BlogRush have just announced that they will be offering users a variety of colors to choose from for their widget.

BlogRush Flavors

John Reese published an update at saying

You’ll be able to choose the color of your choice so it more closely matches the design of your blog.


It seems that some people are trying to call BlogRush a “pyramid scheme” or stating “there’s just no way the future impressions will ever be able to be served based on the promises of what referrals will bring. The math is impossible like other schemes of this kind.”

Anyone that is saying this doesn’t understand how BlogRush works…

EVERY SINGLE IMPRESSION GETS REWARDED FOR *THAT* IMPRESSION AS IT HAPPENS. There is no “promise” of future rewards based on referral activity today. Each and every impression of the widget (and impression of the 5 headlines per widget) is rewarded AS IT HAPPENS. And when all the math is said and done, it also leaves 1 out of every 10 headline spaces left-over for BlogRush to use to monetize the service. So apparently some people think it’s all based on false promises that the network will eventually “catch up” and pay rewards in the future. This just isn’t the case. Every single impression that occurs is calculated and rewarded to the generations ‘above’ — that’s how the math has to work.

We’re working hard to move to the 100% Manual Review Process as quickly as possible, and other improvements.

As I’ve now said many times, our SOLE FOCUS is helping our members generate quality, targeted traffic. So we’re hard at work to make that happen.

He keeps drilling on about how 1 out of every 10 headlines is left for them to monetize the service but that calculation assumes that every single BlogRush user gets to the 10th level referral tier.

Realistically, I dont see many bloggers getting past the 3rd tier so there’s a lot more impressions available to them to monetize than they would like to admit.

However, if you are using BlogRush, at least you will now be able to blend the widget into your site more easily.