If you’ve been reading any blogging type blog’s this morning then you will probably have already read about a new site called BlogRush. ProBlogger, John Chow and Yaro Starak amongst others have been discussing it.

In basic terms, BlogRush is a traffic exchange system brought to you by John Reese which uses a news ticker type widget to display blog post headlines from your blog feed. I’ve added it to BloggingTips to see if it does what it says it does.

Here’s their introduction video :

BlogRush isn’t ready

After watching their introduction video I’m sure you will be suitably impressed however when you sign up and go into the control panel and browse around the site you quickly realise this website was published way before it was ready.

Infact, before you even sign up you realise the site isn’t ready. I checked their Frequently Asked Questions section before signing up and got this message.

FAQ message

Publishing an ‘Under Construction’ page is one of the worst things you can do when building a website. I’m surprised John Reese would not make sure this kind of thing was tidied up before release.

They also have a reports section in the control panel which isn’t even ready so why do they have the link in the control panel.

BlogRush Report Screen

It’s not all doom and gloom

BlogRush WidgetI know I have criticized BlogRush up until now in this post but they do have some plus points. For starters their website has a very good clean design. More importantly, the widget (see right) which you add to display blog post headlines on your blog looks pretty good and will fit nicely into the majority of blog themes.

They also have a 10 level referral system which can earn you extra impressions. If you suspect that it’s a pyramid scheme then you are probably not too far away from the truth. What I want to know is how BlogRush are going to be able to serve all the impressions they have promised for referrers. If you watched their intro video you will know that the traffic exchange is in a 1 for 1 basis so I don’t know where the impressions are going to come from (maybe I’m missing something!). That being said, it’s a nice addition. They also include your referral code in your widget which I think is a nice touch.

Summary – Pros & Cons

Pros :

  • It’s free!
  • Widget has a nice clean design
  • 1 for 1 traffic exchange is very fair
  • The referral link is built into the widget on your blog
  • You can block out certain websites and keywords from your headline feed
  • They have videos explaining how you install the widget on WordPress, Blogger, Typepad & Moveable Type

Cons :

  • The FAQ page needs updating
  • The reports section needs updating
  • They mention in their video that you can build impressions from one blog and use them to promote another. This is a fantastic idea as it means that you can build impressions from your established blog and use it to build up your new one. Unfortunately, there is currently no option to actually do this in the control panel.
  • Whilst you can block out certain websites and keywords from your headline feed however you cannot choose a keyword to display only certain types of blogs on your widget. This is a big problem in my opinion because the categories are so vague. For example, if you had a poker blog you would have to choose between entertainment or Sports. This is not a very good topic match in my opinion.

If the site is actually finished then I think this could prove to be a popular service. I didn’t set out to be so negative in this article however there are so many things that are missing from this service it annoys me. It needs to be said again, this website was launched before it was ready to be launched.

I’ve added the widget to Blogging Tips to get a better idea of what the service is like and I’ll do my best to post in the future once I have used it a bit more. The optimist inside me is hoping that they will fix what needs to be fixed and this site will be a welcome addition to the blogosphere however the pessimist in me thinks that it could remain nothing more than a dressed up banner exchange system. Time will tell.

Link : BlogRush
* I’ve included my affiliate code in this link but feel free just to search for it and sign up without it :mrgreen: