Linkwithin can be a great widget to increase pageviews on your blog. By default after you install your widget in Blogger, it automatically appears at the bottom of your blog post, above the post footer. The post footer is the space that holds your comment link, post labels, author info and share buttons.  Sometimes it’s nice to move this widget below the post footer area so that your actual post footer can grab more attention and not get lost below the widget.

How To Move Your LinkWithin Widget Below the Post Footer/Comment Link in BloggerHow to move your LinkWithin widget below the comment link/post footer:

1. If you already have a LinkWithin widget set up, jump to step 3.  If you would like to add one to your blog, visit the LinkWithin website and enter your blog information in the sidebar area. You will be asked for your blogging platform and width. I like to choose 5 stories as it tends to fill up the space better, but choose to show however many stories you like. For platform, you can either choose Blogger or Other. Sometimes you’ll get an error when trying to install the Blogger way, so for now choose Other.

2. You will get an HTML code to add to your blog. In Blogger, go to the Layout page then add a new HTML/Javascript widget. Paste the code in there. Drag the widget right below the Blog Posts area.

3. In Blogger, go to Template > Edit HTML and click inside the text box.

4. Press CTRL + F (CMD + F on Mac) and a Find box will pop up in the top corner of the editor. In the box enter: post-footer-line-3 and press enter.

5. You should see this code or something similar:

<div class=’post-footer-line post-footer-line-3’/>

6. Right above the </b:includable>paste this code:

7. Save your template and open your blog in a separate browser to view.

If all worked well, you should see your Linkwithin widget below your post footer area now!

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