Blogger or YouTube Headers Appear Dark Grey? FIX!

By: | Updated: May 14, 2021

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One of the major annoyances I find that my clients and fellow bloggers have a problem with is uploading header photos in Blogger.

WordPress has the featured image thing figured out. Blogger… not so much.

If your settings are not configured properly, you’ll notice that uploading any JPG header through the Layout section of Blogger results in an uploaded image that is darker than your original. With white background images, the background appears grey instead of white.

Why is this, and how can you stop it from happening? I’ll share two super quick ways to ensure your headers and photos upload the way they are supposed to.

How to Stop Blogger Headers from Uploading Darker/Grey

This all started happening when Google integrated Blogger with Google+. Why they haven’t sorted it out yet is beyond me, but luckily it’s not a hard fix.

This is happening because by default, your Google+ settings are configured to “Auto Enhance Images”. Since Blogger uses your Google+/Picasa account to store and upload all of your photos, the two are connected.

The same can also be said for YouTube as well as Google+ itself, so if you’ve noticed your cover photo uploads darker than it should, this fix will also work for you.

The first way is to stop this from happening altogether. Sign into Google+ and head over to your Settings page:

Scroll down until you find the Photo/Video settings section:

See that Auto Enhance section? Switch it off! Save your settings and re-upload your header photo. From now on your photos will upload and display properly.

The other workaround for this is to just save your images as PNGs instead of JPGs. This little annoyance doesn’t seem to affect PNG images at all.

When I was first trying to figure out why this was happening, I could not find anything on the web that explained it, so I hope that saved you some hassle!

Keep blogging, friends!

by Brett Helling
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