12 Tools To Boost Your Blog Engagement

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Will writing many blog articles bring you immediate success?
You may write the best content on the web, but it won’t bring you any solid results if it doesn’t encourage readers’ engagement. Nowadays blogging is not solely about expressing opinions – it’s also about discussions.
You may call yourself a successful blogger only if the comment section under your posts is busy and you get tons of shares and likes on social media websites. So, how can you engage your readers and make your content more exciting?
Fortunately, the Internet and technology are developing fast, and today you may find many tips and tools on content marketing.
The 12 online tools listed in this article will help you make content more engaging and save your time. In case you’ve decided to boost your blogging success and try new approaches, you need to start exploring these websites without any delays!

Google Analytics

Every content marketing strategy starts and ends with data analysis. With Google Analytics, you can understand the visitors’ behavior at your site, you can find the perfect keywords, and you can study real-time statistics.
When you learn how to implement these insights into practice, your blog will become more visible on the search engine, and you’ll learn how to intrigue your readers to be more engaged.


Most people who like reading blogs have created profiles on this service. Disqus enables them to post comments across different websites while staying part of a single online community that covers any topic imaginable.
If you implement the feature-rich comment system into your blog, you’ll instantly become part of this network that will attract plenty of visitors to your posts. The comment system drives greater participation and engagement, so you’ll never regret making this step.


This content marketing tool enables you to build useful links and increase your blog’s visibility with minimal effort.
Scoop.it also enables you to find influencers. Follow their pages and suggest your content. Most authors will be willing to share your post with their followers, so you’ll gain new readers thanks to the collaboration.


Unfortunately, most of the visitors at your site don’t make it to the end of a blog post. The least you can do is add some relevant images that will grab their attention.
You don’t have to waste time on creating an excellent design; everything is much more straightforward with Placeit – a service that enables you to upload your image into a real-world environment. For example, you can add a screenshot of your blog (or any image related to your topic) on an image of a person working on a laptop.

Digg Digg

You can measure your readers’ engagement according to the number of shares you get by Digg Digg. Readers don’t want to copy the link and then paste it into a Facebook status. They prefer social sharing buttons that make the process much more convenient.

Paper Writing Service

Bloggers usually have troubles to understand what their audience wants to read before they gain enough experience. The awesome (and scary) thing about being a writer is that you can always improve. Unfortunately, most of the content writers give up on their blogs before they reach that point.
If you have troubles creating content that blog readers expect, you should try getting a consultation or assistance from professional writers. You can use high-quality paper writing service that can speed the editing process up and make you more confident about the work you’re done.


When you’re sharing different posts and articles, you can use Snip.ly to attach a message to the page itself. This content can be a simple link to your website, or anything else that comes to your mind.
Think about it: you share viral content with your call-to-action attached to it!

Growth Hackers

You might think that content creation and curation is enough to get your marketing campaign going. It’s not! Once you publish your blog posts, you should discover the best way to get the attention of as many readers as possible.
Growth Hackers is a community that’s specifically focused on increasing the awareness about ethical online marketing techniques. You don’t need to attend a marketing course to learn how to promote your blog; just become a member of this community, you’ll bring your blog to success.


With this tool, you’ll deliver interest-based advertising to social influencers. Plus, you’ll be able to look at custom audiences with the purpose of revealing the interests of the visitors, as well as their content engagement habits.
AddThis also provides excellent social tools, which will get you more shares, fans, and follows.


Socedo is one of the best tools that enable you to target the right readers and engage them with a single click. The software will take your custom criteria to discover social prospects.
First, you need to scan Twitter for people who are having the relevant conversation (use keywords related to your blog’s niche). You need to review and approve each suggested prospect, and then Socedo will favorite the latest tweet that contains the specified keyword (from your account, of course).
After one hour, you start following them; and two hours later it sends a LinkedIn invite. Sounds complicated, but this tool makes everything work. It’s a certain way of getting plenty of follow backs and accepted LinkedIn invites.


The visual impression your blog makes is a crucial aspect of the engagement you attract. Canva is an awesome tool that enables you to create infographics, flyer, and posters in few simple steps. You don’t need any experience in design to make your creations; you only need a sense of color combinations and a little time on your hands. You can choose one of the custom layouts, but you can also start pouring your creativity on a blank page.
Canva also enables you to create blog graphics that will grab the attention of your visitors. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they will read the content, but at least they will be intrigued to hang out at the site a bit longer.

Filament Flare

Although there are plenty of sharing bars you can install on your blog, not many of them work for mobile browsers. Since many people read your blog on their smartphones, you have to make things easy for them.
Filament Flare looks great on mobile devices! It’s optimized for Android and iOS, and it offers a pure sharing experience that will inspire your audience to get engaged.

Content + Tools + Commitment = Success

You need to understand that promoting alone cannot make a blog top-notch and blog posts require being more engaging so that the visitors automatically desire to interact with you.
Once you learn how to do that, you can use the right tools that will help you attract more readers and save your time and efforts.
Have you tried any other tools on your blog and blog promotion?
Carol Bull is a tutor, writer, and a blogger, who features the latest career and educational trends in her articles. At the present, she is working as a blog editor at writing agency and writing her first ebook dedicated to online learning.

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