Blogging resources can be powerful. If you find the right blogging tool, it can effectively improve your website’s performance.

The only problem is, there are so many resources available for bloggers. It is not easy to pick the right tools to take your blog to the next level.

Over the years, I’ve used so many blogging tools and resources to bring more traffic to blog and increase sales. If you are looking for the best tools to build a better blog, this post is exclusively for you.

Let’s find out the top blogging resources to stay ahead of your competition in every way.

Top blogging resources to help you succeed

best blogging resources

1. WordPress

If you are thinking to start a blog, I strongly recommend you to prefer WordPress over any other blogging platform. WordPress is not only the #1 CMS (Content Management System) in the word but majority of the blogs worldwide run by WordPress.

WordPress allows you install a lot of themes and plugins to take your blog to the next level. Most importantly, WordPress is search engine friendly. So you don’t have to worry too much about tweaking your blog design or other technical stuff to bring more traffic from search engines.

WordPress does a better job at allowing every single page to be indexed than every other CMS.  And there are a lot of plugins and tools available on WordPress to boost your search engine rankings and traffic. So what else do you need from a blogging platform?

Did I forget to tell you that most successful marketers who are making a living from blogging are all on WordPress? Zac Johnson, Darren Rowse, Neil Patel, Brian Clark, Pat Flynn are to name a few!

Unfortunately, most beginners find it really hard to install WordPress on their sites, if you are one among them try to search for someone who will install WordPress for you. You can even search for free WordPress installation services if you want a hassle-free experience. I’m actually doing this job at my blog, if you want it, once have a look at it.

2. Portent

Are you finding it difficult to come up with new blog post ideas? I know how difficult it is to come up with latest and incredible ideas to post on a blog. If you are blogging for a while, you already know the pain of coming up with new post ideas. Fortunately, Portent is a great tool that helps you easily come up with unlimited post ideas.

Just enter any keyword you want to rank for and it will display you all the possible results based on your keyword phrases. You can take any one of them, tweak it as you like and publish on your blogs to get more click through rates.

3. Buffer App

Looking for ways to schedule your posts to post on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook? Your search ends at Buffer. It is one of the best social media tools to spread great links across social media sites. It’s not only free but it also allows you to post at the best times on social media sites to get more retweets and visibility for your links.

4. Google’s Keyword Planner

If you want to boost your traffic from search engines, you need to find the high ranking keywords for your blog posts. Keyword research is perhaps the only way to boost your search traffic when you have a fairly new blog.

Whether you know it or not, bringing more traffic to a new blog from search engines is really hard and takes a lot of time because search engines don’t trust new blogs and don’t give enough importance on Google search results. So you need to find the low competition keywords and use them wisely on your blog posts to bring more visibility from search engines.

If you are a beginner, I’d strongly recommend you to start using Google’s keyword planner as it helps you easily find the great keywords for any niche. It’s also free so what are you waiting for?

5. SEMrush

One of the best ways to get ahead in getting more search engine traffic to your blogs or website is to spy on your competitor’s keywords. But it is not always easy to find the best performing keywords for your competitors.

This is where SEMrush comes into play. It’s one of the widely used SEO tools by most SEO experts to track their competitors keywords and estimate website traffic.

Here are few amazing features of SEMrush tool.

  • Performing site audit
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Finding link building opportunities
  • See competitors’ best keywords
  • Discover new organic competitors
  • Get long-tail keywords
  • Explore multinational and multilingual environments

6. Buzzsumo

If you are looking for ways to increase your traffic, social media shares and incoming links to your blog posts, you need to write content that goes viral. How can you do that? By writing content that is proven to bring you results. It’s widely known as Skyscraper technique.

You need to find and create better content in your niche. Then reach out to the right people to get more social shares and links. That’s how you will get more exposure and traffic to your blog posts.

But how can you find better content ideas that will make your blog posts go viral? There’s a great tool called “Buzzsumo”, it helps you analyze the top content in any industry. Just enter a keyword around your niche and it will display you all the results that got more social shares and backlinks.

7. Bluehost

Did you know that your website speed and many other factors depend on your hosting provider? If you are hosting your site on a cheap hosting server, it will break your blog’s success by giving you frequent downtime issues.

You need to invest money on getting a reliable and faster hosting from hosting companies like SiteGround, WPEngine. But the problem with these hosting services is they cost you a lot. If you are just starting out paying so much money is not recommended for hosting. So the best option for beginners who want to get an affordable hosting that is both fast and secure is Bluehost.

I’ve been using Bluehost for over 5 years now and I never got an issue with their hosting services, they are industry leaders when it comes to hosting. You’ll also get a free domain name when you host your blog with them for one year.

8. Evernote

If you are blogging for awhile, you already know how hard it is to organize your ideas at one place. We all know, we come up with a lot of ideas every single day but keeping them at one place is the surefire way to work on your ideas.

So the simple way to organize your ideas at a place is Evernote. Evernote is the perfect digital workplace to collect inspirational ideas, write great words and move your important stuff at one place.

9. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Are you a newbie to search engine optimization? Don’t know where to start at SEO? If you are struggling hard to increase your website traffic from search engines, you should definitely need WordPress SEO by Yoast. It’s one of the widely used and most popular WordPress plugins that is useful for all SEO users.

The plugin’s functionality is plain and simple. You can easily optimize your blog posts and web pages for search engines by using this plugin even if you know nothing about SEO.

10. GetResponse Or AWeber

Email marketing is the key to online success. If you want to make passive income from online, you must start building a newsletter. Email marketing gives a better ROI than social media sites like Facebook and twitter combined. For every $1 you spend on email marketing gives you $41. That’s really an awesome number if you consider the benefits that email marketing produces.

But choosing the right email marketing software is always a pain if you are especially a beginner to email marketing. I strongly recommend you to either choose AWeber or GetResponse because they provide you a lot of features including beautiful templated, 99% delivery rate, great customer care etc.

Final thoughts about blogging resources to build a better blog

You can’t build a successful blog without having the access to the right blogging resources. You should definitely invest some money to get the premium tools like SEMrush, a good web host and getting professional WordPress services from experts.

After all, it takes money to make money online. If you are not willing to invest the time and money, you will never be able to build a profitable blog that makes you money.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure to give it a try to all the blogging resources mentioned in this article to get the most out of your blogging efforts. Let me know if I missed anyone of your favorite blogging tools.