Blue Mountain Internet Review: Broadband, Cable, DSL and Fiber

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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Blue Mountain Internet (BMI) is based in Walla Walla, Washington, but its reach

expands far beyond this city of approximately 32,000 inhabitants.

The company provides fast and affordable internet services nationwide, and BMI has broadband

options to suit business and residential customers’ needs.

Terms of Use and FAQ Clearly Stated Online

BMI has been providing Internet services to customers since 1995. An experienced

player on the ISP marketplace, the company posts its terms and conditions prominently

on the website. Prospective and current customers are not left to guess about terms

and conditions of use for the services BMI provides. Everything is clearly set out, and

there is literally no fine print to trip a customer up when choosing whether to go ahead

with the service.

For information not covered under the Terms of Use category, BMI has provided a

handy FAQ section under the “Did You Know” link on the Home page. Topics covered

include the following:

• Types of available Internet connections

• Whether cable or DSL is a better option

• What is DSL?

• Internet for customers who travel frequently

• How to get Internet service without a credit card

• Difference between “wireless network within a home or business” and “wireless

Internet feed to a home or office” (BMI offers both services)

Services Available from Blue Mountain Internet

BMI offers a number of services to its valued customers. The company offers Internet,

phone and IP television (IPTV) services.

Internet Service Options from Blue Mountain

• Mobile Broadband Rentals

Mobile broadband from Blue Mountain Internet is available starting at $29.99 per month.

Customers have the option of choosing unlimited broadband for $69.99 per month.

Service is provided on 3G and 4G wireless networks.

Subscribers are never required to sign long-term contracts. Payments can be made by

credit card or Paypal.

• Hardwired Broadband: Cable, DSL or Fiber

Hardwired broadband from Blue Mountain is available nationwide. This option is

available to business and residential customers. It works on Windows, Macintosh and

Linux systems, and speed ranges from 1Mb-100Mb, depending on the carrier and the

customer’s location.

A technician will install the broadband router, usually within two-four business days.

Installation fee is $50.00. The hardware costs $5.00 per month, and the Internet service

ranges from $40.00-$100.00 per month.

• Local Wireless Internet

Customers in the Walla Walla area can sign up for BMI’s local wireless Internet service,

which can be used on Windows, Macintosh and Linus systems. Speed ranges from 1.5

Mb-10Mb, depending on location.

Installation costs $80.00, and a technician can be dispatched within one-three business

days. Pricing starts at $39.95 per month, and $5.95/Mo Hwr.

• Dialup Internet

BMI offers dialup Internet service to its valued customers. Speed ranges from 14.4Kb-

53Kb with a digital modem. Setup is free, and pricing is $10.00 per month for 20 hours

monthly and $20.00 per month for unlimited use.

• Email Box Hosting

The company offer email box hosting as a standalone service. Customers can choose

to pay for this service at the rate of $3.00 per month, or arrange for email service at an

annual rate of $10.00.

Phone Services Available from Blue Mountain Internet

BMI isn’t just about providing affordable Internet services to its customers. It also

provides reliable telephone services, powered by AT& T. All services are available on a

BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) basis.

• Unlimited Talk and Texting

The price for this service is $29.95 per month; there is no set-up fee. Customers can

place an order online or by phone. The service can be activated quickly.

• Shared Data and Talk

BMI has an option for customers looking for a plan that allows sharing across more than

one device. They can choose a four-line special with unlimited talk and texting for

$199.00. There is no charge to set up the plan.

IP Television from Blue Mountain Internet

IPTV is available anywhere Internet and ethernet is available. Customers can receive

network channels, as well as local programming in most instances. To receive IPTV, a

customer needs a 3MB+ Internet connection, an ethernet jack and a television.

Pricing ranges from $10.00-$45.00 per month, depending on hardware options.

Customers can place their order for IP television from BMI online or by phone for fast


Technical Support Offered by BMI

When making decisions about Internet, phone or television services, pricing and

availability are only part of the picture. Prospective customers must also consider how

well the company will be able to provide technical support if they have questions or

concerns at a later time.

BMI gives its customers the option of seeking technical support by phone, email and live

chat. The website also lists a number of helpful details for its customers convenience,


• Recommended Settings (Secure SSL/TLS)

• Non-SSL Settings

• BMI Secure Webmail URL

• BMI Dialup Settings Link and Login

• Public DNS Servers

• BMI Support Contact Info

Blue Mountain Internet review has several options in Internet services available. The company

can provide services nationwide at several price points. It makes paying for services

easy, with more than one payment option, and customers can choose from more than

one medium for technical support. All of these features all up to make BMI definitely

worth considering when looking for Internet services.

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