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By: | Updated: May 25, 2021

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Podcasts have become an increasingly popular way of obtaining information. This
format lends itself to the busy modern lifestyle, since it allows listeners to download a
steady stream of new and interesting content to their mobile devices at no cost.

Once the content has been downloaded, they can listen to it while commuting to and from
work, while exercising, running errands or engaging in other activities. This is where
blog talk radio review comes into play.

Blog Talk Radio Review

A podcast provides listeners with “radio” style talk and music shows that gives them an
alternative to broadcast radio. There is little variety in the formatted content available
from commercial ratio stations, where the same songs are played repeatedly.

Anyone who has a computer, a mic and internet access can create their own podcast and
broadcast it. With no traditional broadcast formats or regulations, it’s an open format to
express ideas and opinions.

About Our Blog Talk Radio Review

Enter Blog Talk Radio. Founded in 2006 as an internet radio service, the company now
works with podcasters and supports those involved in the podcast movement.

The company now boasts 8,500 shows created on a weekly basis and more than
10,000 active hosts. More than 24 million listens take place each month to shows in a
wide range of categories, including:

• Art

• Automotive

• Business

• Education

• Entertainment

• Family

• Food

• Health

• Hobbies

• Lifestyle

• Music

• News

• Politics

• Religion

• Science

• Self Help

• Spirituality

• Sports

• Technology

• Women

Several well-known networks broadcast podcasts from Blog Talk Radio for their
listeners, including The Motley Fool, Hardwood Paroxysm Basketball Network, BizTalk
Radio, eWN Radio Network, SB Nation, Reality TV RHAP Ups and Shaw Media
Podcast Network.

Podcasting Made Available to Anyone

Blog Talk Radio offers a number of plans to make it easy for anyone who is podcasting
to use the platform. These are designed to meet the needs of users of all kinds for
uploading and broadcasting their content.

Standard Features for All Plans:

All plans offered by Blog Talk Radio (BTR) come with the following features included.

• RSS feed generation and management

• Share and embed your podcast episodes across the World Wide Web and in social
media websites.

• Distribute your podcasts to iTunes, Overcast, Stitcher and other podcasters using a

single click

• Access a revenue share engine to find sponsors for your show (conditions do apply)

Extended Tryout Plan (Broadcast Only)

Cost $0

• This Plan allows podcasters to broadcast 45 minute episodes via the online Studio.
No uploading allowed.

• Allows user to try the platform out to see if it might be a good fit for them and their

• Up to two guest or listener call-ins per studio session plus host (you).

• Up to 30 hours of episode storage and hosting.

• Basic podcast analytics for multi-channel listening activity.

Upload-Only Plan (Lite)

Cost $12 per month (First month free)

• With this Plan, subscriber get an unlimited number of podcasts each month, plus 500
hours of episode storage and hosting.

• Standard level of email support included.

• Advanced podcast analytics for multi-channel listening activity.

Upload and/or Broadcast Plan (Small)

Cost $39 per month (First month free)

This Plan is the most popular one offered by BTR.

• It gives subscribers two hours studio sessions for live broadcasts or recordings and
prime time scheduling for live broadcasts.

• Up to 50 guest and listener call-ins to studio sessions are included.

• Unlimited podcast episode uploads outside of the Studio-generated episodes.

• Advanced podcast analytics for multi-channel listening activity and, Silver Support for
priority email and live chat.

Upload and/or Broadcast Plan (Medium)

Cost $99 per month (First month free)

• Three-hour studio sessions for either live broadcasts or recording, and up to 100
guests and listener call-ins to studio sessions included.

• Live broadcasts are scheduled during prime time.

• Number of podcast episode uploads (outside of Studio-generated episodes) is not
capped at this level, and unlimited media hosting and serving is included.

• Advanced podcast analytics for multi-channel listening activity and Silver Support for
priority email and live chat is part of the Plan.

Upload and/or Broadcast Plan (Large)

Cost $249 per month (First month free)

• Large Plan also includes three hours audio sessions for either live broadcasts or
recordings; however the number of guests and listener call-ins allowed to Studio
sessions increases to 250.

• Live broadcasts are scheduled during prime time.

• Ad-free pages on to promote brand and advanced podcast analytics for
multi-channel listening activity.

• Gold Level Support: Priority email, live chat and phone is included with the Plan.

How to Set up a Plan on BTR

Setting up a Plan is easy. You simply choose the type of account you would like, set up
your show and go live using the BTR platform. Subscribers have the flexibility to
upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

Provide a valid credit card number and your contact information. Your credit card will not
be charged for 30 days after you have registered for the Plan of your choice, with the
exception of the Free Plan.

Tools Available to Help you Grow your Podcast

Blog Talk Radio doesn’t just leave you to your own devices when you decide to join its
family of podcasters. Choosing a Plan means that you get access to a number of tools
designed to help you achieve success.

Unlimited Monthly Content. For example, you can add as much content during each
month as you wish. The frequency of your uploads or broadcasts is determined by your
audience, not the restrictions of a contract.

500 Hours to Unlimited Media Storage. Start with a generous number of storage
hours, and increase them you need to. The content you import during the first month
doesn’t count toward your initial limit.

Web-based Studio. No need to rely on Skype or third-party apps to record yourself and
your guests. BTR provides a web-based studio that is easy for you, you co-hosts and
guest to use.

Use pre-recorded music and interviews, segments to add variety to your
live or recorded-only studio session. Your recorded sessions can be edited for
broadcast at a later date.

CD-Quality Sound. Once uploaded, your podcast episodes are delivered to your
audience in CD-quality sampling fidelity.

Embeddable Content. BTR’s embeddable streaming audio player lets you embed and
share content with listeners on your site, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Robust RSS Feed Hosting. Uptime is an impressive 99.99 percent. Episodes are
syndicated to several websites, and you get to keep all of your subscribers if you decide
to leave BTR.

Advanced Metrics. Find out how your podcast is being received based on episode
level listening, time boxed performance, referral sources, listener engagement, etc.

The better the measurement tools you have, the better editorial decisions you and your team
can make and the more credibility you will have with sponsors.

Blog Talk Radio Changes up Traditional Podcast Monetization

In the past, the problem with attempting to monetize blogs was that podcast networks
only offered the most successful podcasts to advertisers. This opportunity was left off
the table for the vast majority of participants, who simply were not invited to the table.

Even those who were monetizing their blog were not getting the full benefit from doing
so. Often, they were giving away free advertising and failing to make the most of their
content assets.

Under BTR’s podcast monetization system, all Plan subscribers are able to monetize
their podcasts and have the potential to collect more in revenue than the standard

BTR matches its podcasters with sponsors that are a good fit, and use a
combination of host read and spot ads controlled by each podcaster as a means to
maximize earnings.

An Entire Bundle of Podcasting Services, Reasonably Priced

Blog Talk Radio has something for the fledging podcaster who is just starting to get their
feet wet in this form of broadcasting. You’ll find plenty of help and support to get you off
to a great start, plus you can start finding sponsors and monetizing your podcast right away.

For more experienced podcasters, BTR has something for you as well. The platform is
meant to be used by podcasters at any level of experience.

You will be able to settle right in and start broadcasting live or recorded programs right away,
and monetizing your podcast.

BTR makes it easy to start working with them, and with no fixed-length contracts you
can change your mind and leave at any point.

If you have a podcast or are thinking of starting one, this is certainly a place worth considering.
You get your first 30 days free, no matter which Plan you choose, so why wouldn’t you take Blog Talk
Radio review features for a test drive to see whether it will work for you?

Keep in mind that if you want to give monetizing your podcast a fair chance, you will
need to stick with it for longer than one month.

It takes time to find sponsors and build an audience. The more popular your podcast becomes, the better sponsors and
advertisers you will be able to attract and the more money you will be able to make from advertisers.

Keep your focus on high-quality, entertaining content and you’ll find your
market. The rest will follow. Give us your blog talk radio review, do you use them?

by Brett Helling
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