How To Remove Borders from a Blogger Pages Menu


I just finished showing you how to center your Blogger Pages menu using a simple code, and now I wanted to take it a little further by showing you how to customize it even more. By default, a standard Blogger template with the Pages widget active displays it in a boxy format with a 1px border around the entire thing, and separator lines between each link. This look might not match your overall layout and look a bit out of place, so let’s get rid of those darn lines!

Start by heading over to the Template page in Blogger then clicking Customize. In the top left menu choose Advanced.

In the second menu choose Add CSS and add the following code:

While we’re at it, let’s remove the grey background from the first link in the menu. Add this below the code you just added:

That’s all there is to it! Save your changes and stop stressing over those dumb borders ;). You might also want to learn how to add category links to your menu bar!

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