How To Move From Blogger to Wordpress Without Downtime

Moving From Blogger to WordPress Without Downtime

If you’re a Blogger user who has been considering making the jump to a self-hosted install of WordPress, it can seem a little intimidating if you don’t know where to begin. With hosting, transferring posts from Blogger to WordPress, and launching it without downtime, there are a lot of bases to cover. Luckily, with a … Read more

How To Add a Drop Down Menu To a Blogger Blog (Without Javascript!)

Drop down menus can help organize and categorize content links. While many web developers debate whether or not they are good or bad practice, there’s no doubt that they can help clean up a design if you have a rather busy blog. If your blog contains a large amount of information and you’re interested in … Read more

How to Add a Newsletter Popup to Blogger

Growing your mailing list is an important part of building a community and being able to reach your readers. Subscriber popups are handy because they allow you to prompt a visitor to join your list when they visit your site. Offering a special incentive for doing so will result in more signups and a happy … Read more

How To Add a Contact Form on a Blogger Blog

Having a contact page on your blog is highly important. It is how visitors, brands, and companies can reach you and it’s something that every blogger should have. If sharing your email address on your blog is not your cup of tea, a contact form can serve as an easy way for others to get … Read more

How To Migrate From Blogger to WordPress (With a Custom Domain)

Eventually, you may want to transfer your blog from Blogger to WordPress to have more control over your files and every aspect of your blog. If you are already a Blogger user who has a custom domain set up, this tutorial is for you! If you are still using a URL without a custom … Read more

How to Add a Facebook Share Button to Blogger Posts

Allowing others to easily share your content on social media is something that is always important. Thankfully, many of the services we use for our online promotion have social sharing buttons that we can implement into our websites. Adding a Facebook Share button to Blogger is a little different than some other sites because we … Read more

Add a Signature to Your Posts in Blogger

  This little tutorial was requested by a reader and I am sure it can help out a few of you. I’m going to show you how to add a signature to all of your new and existing Blogger posts. The best part about this method is that you can change out your signature at … Read more

Blogger How To: Remove Borders From Pages Menu

I just finished showing you how to center your Blogger Pages menu using a simple code, and now I wanted to take it a little further by showing you how to customize it even more. By default, a standard Blogger template with the Pages widget active displays it in a boxy format with a 1px … Read more

Blogger How To: Center Page Navigation Menu Links

If you’re a Blogger user, you know that the Pages widget is a little less than pretty. Sometimes you want it to line up properly with the rest of your layout and not appear aligned to the left as it is by default. I already showed you how to center your Blogger header, so now … Read more

Blogger or YouTube Headers Appear Dark Grey? FIX!

One of the major annoyances I find that my clients and fellow bloggers have a problem with is uploading header photos in Blogger. WordPress has the featured image thing figured out. Blogger… not so much. If your settings are not configured properly, you’ll notice that uploading any JPG header through the Layout section of Blogger … Read more

Blogger How To: Add Categories

Categorizing your posts in Blogger is not as difficult as you may think. This is a feature that often goes overlooked and can really help organize your posts for easy browsing, and is critical for good blog design. In Blogger, categories are called “labels”. Whenever you create a post, you have the option of adding … Read more

Blogger How To: Center Your Header

Sometimes all you want is a quick fix. You’ve uploaded your Blogger header on the Layout page but it’s aligned to the left. You want it centered horizontally over the content section of your blog instead. Here is how to easily do that! 1. In Blogger, go to Template > Customize 2. Click on the … Read more

Blogger How To: Add New Pages or Tabs

Blogger comes with a Pages feature (also known as Tabs), but it is often overlooked. Pages and Posts differ in that Posts are timestamped and archived as articles. Pages are static pages that should be used for all of the content that is NOT an article and that you might use in a navigation menu. … Read more

How To Add A Facebook Like Button to Blogger Posts

Ah, yes, social media. It’s always important to provide your readers a way to promote your blog using social media – easy access to share and like your content. In this post I will teach you how to easily add one of Facebook’s ever-so-popular “Like” buttons to each post on your Blogger blog. It’s really … Read more