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Blogs for Women: Definition, Types, Income and 25 Examples [2023]

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Blogs are a fun and engaging way to connect with an audience.

Personal anecdotes help the reader relate to the blogger.

While there are plenty of types of blogs worldwide, certain varieties appeal to one audience over the other.

Women enjoy countless variety of blogs, from ones that explore their favorite science fiction TV series to stock market tips to gardening inspiration.

Some blogs aim toward women, including lifestyle, fashion, and wellness. Read on to learn more about blogs for women.

What Is a Blog for Women?

A blog for women is any blog that addresses topics that women may find interest.

Since areas of interest can vary widely from woman to woman, there are plenty of different blogs for women on the internet.

Blogs for women are often also by women. Women can have many motivations for starting a blog.

They may discuss their daily life, share information from their areas of expertise, expand their brand, support their business, or build community.

What Does a Blog for Women Blog About?

A blog for women can be about almost anything.

Some of these blogs may be about women in science, while others can include parenting tips.

Blogs can appeal to women of different ages.

Some of the women’s most popular blogs include relationships, wellness, lifestyle, fashion, and parenting.  

What Is Included In a Blog for Women?

Since there are so many types of blogs aimed at women, the exact features of those blogs can vary significantly.

However, there are a few standard components you should look for in blogs for women.

Some of those pages or post types, such as the about page, are more functional.

Other components, such as content type or themes, may be more about building the blog’s brand.  


A cohesive section about the blogger is a vital component of any blog.

This section explains who the writer is and sets the tone for the rest of the blog.

An about section can include a lot of different information, including the blogger’s qualifications, background, areas of interest, and goals for the blog.


Story-type blog posts are a common type of post for most blogs.

The stories can be about the blogger’s daily life, or they can be about other areas of interest in the blog.

You can format these stories in different ways and include a variety of sub-components, such as a table of contents and images.


You may find instruction sections on a blog depending on the blog type.

You can find instructions on recipe blogs and repair blogs.

There are blogs for women which include instructions on everything from how to re-wire a lighting fixture to baking an apple pie.

The instructions can vary from blog to blog.


Beyond more concrete components, such as stories and instructions, inspiration can be a somewhat more ephemeral component of a blog.

Inspiration components can be image-heavy ideas for topics such as fashion, design, gardening, and art.

The exact types of inspiration will vary depending on the type of blog they are on.

Comment Section

Many blogs include a comment section on each post.

This section allows readers to engage with the content and build a community.

Other Things You Can Find on A Blog For Women

While the content makes a big difference in providing an identity for the blog, it is important to consider the functional aspects of the blog.

Many of these pages provide structure and a way for readers to interact with the blog.

Products and Services

If the blog for women includes services or products for purchase, a common component of a blog for women may be a shop or a way for clients to access those services.

These sections may also connect to another service the blog writer can use to sell their products or services.

Contact Information

Many bloggers include contact information, but bloggers do not need to put every contact method on their blogs.

A blog-specific e-mail or social media handle will often accomplish the same goal.

Responsiveness to any e-mails or other contact you receive is essential to creating a blog.

Social Media Links

Connecting a blog to other forms of social media is integral to building a brand.

Those social media handles can be from the blogger’s personal life or a brand page.

Adding links to Instagram or TikTok allows readers to engage with several dimensions of the blogger’s life.

Types of Blogs for Women

Many different types of blogs tend to aim toward women readers.

While men and women alike read blogs about work and hobbies, many blog types aim exclusively toward women rather than men.

Some of these blog types include topics such as motherhood, relationships, fashion, wellness, and lifestyles.

Blogs for Women About Motherhood

This type of blog usually includes stories of motherhood and parenting tips.

Motherhood blogs range significantly in content, but many motherhood blogs describe various popular or unpopular parenting techniques.  

Blogs for Women About Relationships

Relationships continue to be one of the most popular topics of conversation in media of all kinds.

Films, tv shows, books, and podcasts revolve around understanding and dissecting romantic relationships.

Blogs are another medium to get a more personal look at relationships.

Blogs for Women About Lifestyle

Lifestyle blogs contain possibly the widest range of blog styles.

They often encompass the other topics on this list and more beyond those areas of interest.

These blogs capture the blogger’s overall lifestyle, including recipes, decor, activities, and hobbies.

Blogs for Women About Fashion

Fashion is a consistently popular blog type for women and men alike.

These blogs discuss what is in style now, outfits of the day, fashion in film, historical fashion, and more.

Thanks to the ever-evolving tendency of fashion, there is always plenty of content for such blogs.  

Blogs for Women About Wellness

Wellness is an increasingly popular space of interest for women.

Blogs about wellness may include posts about physical and mental health, coping mechanisms, new-age techniques, healthy recipe tips, and exercise regimens.

Blogs of this type can be whatever the blogger wants.

Do Blogs for Women Make Money?

Bloggers can make good money.

While not all blogs make money, several different types of blogs make money–even a significant amount.

How a blog makes money will depend on the blog’s niche and the blogger’s strategy to make a profit.

Often it is a good idea to employ multiple revenue streams at once with a blog.

For example, a blog may contain ads, affiliate links, and a paid membership option.  

How Do Blogs for Women Make Money?

There are quite a few ways for blogs for women to make money since the niches these blogs tend to describe are rather profitable.

Bloggers make money by offering services and products, writing sponsored product reviews, selling advertisements, having membership options, being part of an affiliate program, and creating an e-mail list.

How Much Do Blogs for Women Make?

While some blogs for women do not make any money, others can make quite a bit.

Those profitable blogs can yield between $2,000 and $15,000 a month.

Joanna Goddard, who has a net worth of $5 million, makes money on her blog, CupofJo.com, by using advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and reviews, and selling other products.

Products to Promote and Sell on a Blog for Women

Selling products on your blog is a great way to monetize.

However, there is a broad spectrum of products when it comes to blogging.

While a product in the world of blogs can be a physical item, such as a shirt or piece of art, it can also be something virtual, like an e-book or a song.

You can also sell services, including personal training or freelance writing.

Since blogs are all about words, it makes sense that some of the products revolve around writing.

Products for a blog include written books or printable documents that expand and refine versions of the typical blog content.

Products can also include memberships or tangible items, such as clothing or accessories.

The right products for a blog will depend on the overall blog brand.

For example, an ebook of flyfishing tips does not fit a blog exclusively about fingernail design.

Opt for products that build the brand and would appeal to the blog’s target demographic.

Support your branding by creating different sizes of blog advertising that fit your blog’s needs.  

Best Blogs for Women: 25 Examples

There is an abundance of blogs with women as their main demographic.

These blogs discuss topics including motherhood, art, relationships, wellness, education, and fashion.

Here are 25 fantastic blogs for women to use as inspiration.

How Many Blogs for Women Are There?

There are countless blogs for women on the internet.

As of 2020, there were about 31.7 million bloggers in the United States alone.

Close to 67% of bloggers are women. So, about 21 million bloggers in the United States are women.

Blogs for Women for Motherhood

Motherhood blogs are quite common and extremely useful to new mothers.

Some of these blogs provide specific tips for parents with children of different ages, while others are more focused on anecdotes.

Comeback Momma

Comeback Momma is a blog that Jenn started after recovering from an injury.

screenshot of the comeback momma homepage

Initially, posts related to her recovery journey and living a happier, healthier life while balancing motherhood.

The blog currently discusses motherhood in addition to subjects such as fitness, healthy recipes, and travel.

This blog is successful partly thanks to its ability to cover many topics while connecting to the founder’s story.  


Motherly comes from a team who works to provide resources about pregnancy, parenting, and wellness.

screenshot of the motherly homepage

This company also offers classes, a shop, and podcasts on the same topics.

The blog is booming thanks to its classes, shop offerings, and its robust catalog of content.  

Jacqui Saldana

Jacqui Saldana’s blog used to be known as Baby Boy Bakery after her young son died.

screenshot of the jacqui saldana's blog homepage

The blog documents Saldana’s journey through grief and includes personal stories, recipes, gift ideas, reading, and more.

Besides Saldana’s compelling story, this blog is thriving thanks to its shop and associated book.

Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy is a popular blog that includes posts about trying to get pregnant, pregnancy, parenting, family life, and personal life.

screenshot of the scary mommy homepage

It is known for its humorous tone and exploration of all issues.

Several writers contribute to the successful blog, with many advertisements contributing to its financial gain.

Lucie’s List

Lucie’s List strives to be a survival guide for new moms.

screenshot of the lucie's list homepage

It guides the right items for various ages, how to create a baby registry, and what you should expect in terms of development at each age.

The blog makes money from affiliate links and is flourishing thanks to its comprehensive information.  

Blogs for Women for Relationships

This blog type can cover various kinds of relationships.

Some discuss dating tips and experiences, while others talk about how to maintain a marriage or other relationships.

Practical Intimacy

Practical Intimacy is a company and blog from a couple who works to share science about healthy relationships and sexual empowerment.

screenshot of the practical intimacy homepage

The company offers to coach women, men, and couples.

It also provides courses online on several topics, including reigniting sex lives, shifting from conflict to connection, how menstrual cycles affect different areas of a woman’s life, and how jade eggs work.

Friday We’re In Love

Friday We’re In Love is a blog that focuses on date ideas for couples.

screenshot of the friday we're in love homepage

It also includes posts about travel, family, recipes, and style.

This blog comes from Camille, who started the blog with her partner after they decided to try to go on dates every Friday.

The blog makes money through ads.  

Project Hot Mess

Project Hot Mess is a blog that focuses on embracing imperfection both as an individual and as a couple.

screenshot of the project hot mess homepage

The blog offers a free mini couples planner.

In addition to ads, this blog also makes money through its paid membership program.

Happily Ever Adventures

Happily Ever Adventures started after the couple behind it had a challenging first year of marriage, and they wanted a way to hold themselves accountable for enjoying daily life.

screenshot of the happily ever adventures homepage

The blog includes travel, home decor, recipes, family expansion, and budget maintenance.

This blog makes money from ads, a shop, and social media content.  

Love and Life Toolbox

The Love and Life Toolbox blog offers advice for relationships, marriage, and general well-being.

screenshot of the love and life toolbox homepage

The blog provides consultation services, a shop, and online courses.

Blogs for Women for Lifestyle

Lifestyle blogging is a wide topic.

Lifestyle blogs usually cover various aspects of life, including finance, crafting, art, fashion, and wellness.

The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is a blog that focuses on travel locations and pictures.

screenshot of the blonde abroad homepage

Post types include destinations, lifestyle, trip types, photography, and travel resources.

The blog also has a travel shop that includes cameras, art, luggage, and beauty products.

It makes money through ads, product sales, and social media.

Career Girl Daily

Career Girl Daily is a company that started as a blog in 2015.

screenshot of the career girl daily homepage

It provides women with the tools they need to succeed without burning out.

This blog includes posts on lifestyle, career, beauty, and fashion.

It makes money from affiliate links, book sales, and other sales.

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess is a blog that includes DIY decor, craft, and recipe ideas from sisters Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson.

screenshot of the a beautiful mess homepage

This blog makes most of its income from book sales, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, and courses.

The creators of the blog also created two photo editing apps.

The LDN Diaries

The LDN Diaries is a lifestyle blog centered on London and trends.

screenshot of the LDN diaries homepage

This blog offers posts about lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food.

It makes money through ads and affiliate links.

The Skinny Confidential

The Skinny Confidential is a lifestyle blog that discusses wellness and fitness.

screenshot of the skinny confidential homepage

Blog topics include travel, beauty, style, and health.

The blog makes money through affiliate links, product sales, and book sales.

The writer of the blog, Lauryn, also has a podcast.

Blogs for Women for Fashion

Fashion blogs are one of the most popular types of blogs for women.

They can cover everyday fashion topics such as outfits of the day or closet curation.

There are also many fashion blogs that cover topics such as fashion throughout history or cosplay.

Girl With Curves

Girl With Curves is a blog that offers fashion tips from the perspective of someone plus-sized.

screenshot of the girl with curves homepage

Blog posts include styling tips, beauty advice, parenting, wellness, and trends.

The blog makes money through affiliate links and its shop.


Atlantic-Pacific is a blog from Blair Eadie that explores fashion with influences from both the East and West coasts of the United States.

screenshot of the atlantic pacific homepage

The blog makes money from affiliate links and its shop.

Since the blog is so well known, Eadie collaborates with high-profile fashion brands.  

The Daileigh

The Daileigh is a blog from Ashleigh Hutchinson that aims to help women create a style and build a closet.

screenshot of the daileigh homepage

It focuses on providing tips for women of all ages.

Besides ads and affiliate links, this blog makes money from its shop, ebooks, and webinars.

The Fashion Guitar

The Fashion Guitar is a personal style blog from Charlotte Groeneveld-Van Haren.

screenshot of the fashion guitar homepage

The blog focuses on several areas of fashion, including beauty, fashion week, inspiration, outfits, travel, and mama fashion.

This blog makes money through brand collaborations and sponsored posts.

Hello Fashion

Hello Fashion from Christine Andrew covers several topics with a focus on fashion.

screenshot of the hello fashion homepage

In addition to beauty and fashion, the blog also discusses travel, lifestyle, and family.

The blog started as an accompaniment to Andrew’s fashion brand, ILY Couture.

In addition to reinforcing income from the fashion brand, the blog makes money through sponsored posts and affiliate links.  

Blogs for Women for Wellness

Wellness blogs for women cover several topics, including exercise, diet, and mental health.

Some of these blogs cover subjects in all of those areas, while others hone in on a specific element.  

The Balanced Life and Lindywell with Robin Long

This blog encourages busy women to find balance through pilates and wellness.

screenshot of the lindywell homepage

Blog topics include tips on how to improve pilates practice physically and mentally.

The blog serves as a supplement for Long’s pilates and wellness course.

Yoga with Adrienne

The Yoga with Adrienne blog supplements Adrienne’s yoga videos.

screenshot of the yoga with adrienne homepage

The blog includes letters to subscribers and vegetarian recipes.

In addition to the many free videos from Yoga with Adrienne, there are also courses and printables for sale.  

Pick the Brain

Pick the Brain is a blog exploring wellness elements, such as motivation, productivity, and self-education.

screenshot of the pick the brain homepage

While other blogs focus on diet and exercise, this blog takes a more comprehensive approach to mental health.

The blog makes money from its affiliated book, life coaching programs, advertisements, and affiliated links.


Mindbodygreen is a wellness blog that explores physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental components.

screenshot of the mindbodygreen homepage

The blog offers classes, health coaching, and a shop. It also makes money from advertisements and affiliate relationships.


Avocadu aims to provide healthy diet and exercise tips to help readers avoid ineffective fad diets.

screenshot of the avocadu homepage

This blog makes money from affiliate links and advertisements.  

How to Become a Blogger for Women

Starting a blog for women can seem overwhelming.

However, when you break it down into a few simple steps, knowing how to start a blog is easier than you think.

Determine the Direction of the Blog

The first step to creating your blog is deciding what you want to write in the blog.

Think about what is important to you and what you would not mind discussing in depth in several posts.

Figure out your motivations for starting a blog.

It is also a good idea to do keyword research to uncover opportunities.

Looking at prominent keywords can give you an idea of which areas of interest will yield lucrative results for you.  

Select a Niche

Once you know the general direction you want your blog to go in, you need to narrow your sights to see which niches will be up your alley.

Knowing how to choose the right niche can be simple if you already know your topic and audience.

However, some soul searching and research can be needed to carve out a specific space for yourself in the blogging community.

Select a Name

The right blog name can greatly impact whether people remember your blog or not.

That is why coming up with a blog name is essential to success.

Consider your overall brand and what you want the blog title to say about that brand.

Often a simple yet clever name will be the most memorable.

It is also vital to consider how that name will look on any social media accounts for the blog.

Select a Blogging Platform

There are many great blogging platforms.

When choosing between all the different blogging platforms available, you should consider several factors.

Ensure the platform works for your level of technical ability and has a decent interface for readers.

Register a Domain Name

Owning your domain name is a good idea because it lets you control the blog’s online identity.

Registering your domain name may seem scary, but it is quite simple.

All you need to do is register a name with a domain name registrar and likely purchase the domain name.

There are many solid places to register when you are looking for the best domain registrar for you.

Get Web Hosting

To exist on the internet, somewhere must host your blog.

This service has many great options, but we suggest managed WordPress hosting.

Build the Blog

Building a blog can be an involved process.

You must decide what components you want on your blog, and this step is where you get to consider the look and branding of the blog.


The theme of a blog is everything related to the blog’s appearance.

Components of the themes include fonts, colors, and layout.

Themes will vary depending on where you host your blog.

For example, in WordPress, you can install a WordPress theme easily or customize one.


Plugins are vastly useful tools that can expand what your blog can do.

Plugins can make e-commerce easier, make your site into a portfolio, or provide a place where clients can book appointments.

WordPress plugins include SEO, security, page building, automatic backing up, and connections to analytics tools.

Essential Pages

While your blog can be whatever you want, there are a few essential pages for your blog to have.

These pages include an about page, a contact page, a privacy policy page, terms of service page, and an error message page.

Depending on the contents of your blog, you may need a disclaimer page about making money online.

Produce Content for the Blog

There is not much point to a blog if you do not have content.

Before launching your blog publicly, it is a good idea to populate it with a few content posts so that readers have a few opportunities to get hooked.

Enjoy this step since creating content for your blog should be fun.

Launch the Blog Publicly

Now for the moment you have been waiting for: launching a new blog.

At this point, you are publishing all of your essential pages and a bit of content.

When launching, the site must look polished and readable.

Make sure readers know when they can expect more content from you.

Promote the Blog

While you can blog just for yourself, if you want readers other than yourself, you need to promote your blog.

Luckily, there are countless ways to promote a blog.

Start with word of mouth by letting your friends, family, and acquaintances know about your blog.

Engaging with the online community by promoting your blog on social media is also a good idea.

Similar Blogging Types to Check Out

If the previously discussed blogs for women are interesting to you, there are plenty of other blog types you may enjoy.

If you already have a blog for women, connecting with related blogs is a great way to build online community.

Lifestyle Blogs

While there are plenty of lifestyle blogs aimed specifically at women, there are also plenty of lifestyle blogs that take a different angle.

Some of those blogs explore topics, including favorite hobbies, fitness, food, home decor, music, and parenting.

Whatever areas of interest you have in your life can make a great blog.  

Domestic Discipline Blogs

There are a few domestic discipline blogs where people discuss their relationship and experience with the practice.

Fashion Blogs

Fashion blogs are not just for women.

There are plenty of fashion blogs that aim at readers interested in masculine or androgynous fashion.

Blogs centered around fashion can also discuss modern fashion, fashion in the golden age of Hollywood, cyclical fashion trends, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to learn more about blogs for women, check out these frequently asked questions.

vector illustration showing a graphic of the best blogs for women

Who is the most famous female blogger?

It is difficult to say who the most famous female blogger is since there are so many different niches female bloggers can fill.

However, one of the most famous is Amy Porterfield, who offers lessons for entrepreneurs who want to build online businesses.

She makes money selling courses online, promoting affiliate products, and doing brand collaborations.

Who is the highest-paid influencer?

Influencers can be bloggers, and bloggers can be influencers, but they do not necessarily need to be both.

The most high-paid female influencer in the world may be Kylie Jenner or Selena Gomez, who both make between $600,000 and $1 million per sponsored post.

Lele Pons is likely the highest-paid influencer who is primarily an influencer rather than an influencer/actress or reality star like Jenner or Gomez.

She makes around $180,000 per Instagram post. 

Wrapping Up

Women are not a monolith. As a result, there are countless types of blogs for women out there.

From finance to fashion, there is plenty of content that women want to read.

If you are starting your blog and want to aim it at women, there are many angles of approach.

You can create a profitable business from blogging with the right steps.

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