wpToGo Android WordPress ApplicationMy mobile phone contract was up a few weeks ago so I had to decide what new phone to purchase. The obvious choice was the iPhone 3GS. A few of my friends have it so I have been able to use it a little over the last month or so. Plus I have had the Apple Touch for close to two years so I am familar with how it works.

However, I looked elsewhere. One of the main reasons was price. The iPhone currently costs £200 (around 325 USD) more than every other alternative. The iphone is also slightly limited in the way it works. Other than playing music, it cannot open more than one application at a time. Though I have to admit that it is probably still the best all round phone available at the moment (though I think it is very overpriced).

HTC HeroWhich is why my interests turned to the HTC Hero. The latest Android phone is slightly faster than the iPhone 3G and slightly slower than the iPhone 3GS. It has a lot of great features though including the ability of opening numerous applications at once. So for example, I can be browsing the web with the Hero and listening to music and simultaneously receive email updates from my Gmail account and new tweets from my Twitter account.

The phone is by no means perfect. For example, the iphone runs more smoothly because it limits the user to one application at a time. So having the ability of opening dozens of apps can be a mixed blessing as whilst it increases productivity (I get email and Twitter updates all the time, it really is handy!!), it does make the phone a bit more sluggish, particularly when compared to the iphone. Though apparently HTC are releasing an update for the phone within the next month or so which addresses a lot of speed issues.

Like the iphone, Android has an application store. There are thousands of applications to download, some of which are free, some of which cost a few dollars. The quality of applications does not appear to be good as the istore as yet, though with 30+ new Android powered phones coming out in the next 6 months or so, this should definately improve.

Whilst there are a few great Twitter applications on the market, there are not too many blogging applications as yet. WordPress Mobile Web and Quick Blogger are ok but nothing to shout home about. The third blogging application which you will see in the Android market is called wpToGo and is constantly in the most popular applications section….there’s a reason!

Blogging on Android with wpToGo

Developed by Roundhill Labs, wpToGo is a WordPress application which was designed specifically for Android powered phones. The application is incredibly straight forward. There is only a login page and a post page.

Although it lacks many features, what it does do, it does very well.


In the post page you can make text bold or italic. You can also use blockquotes and add links to your article, as well as add pictures to your posts.

This last feature really makes wpToGo a useful application in my mind. I don’t believe that anyone is going to use any mobile phone to write long detailed articles. Even those who are quick at texting on their phones will acknowledge that this just isn’t practical. However, this application is perfect for uploading pictures to your blog.

For example, if you are out in town and see something interesting you can quickly take a picture and upload it to your blog using wpToGo and include a description of the image.

Check out this video review of wpToGo from Android Apps to see the application in action 🙂

If you have an Android powered phone and run a WordPress powered blog, I urge you to install wpToGo. You will probably not use it everyday but I’m sure it will come in useful at one point in the future 🙂

Link : wpToGo by Roundhill Labs