Me and my wife Kelli just enjoyed a delicious breakfast at The Village Souq Waqif.

This lovely little restaurant is a fabulous eatery catering to people who want Turkish, Persian or Indian fare.

The interior was dazzling. Phenomenal ambiance. Sensational lighting.

Service was excellent. The waiter even pulled out the chair for Kelli as we sat down.

A generous portion of bread greeted us a minute after we ordered.

Premium Experience

Instead of picking fare from a traditional menu the waiter gave each of us tablets.  Brand new tablets, I might add.

We added items to the shopping cart. Waved over the waiter.

He verified our orders. We nodded.

A little while later he served us our food, which happened to be delicious.

We enjoyed our meals. I paid the bill. Gave the waiter a tip. And we were off.

The bill was not expensive by any means but it was not like dropping $2 or $3 on street food, as I may do in places like SE Asia.

I paid more for the experience. For the service. For the ambiance. For the higher quality of food.

Because you gotta pay up to play up.

Pay Up to Play Up

In order to enjoy the experience of eating at a beautiful restaurant I paid more money than I would by buying something from a food stall.

In essence, we were playing up with many wealthy Qataris, dining on delicious food in a lavish, rich setting.

On the blogging front, if you want to play up you must pay up.

Meaning, if you want to establish friendships with experienced pro bloggers (playing up) you must:

  • pay for a domain and premium hosting
  • pay for a CDN
  • consider investing money in a bespoke theme or at the very least, a premium theme
  • pay for any product or service that helps you build a professional blog

When you pay up, and build a professional blog, you play up, because top bloggers will see you in a different light. You will move up in circles. You will land guest posts on top blogs. You will enter into prospering business partnerships with top bloggers. I even co-wrote an eBook and paperback with a highly successful SEO consultant after I paid up, built a successful, professional-looking blog, and established a friendship with said consultant.

Ya gotta pay up to play up.

High School Basketball

It’s almost like making the jump from freshman to JV basketball, then to varsity basketball.

When I was a frosh, I played up on the JV, or junior varsity. As a sophomore I played up on the varsity, since I had some skills.

I got to play up with the big boys because I paid up in terms of spending my summers practicing basketball for hours every day. Some days I took 1,000 jump shots. I paid up to play up.

How to Think of it

If I spent years honing my craft and thousands of dollars on my blog why would I enter into a blogging partnership with someone who’s too cheap to pay for a domain and hosting? Would I offer a guest posting opportunity to someone who uses the Blogger platform? Of course not.

Like attracts like.

Meaning, the people I choose to guest post on my blog all made the same full commitment I made to blogging, by investing their capital, their energy and their time to become an experienced pro blogger.

Bloggers of a feather flock together.

The Question

Every day,  I see bloggers on Quora and Facebook begging for free platform ideas because they refuse to spend $200 or $300 a year on hosting.

Put your money where your mouth is. If you want to be a successful blogger, pay up. Then, you can move up in blogging circles, and play up to where you pop up on the radar of blogging big dawgs (not that I am one; I just tap small squares with my fingers all day long).

If you are BEING a cheap blogger you will struggle, and you will surround yourself with struggling, cheap bloggers.

Save money. Work 2 jobs. Ask people for money. Either pay them back compound interest or buy them a house when you make it big. Do what you gotta do to pay up, so you can play up.

The Resource

Build a successful blog with my blogging audio course.

Your Turn

Are you paying up to play up?