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I am what you would call a frequent blogger. I write my own articles for my own blogs, and I guest post on other blogs. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all of my writing experiences it’s this:
The written word is great and everything, but the Internet loves a video.
Don’t worry, my writer friends, you will never be replaced by video hosts entirely. Written content is going to be the main draw for learning and sharing information for as far into the future as I care to see. But as this article here on Successful Blogging states, video blogging is taking off in a major way. Adding video content into your posts is a sure way to better your blogging skills.

Video embedding and how it impacts your blog

I have written blog posts nearly non-stop, 5 or 6 days a week, for over 4 years now. When I first started, video was its own thing off in YouTube land, and blogging existed on its own over in the blogosphere. The two never really came together until the last year to eighteen months when bloggers, myself being a frequent user, started live embedding video into blog posts regularly.
Take a look at this article on how to get YouTube views where I break down Jimmy Fallon’s YouTube channel. I embedded three videos in that one article. I could have quite easily just discussed the topic and left it at that, but embedding those three videos did four things for me:

  1. It made the article more interesting visually. A first glance by a reader tells them right away that there’s more to do here than read.
  2. Visitors stayed longer as they watched the video on my blog. This improved bounce rates, and kept them around to click on more of my content.
  3. The videos themselves were direct learning opportunities for my readers. I showed them what I was talking about, rather than just telling them.
  4. The videos are fun. This whole marketing thing doesn’t have to be so serious all the time!

If you can’t see the benefit of embedding video in your blog posts, either because it directly explains your points, or helps enhance them, that’s ok. I’ll be glad to take your traffic.
As I showed above, the right time to use video embeds in your blog is nearly any time. To be more accurate I’d use video embeds:

  • Just below ‘the fold’ of your page. If your writing can’t keep people interested long enough to scroll down once you’ve already failed. It will also help push your visitors to look at more of your articles past the first ‘fold.’
  • Any time you find a chance to build on a point. Down below you’re going to see me embed a video to further explain a point about how to actually do the embedding.
  • To keep people reading to the end. I’ll often include a message such as ‘Keep reading to the end to see a video that explains this further!’ This is a call to action to read the whole article, or at least scroll to the bottom.
  • During a big long block of text. Embed a video to break up the monotony of words, words, words. Every blogger has done this with pictures for years. How long does it take someone to look at a picture versus watch a video? You can see now why this will improve your bounce rates.

As long as your video is relevant to the discussion in some way, and you introduce it properly, you can get away with an embed pretty much anywhere.

How to embed video on your blog

The answer to this will vary greatly. I do all of my embedding on WordPress websites. The process is ridiculously simple:

  1. Go to the video you want to embed and copy the URL.
  2. Paste the URL onto it’s own line in the WordPress Visual tab.
  3. Do not hyperlink the URL.
  4. WordPress and YouTube take care of the rest.

Other websites I am not as experienced with. Here’s an explanation for how to embed video on your Blogger-powered website:

(See what I did there? I used video in a blog about using video on your blog to explain how to embed a video on your blog. Whoa.)
This is how you’re going to do the majority of your video embedding on websites that don’t give you the same option as WordPress. You’ll need to go into the ‘Share’ area, get the HTML code, and paste it into the HTML area of your page builder. If this doesn’t work you’ll need to contact your host as you may be blocked from embedding video for some bizarre reason.
A question that some of you may have is whether there are any legal issues with embedding someone else’s video on your website. This has been looked at already from a legal standpoint, and the EU court ruled that it is not copyright infringement. As far as I know, baring in mind I’m not a lawyer, there are no laws which restrict you from embedding other people’s videos on your website.
You will come across a few very rare videos with embedding disabled via the Share button. In all my time doing video embeds, and watching sometimes dozens of videos a week, I’ve found two videos with sharing disabled. If you come across one that is blocked just move on to another video which does have the Share button enabled.

My experience embedding video in blog posts

I have noticed a few things on all of my blog posts where I embed video:

  • My share numbers on social media are always higher.
  • My bounce rates are always better, with more time spent per page.
  • My clicks to other content are higher than pages with no embeds.

Basically, everything that you want your pages to do on your blog, you can get them with a few video embeds of relevant content. I’m not saying go ahead and embed any silly video from PewDiePie in your article about choosing a retirement home, but I am saying take a look at what videos are out there and use them when it’s appropriate. You’ll get better returns on your blog content, and the video creator will get more plays and better SEO.
For those with the time and face for video, creating your own videos which you embed into your blog posts is the next step. Video marketing is only going to grow in the years to come, have some content ready and watch as your vlogging works together with your blogging!
Ernest Thompson  is a video marketing writer, and a bit of YouTube fanatic. You can usually find him watching videos from Pewds, Smosh, or Epic Meal Time, or you can visit his YouTube Views website for weekly video marketing tips!

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