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Blogging Frequently Asked Questions For Beginners

Ok, i want to blog…but im not sure what to talk about

You should stick to what you know. It’s very difficult to talk about something you dont know much about or don’t have any interest in. If your a fan of golf then blog about that, if you love to cook then blog about that!

How do i get started?

Well first you need to decide whether you want to want a hosted blog or if you want your own domain name etc. If you have no clue about web design or if the word hosting baffles you then what you should do is let a company host your blog for you. You will see a list of hosting blog sites down the right hand side of this page. We recommend WordPress for both hosted and non hosted blogs.

In brief, if you dont want to pay for someone to host your site then
a hosted blog will suit you and your sites domain will look something like
If however you want to have your own domain etc then you could have something like However with your own domain you would need to pay for hosting (less than $10 per month for new sites).

Thats it basically. Seriously, if you are just starting you don’t need to read on.
Just choose a hosted blog and get blogging!

Get used to the blogging system online, make a few posts and drop by bloggingtips again when you have some questions 🙂

Good luck!

I wanna take my blog to the next level

Hosted blogs are a great stepping stone into the world of blogging.
fter some time so you may want to take your blog to the next level. For that you need to do a few things, namely :

  • Choose a domain name
  • Choose a hosting company
  • Choose suitable blogging software

Domain Names
Take your time to choose your domain name. It should be relevant to your blogs content.

The site i recommend for domain names is the one we run! 🙂
It’s called

Top level domains cost only $8.15 per year. If you have any questions about this please contact me.

Website Hosting

For a start up website like a blog, shared hosting is the best option. lso known as VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, shared hosting is the cheapest form of hosting available. Your site will be stored on a server with potentially hundreds of other websites. Prives range from $4 to $10 per month to start off with. For example, $5 usually gets you at least 250mb of hard drive space, 10gb bandwidth and a few email addresses.I will be looking more into hosting for you guys soon but
if you have any questions, as always, just email me.

Blogging Software

You will see over a dozen bloggin scripts listed on the right hand side under blogging software. You might end up trying a few before you find the one that
suits your needs. We strongly recommend wordpress however we have also been very
pleased with serendipity and textpattern.

I stress however that this is just my personal opinion and you may
prefer one of the different scripts.