Continuing the trend of sharing essential productivity tools for us, the blog entrepreneurs, such as Qoruz, Audials One, Pure Chat and Vtiger,  today’s’ post is about BlueMail.

In a nutshell, BlueMail is an email management tool, but this does undeserving service to this fantastic app. After experimenting with BlueMail for a while, I can share details of it easy configuration, push services, people switch, clusters, groups, and unmatched UI.

It’s a rarity to find someone operating with a single email client. Having emails on multiple email platforms such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo is common. Even I have about seven email ids, which is an insane number to track and remain updated.

The downside of owning active and multiple email ids, in my opinion, are:

  • Reduced productive hours as we have to switch back-and-forth to check and reply.
  • Missing out on important emails and potential business revenues.
  • Higher time consumption in logging to every email account on a regular basis.
  • Missing out on subscription and renewal updates. It’s not uncommon for me to forget to pay the GoDaddy renewal fees every damn time!

Unless you’re hiring a human assistant to deal with multiple contact points, let’s work with a Virtual VA. There are other email management tools in the market but I noticed that BlueMail got ranked on Must Have Apps for 2017 in the Today Show (video proof) so let’s find out what’s special about them.

Downloading BlueMail is easy. BlueMail is free to use. It is available on Google Play, Amazon Apps, and App Store. The Mac and Windows desktop clients are coming soon. The tool syncs with Android Wear and Apple Watch also.

In less than 15 minutes I was up and running with my seven accounts without any need to know the configuration details. This is where I started to understand why people love BlueMail so much.

BlueMail Features List

Bluemail Overview

BlueMail gives us a unified interface where we can connect multiple email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, Outlook, and many others. It automatically configured my POP3, Exchange, and IMAP accounts. Once we connect all the active emails, it shows a unified display screen. It was a pleasure to have all my emails accessible to me. BlueMail offers a people-centric approach where we gain the ability to focus on emails, from people or groups. Their intent to make emails people-friendly. When focusing on emails from people only, I could handle what matters to me the most and prioritize my time. Even better, I configured the app to notify me instantly for emails just from people; this is a fantastic way for me to be on top of things during the day while still not being overly interrupted.

BlueMail supports a lightning fast push notifications for my accounts, where other email clients did not have push! It helped me stay in touch without the need to periodically check my emails just to see that nothing interesting is coming through.

Bluemail Email Syncs


Though a smartphone enables 24×7 connectivity, we do need some quiet time from work, right? In that case, BlueMail has custom mobile notifications features where we can set preferences for each account individually. A huge thumbs up for this feature! Some of the customizations are Custom Sounds, Quiet Hours, Snooze Alerts, Visual Pop-up notifications, LED Light, and Vibrate. I do work late on some days, so what I loved the most is the ability to get some quiet time without audible notifications.

BlueMail has a concept called Group Mail, which is pretty cool for businesses with teams. It brings the power of productivity to groups without the need for a corporate IT infrastructure. Once the software is installed and configured, we can create a Shared Group.

For instance, I have a team of writers, and I need to update them daily. I can create a group titled ‘Writers,’ add the members to the group and send emails seamlessly without plugging in the email ids of the members every time. Groups are identifiable by their designated avatars, so everyone can immediately recognize the group.

While Gmail and Outlook segregate the nature of emails such as Social and Updates successfully, often emails that we wouldn’t want to see in our primary folder bypasses the segregation system and lands on the Inbox. I noticed that BlueMail has a strong bifurcation system where with some chosen settings, I could decide to cluster machine generated emails and service updates to separate views. This proved to be very effective method for me to dig into the full context for some of the services and find that invoice, or ticket I was looking for, in a breeze.

I can also mark emails to reply later.  This feature helped me handle emails when I want.

It is easy to identify folders and contacts with their visually appealing avatars. I also see a rich set of features that fulfill the purpose of an email management system such as Rich Text, Swipe Options, Menu, Signature Styles, lots of different Themes, a Dark Mode, varied Style options, and other personalization capabilities. The UI is stunning, with an intuitive and crisp material design.  This alone sets BlueMail higher than the rest.

Lastly, I use a Samsung tablet, and sometimes certain apps increase the lag time, making the device slow. I didn’t face any such a problem with BlueMail. The app is blazing fast.


I find BlueMail useful for blog entrepreneurs. Bloggers personify the notion of “activity,” and this could be one of the productive tools that we need on a daily basis.