Do you want to become a successful blogger?

How much time are you seriously spending on blogging to make it a success? Have you ever analyzed what are the factors that are used by top bloggers?

If you don’t give a serious thought to the following 10 factors, they can break your blog’s success. If done right, they can bring more leads, traffic and sales.

So make sure to invest your time and efforts on getting them right and you can build a profitable blog in 2017 and beyond.

blogging factors

#1 Keyword research

Are you doing proper keyword research before  publishing post on your blog? If not, you need to take serious about this and start doing keyword research.

Without keywords there is no SEO and without SEO, you can’t expect your blog to get organic traffic.

If you don’t use right keywords for your niche blog, it can make or break your blog success. By targeting right keywords, you will get to know who are your potential audience in addition to getting traffic to your blog.

Only the right kind of visitors can generate leads.

Here are the tools that helps in your keyword research.

  • Moz keyword explorer. It helps you with bunch of information related to your niche keyword. Just enter your seed word on explorer page and it will give the best keywords.
  • SEMrush It displays your competitors’ ranking keywords. It will also helps in getting all variations of long tail keywords for your niche.
  • Ahrefs The one best thing in this particular tool is it gives you estimate of number of backlinks that your blog needs in order to be listed in the top 10 results of Google search engine.
  • It is an alternative to Google keyword planner.
  • SECockpit It will give in-depth information of keywords which includes organic competition and search trends

#2 Website hosting

In order to make your website go live in the Internet, you need to host a website. If you want to make money online, if you want to make your blog success, you need to host your blog.

There are several web host service providers but you need to choose the best one. Tips and facts to remember while doing website hosting:

  • Avoid free blogging hosts if you are serious of making money through blogging.
  • The best option for beginners is to host their wordpress blog on Bluehost. More than 8,50,000 bloggers use bluehost. So, you can understand how powerful it is.

Consider these features while choosing website hosting service providers:

  • Check for the customer support. What are the different kind of ways they are offering the customer support like chat, email, toll-free etc.. Are they available 24/7?
  • What so special about them? What kind of extra incentives they provide?
  • Is the user interface easy to navigate?
  • Do they offer backups for your data on website?
  • What is their uptime score? Uptime is the amount of time that you website is up. It is measured in percentage. If the website hosting providers have high uptime, it means their servers stay up and running.
  • Do they offer server upgradable options? This is important if you want to expand your business and grow big in the next coming 2 years.
  • Do they offer money back guarantee?
  • Is it affordable? Price is what everyone looks for. Make sure that you are getting the best features for the money paid. Check with other website host providers.
  • Look at their email features if you like to host email accounts with your domain name.

#3 Website design

Blog design is the new king. You need to make people fall in love with your blog. And you can do it by having cutting edge design for your blog apart from creating outstanding and useful content.

If you are not attracting your readers visually, how will they stay on your blog page and read your content and subscribe? If you have great content in your blog but poor design then it breaks your blog’s success. So, blog design and content are equally important.

Every successful blogger have custom theme design. It is the blog design that makes the site visitor to decide whether to stay and read content or leave it. You need to create trust among your blog readers.

Some tips to consider while creating a compelling design.

  • First impression is the best impression. You can create it in the minds of readers through your blog design. Your blog design should be clear, concise and easy to navigate through posts.
  • Have a custom theme design for your blog that is responsive and works on mobile device too. It enhances your blog traffic.
  • Categorize your blog posts and make it clear to the audience.
  • Go for premium themes if you are serious of making money through blogging because in free themes, you have very limited features to use.

#4 Content

Once you selected a nice custom theme and made your blog design super cool, concentrate on content.

No doubt, blog design is important in making your blog success but if you don’t have great content, what is the use of having stunning design?

It is the content that makes readers to come back again, read and subscribe. You need to attract readers with blog design first but you need to make them stay and stick to your blog with amazing content. Here’s an image that tells you why long form of content always wins the race.

Here are some of the tips for creating great amazing outstanding content.

  • Write lengthy content. Short content is dead. Write a blog post of at least 1000 words. More the word count, more the chances of including keywords related to your blog niche.
  • Write catchy title for your blog post. Based on your blog post title only, readers decides whether to read your content or not. Your blog post title should instil curiosity in audience.
  • Divide your content into three sections, one is Introduction second is the main content and the third is conclusion.
  • In the Introduction part, give the overall idea of the blog post. Keep it simple and engaging. So that readers should get a feeling to read further content.
  • Use heading 2 for all your headlines in the content. Use sub headings wherever possible. Long paragraphs are dead. Make it interesting with headlines and points.
  • The conclusion part you write should include call-to-action(CTA). What action you want your readers to take?

#5 Networking with other bloggers

So far, you have done a great job. You hosted your website, designed your blog and created great content after keyword research. Now, it’s time to connect with other bloggers. No one can succeed alone at least in the blogging world it’s not possible.

Google your niche bloggers. If your blog niche is related to travelling, then connect with all “Travel bloggers”. This is how you will grow.

You want your content to be shared, liked right? Then do it for other bloggers of your niche. Share others content, like their stuff. Comment on their blog posts.

Blog commenting is the #1 evergreen method to connect with other bloggers. Leave thoughtful worthy comments. Sure, they too visit your blog and do the same. Doing blog commenting can give you backlinks to your blog and backlinks are very important for SEO.

Avoid commenting like “Thank you. Very useful post”. The comment you leave on other blogs must give a feeling to the blog owner that you read the article.

#6 Blog promotion

Well, you wrote a great content but if it doesn’t reach to the intended audience, what is the use anyway? Your blog success depends on how well you are marketing it.

Promote your blog on all social media platforms like facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google plus

Use 80/20 rule which means 20% content creation and 80% promotion. Don’t spend too much time in creating content instead use it for promotion. Get audience who can consume your content and share it.

Let’s say you are spending 20 hours in creating content and promotion. Divide this time like this, 4 hours for content creation and 16 hours for blog promotion.

#7 Social media metrics

When you share your original content, you get click-through rates to that content. You need ot measure your presence in social media and try to increase.

Here are some of the metrics to consider:

  • To how many people your content is reached. How many followers on twitter? How many connections on linkedin? How many likes on your facebook business page? Visitors to your blog?
  • Is anyone caring or responding to your content? This defines how well your content is engaged in social media. How many shares on facebook and google plus? How many comments on your blog post? How many retweets?
  • What is the conversion rate? How many people are entering your lead generation funnel? Track webinar registrations, content downloads.

You can use these tools to track social media metrics

  1. Integrate your website or blog with Google analytics so that it tracks all your blog site activity.
  2. Build trackable links with each of your social media posts in Google analytics.
  3. Setup Goal tracking in Google analytics.
  4. You can use URL shortener like so that it is easy to traceable and also easy for sharing.especially on Twitter as there is a limit on character usage..

#8 Blog posting frequency

How many posts you should publish every month in your blog? What is its effect on your blog traffic?

If you are posting daily on your blog but it’s of low-quality content then it’s mere waste.

Always be consistent in posting content to your blog. More the blog posts, more the traffic. If you observe the successful blogs, they have more posts with high-quality content.

The famous blogger Neil Patel says that “publishing 2 to 4 posts per week is my personal strategy” and he gets huge traffic to his blog.

If you are planning to produce just one post per week, then do good amount of research and write magazine style content. Most of the magazines publish post once in every week on a particular day and they draw huge traffic to their blog.

Whether you are posting daily or once in 2 days or once in a week or twice a month, always create high quality content and stick to one strategy of posting. Your blog organic traffic depends on your blog posting frequency.

#9 Email list

An email list gives you a great ROI. Check it out. Every $1 spent on email gives you $40. That’s a great ROI!

Money is in the list. If you are not building an email list, that’s the biggest mistake you are doing. If you want to turn your visitors into customers, build your email list.

If you want your readers to subscribe to your mailing list, create compelling  and useful content. When readers join your mail list, it means they are extremely interested in your products.

You are not sure when facebook, twitter, Google plus changes their policies related to marketing campaign and blocks you. It’s not your own.

But email list is your own and it’s not changed or influenced by any other person. Emails are the most direct method of communication to be in touch with your customers.

You know at least 91% of consumers check their email on a daily basis. Choose the best email marketing service.

Here is how to grow your email list.

  • Create online contests like free giveaways it could be free pdfs, free course anything that’s related to your blog niche.
  • Use email subscription forms in your blog. If you are using wordpress, most of the themes comes with built in sidebar subscription widgets.
  • Use your facebook business page to collect emails. Use sign up forms.
  • Add Call-To-Action(CTA) button at the end of the blog post as well as a sidebar widget.

#10 Create a monetization plan

If you want to make money through blogging, monetize your blog.There are several ways to generate money through your blog but it takes time to build such a blog. It all depends on how well you can monetize your blog.

Here are the few ways you can monetize your blog

  • Cost Per Mile (CPM) advertising. You will be paid based on the number of page views your blog get. There are number of CPM providers where you can get ads from them. If your blog is receiving good number of page views then it is one of the good options while monetizing your blog.
  • Text based ads. You can insert these ads within your content.Let’s say if you are writing about food or sweet recipe, you can insert link to that bakery item where readers can buy that. This is something related to affiliate marketing. It’s one of the best options to monetize your blog.
  • Use advertising widgets. This generates good amount of money.
  • Sell some space of your blog to advertisers to show their banners
  • Monetize your blog with RSS adverts.
  • Write product reviews related to your blog niche. Majority of the people buy any product based on reviews. If that product has an affiliate program you will get some money.

Final Thoughts

It takes time to build a blog that makes decent money. Focus on each factor that I mentioned above. One simple mistake can break the blog’s success. Always proofread before you publish your content. Craft better headlines. Fix timings to promote your blog post and optimize your blog posts for search engine.

So what are your thoughts? What are the other mistakes you’re making? Do you have any more tips? Share your thoughts in the comments below.