gain credibility……and of course, gain blog traffic. All occurs because you gave freely of your time and talents. Give freely. Gain blog traffic. But giving freely FORCES you outside of your comfort zone. For example, I publish 9 or more guest posts and blog posts daily, between both. No joke, this taxes me sometimes. I face fears about doing billionaire work and not see billions in my bank account yet. All that crap. Yep, I proceed. I blog into deep fears, feel fears, and clearing these fears helps me drive more blog traffic, leading to increased blogging success. All about that free giving, folks. Give freely, and you shall position yourself to receive more easily.

Be with scary emotions. I feel you. I have been there, guys. Nudging through to feel these energies is the way to clear these energies. Keep giving, and the getting becomes easier and easier in blog traffic terms. Imagine guest posting on 30 blogs over the next 3 months. Visualize how this increased exposure boosts your blog traffic. People see you all over, click your bio link and you get more blog traffic. Your generous service through guest posting put everything into motion.

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Why Ask Blogging Questions Already Asked Thousands of Times?



Ya know what?

I feel awesome teaching bloggers with my friend Sue-Ann. We are currently helping course students via the creative, innovative, never duplicated: How to Bling Your Blog and Feed That Hog course.

Live, interactive and engaging, students already noted how we cover new, different topics compared to virtually all other blogging courses. Sure we cover the basics. But we do so quite differently than your average blogging course. Sue-Ann and I both became successful by doing things differently than most other bloggers. We think. We deliberate. We virtually never do things mindlessly. Alas, many of my fellow bloggers – most newbies – move in the opposite direction. One quick Quora visit reflects this mass sheeple mentality crippling most newbie blogger careers. Again, a few moments ago, I spied at least 4 bloggers asking the same, old, “how do you succeed at blogging” type question again, said questions being asked for the millionth time.

I have compassion for new bloggers. I also understand how every new blogger feels entitled to ask virtually any question. But just because you can ask any question, does that mean you should ask any or every blogging question popping up in your mind? Nope. You should note Why? Asking the successful blogging question wastes your time and my time because tens of thousands of bloggers have answered this question accurately tens of thousands of times across thousands of online platforms. We covered it already. I even created an entire course to devote to answering the question. Why litter Quora and the web in general with the same blogging question for the 10,000th time? At best, it is a time waster. At worst, borderline spam.

I love ya’s but you need to begin thinking like a successful blogger well before experiencing success. How would a successful blogger go about figuring out how to succeed at blogging? Pay someone to access the answer in 5 or 10 seconds. Hire someone to coach them. Buy a course or eBook in a minute. Why waste 24 or 36 hours waiting for an answer from some blogger when you get the answer 30 minutes after buying and reading one of my 100 plus eBooks? Failures wait for answers to questions asked thousands of times. Winners buy the answer immediately. This is the difference between struggling bloggers and future pros. Strugglers put no thought into the process. Why in the Hades would you ever believe 10,000 bloggers prior to you have NOT asked the successful blogging question? Of course they did! Think logically for 5 seconds. Of course hundreds of top bloggers answered the successful blogging question. And yes, of course you access that question through Google and Amazon in seconds, querying and investing money in instant answers from pros.

No brainer territory, guys. Buy the solution in seconds. Stop being like poverty conscious bloggers who put zero thought and little logic into why they ask a question obviously asked and answered accurately, thousands of times. Blogging gets easier if you think mindfully. Blogging gets harder if you mindlessly give zero thought to the craft. Invest money in getting proven answers to basic blogging questions. Accelerate your online success. Save your time. Save my time.

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When Is It Too Late to Start Blogging?




Ego sometimes clings to limiting ideas. One such idea is the notion that starting a blog at some specific age proves to be futile because of it being too late. I recall hearing Gary Vaynerchuk professing how people in their early 20’s ask him if it is too late to begin a business. Do you see why ego deludes you? Fear manifests as all types of crippling beliefs holding you back. Someone clinging to fear, being 21 years old, asks if being 21 is too old for starting a business. Why? Some 21 year olds observe 14 year olds who create million dollar ventures. Or some 21 year olds see fellow 21 year olds who already became millionaires, when the limited-thinking 21 year old simply has never been an entrepreneur. Guess what? It is never late to begin blogging. It is never too late to begin blogging. I recall a 73 year old new to blogging who bought 4 of my eBooks after I wrote a guest post on Build Your Own Blog. He began blogging at 73 years old. Imagine that? Yet 21 year olds some 50 years his minor fear being 21 is too old for beginning a successful venture.

Fear makes you think silly things. Be beyond fear. Feel fear. Release fear. Move in a direction of possibilities. Move toward opportunities. Now is the time to begin blogging whether you are 21 or 101. Now is the time to begin. Seize the moment. Do you plan to be around for a bit? Blog. Begin blogging. It is never too late to start blogging because you and I sit in the perfect place at the perfect time for our individual journeys. I began blogging in my mid 30’s. 35 years old, to be exact. Being a 35 year old beginner blogger never crossed my mind as being too old because I did not cling to the fear fueling that too old, aged, limiting belief. I saw actual 12 year olds blogging during my newbie blogging days. Who cares that a kid 20 years my junior began blogging? I had 20 more years LIFE experience than he. Possessing 20 more years life experience puts you at a tremendous advantage when it comes to learning the in’s and out’s of blogging the right way. Heck; the 73 year old new blogger may have zero blogging experience but 73 years of life experience. What seems more important at that point in your life? Does knowing how to format a blog post at 73 count more than the fearlessness, serenity and peace you acquired from facing 73 years worth of fears? Dude begins blogging with the mindset of a Blogging Yoda, for all he faced and for all the experience he has. Does THAT sound like it’s too late for blogging?

The only thing I would say is to begin blogging now because blogging experience is your best ally. Do not wait on the sidelines. Even though you can begin blogging at any age, why wait until you turn 45 when you can begin blogging now, at age 40? Why hesitate? Experience benefits you tremendously. Whether you start blogging at 13 or 73, experience earned and learned from, accelerates your blogging success. But you need to see the journey through and you need to begin blogging now. Go ahead. Blog. It’s not too late!


Do you fear deleting your worn out, failing blog to start over? Buy my eBook:

Why Trashing 3400 Blog Posts Was My Greatest Blogging Success

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