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By: | Updated: December 10, 2020

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It’s not what you know it’s who you know so let’s look at how you can use that to your advantage.

Networking is essential to build those blogging contacts and help take your brand further. You need to produce high quality content to make sure people want to recommend your blog or products and work with you but, all else being equal, the final choice will usually come down to contacts – who knows who. Or in other words who’s better at networking.

The good news is that there’s never been a better time to make those contacts because now you can network across the continents and the time zones. Social media has made networking easier than ever so here’s how you can take advantage of that to make sure you have strong networks in place to call on when you need them.

How to Get Noticed by Influencers and Your Peers

1. Read their blogs and follow them on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you both spend time.

Popular bloggers and social media figures get hundreds of people clamoring for their attention every day but they can spot genuine fans easily and you’ll need to be one.

Pick and choose who you want to engage with then read their blog and follow them on Twitter so you know where they live, who with and what they eat for tea.

That way you can engage them in conversation without asking the same boring questions everyone else does and show your respect with your personal insights.

2. Engage them

Let them know you’re a genuine fan of their work by leaving a comment and sharing their blog posts on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

3. Write about them and link to their blog.

This is guaranteed to get someone’s attention and endear you to them.

If you mention someone on your blog or write a whole post about them, send them a little tweet saying you inspired them to write about them and see what happens. Maybe one of your heroes will even leave a comment on your blog. I got quite excited when marketing genius Seth Godin commented on my blog and we exchanged emails too.

A short interview or book review is always a good starting point. If you can’t write a whole post about them a Twitter recommendation is good to:

“LOVE these tips on [niche] by @bigbloggersnamehere” – Don’t forget to link to their blog too.

4. Use their first name.

If you email someone do use their first name so they know you’re not sending the same thing to zillions of people. Even better add some other personal information that let’s them know you’re paying special attention to them such as:

“Hope you’re keeping warm in New York this winter.”

5. Be brief and appreciative.

When you email social media influencers or anyone else keep it short. Five lines should do the trick. Anything more will make their eyes glaze over.

Be clear about why you’re emailing them. If you’ve now built a genuine relationship and helped them out whenever you could you might be ready to ask them to do you a favor in return. For example:

“I’ve written a new ebook about haircare (attached) which I think will interest you and your readers. If you like it I’d love if you tweet about it or review it on your site. I really appreciate your support.”

6. Take it offline.

Meeting people face to face builds relationships faster so it’s worth investing in attending blogging events from big events like BlogWorld to small free tweet ups.

You can also attend other people’s networking events in your area or start your own. Meet Up is a great place to look for people in your area or be proactive and start your own group. Check out the Queensland Bloggers Meet Up group I started here. Remember to join now if you’re in Australia and would like to meet me sometime.

7. Keep at it.

It takes time to build strong networks and friendships. Keep repeating these steps for months or years and you should build up strong network of bloggers, both big and small, who will be willing to help you out.

If you’re a hot blogger, a source of top content and a cool cat they’ll be as happy to hear from you as you would be to hear from them.

The best way to get noticed by social media influencers is to stop gagging for their attention, start paying attention to what they do and give them your full attention.

Finally remember that networking is about meeting people and having fun. If you do that you can be sure that you not only know your stuff but you know the right people too.

Happy Blogging Until Next Time

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